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Kyunki Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

Friends are the most special people in our lives and celebrating this bond on Friendship Day is equally special to us. They help us do our homework. When our parents scold us, they take the blame on themselves. When we get wasted, they make sure we reach home safely. They take care of us when we fall sick. They give us the most genuine life advice. They stick with us in our bad times. When we skip office to meet our boyfriend or girlfriend, they lie to boss. They truly are our angels, aren’t they?

Let’s take a look at the type of friends we all have in our lives:

  1. Padhai wale dost

They are the ones who come home right after school to help us study. We don’t leave them alone till exams are over. Gladly, they help us pass our examinations. We are forever grateful to their Yaar tu mere notes lele’.

padhai wale dost

  1. Khane wale dost

They are reason why we gain weight. We love going to Statue Circle to have cold coffee or to the nearest Sunrise Bakers to debauch patties with them. Their Ek naya cafe khula hai is constant. We even have your own addas in Jaipur and never go there with anyone else but them.

statue circle

  1. Movie wale dost

They are complete movie freaks and have made us into one too. Whether it is going to Crystal Palm, Vaibhav, Elements Mall, Golcha, Raj Mandir or Entertainment Paradise, we can go anywhere with them to watch our favourite movies.


  1. Ghar aana jaane wale dost

These are the most special friends. They are more or less our family member only. They know everyone in our family and would visit even when we ourselves aren’t home. Our parents love them more than us simply because they say Namaste aunty, Namaste uncle’. 😉

ghar ane jane wale dost

  1. Ghumne wale dost

What we do most of the time with them is travel around the city. Mostly we sneak out at night and ride to Nahargarh or Amer because sunrises and friends are the best combination right? Random ‘gediyaan’ and ‘raaste’ with them are our absolute life motto.


  1. PUBG wale dost

Now they are our soul mate. These legends play with us one of the most addictive and amazing game. We absolutely love discussing the game and being competitive with them.


  1. Kiki wale dost

They are the real MVPs. We are alive because they did not speed the car while we were busy calling kiki out. Moreover, they are the reason behind our 100 instagram likes, so they deserve applause!

kiki challenge

So tag your friends and let them know they’re special!

Happy Friendship Day! 😀

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The Best way To Spend a Wonderful Friendship Day in Jaipur

Friendship day is almost here and like every year people in Jaipur are enthusiastic about this day. We are sure that you already have a few plans to go out with your friends and have something planned or you may still be in the phase of planning.

The Pink city Jaipur has a lot to offer when it comes to celebrating a day outside with friends however many a times even the most accessible and exciting hangouts do not come to mind while planning one whole day of celebration. Given this Jaipur Beat decided to help all of you in planning your friendship day in the best way possible.

The Morning

The most ideal way, right now, in the city to enjoy a wonderful morning with friends is to hang out at the city’s famous cafes and enjoy the amazing breakfast options that they offer. With the yummy breakfast buffet offered by Café Bae or the tasty snacks at Tapri and many other cafes in Jaipur, one can always have a good time at these places while snacking with friends and having fun.  public.jpgtapriThe Lunch Drive

After a long breakfast all of you can together go for a long drive. The wonderful monsoons have made the Pink City a wonderful sight and this is the best time to go around the city on a long drive and see its natural beauty that you might not have seen earlier. While playing your favorite songs in the car you can move towards some hangouts ion the outskirts of the city like the sports-restro-cafe Hats Off Cafe or Shahpura Haveli on Jaipur-Delhi highway. If you plan to take a drive on Ajmer Road then you can always end your journey with a lunch at Highway King.

hats offshahpura

If you and your friends have a flair for wildlife, then you can ditch the long drives and spend some amazing time at Nahargarh Zoological Park or move to Jhalana Safari.

The perfect Ending – Evening 

As they say it is always important to save the best for the last. So we suggest to end your beautiful day’s journey at Amer Palace and visit the beautiful light and sound show with your friends and drown in the heritage of Jaipur. Post the show you can always end this lovely date with a dinner at one of the many fine dining restaurants located in Jaipur.amer-ls-2A day spent in company of friends, nature and some good food is sure to boost your spirits and help you create some amazing memories.  🙂


Friendship Day Special ” Dostana-e-Filmy”

Since ages, bollywood numbers have been glorifying relationships in its dialogues be it of mother, father or lover, and no doubt when it comes to portraying friendships, you get to hear some memorable dialogues.
The movies from the golden times like Sholay, Yarana, Zanzeer to today’s era Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander, Dil Chahta Hai, Dostana, Three idiots celebrated friendship day in its own strand.

On Friendship Day, here’s dedicating some of the Best Filmy ‘Dostiwala’ dialogues from Bollywood that can be well related to our Jaipur:)

Dostana 1

Climbing up the stairs to Amer ‘Tumse Na Ho Payega Dost 😛

Dostana 2
Any time is movie time at Rajmandir

Dostana 3
Caught with your girlfriend at famous Smriti Van, JLN Marg

Dostana 4
Sirf doston ke saath at Tapri Tea shop 🙂

Happy Friendship Day!!