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How To Survive Lockdown 2.0 | Jaipur Beat

The nationwide lockdown implemented to contain the spread of the novel corona virus has been extended till May 3. This means we need to ensure more safety measures and take precautions. Till this date, Jaipur has registered 453 cases leading to 1005 total cases in Rajasthan. The situation has become very serious and this time we have to be even more alert than before. Looking at the present situation, staying indoors is the only way we can stop the transmission of virus and if you worry about the daily essentials, well there’s a solution to that as well!

We are blessed to be living in a generation where internet has made our lives much easier and with that help you will get most of the essentials delivered to your doorstep without you going out and risking yours and everyone else’s lives.


  1. Dairy Products- As we mentioned in one of our blog earlier, Lotus Dairy is offering delivery services. There are few dairies also available on Swiggy and Zomato. Lotus Dairy Contact No. 9829258061


  1. Groceries- Firstly, check whether your neighborhood grocery store is offering delivery service. Otherwise, Big Basket and Grofers are delivering within 48-72 hours, also DMart is delivering in part of the city. In case of urgent requirement some of the items are available on Swiggy and Zomato, delivering within 2-3 hours.


  1. Confectionery- There is Mafix, OMG By GreenDesk and Swiggy that are offering the delivery of confectioneries. Swiggy now has some excellent confectionery shop on their group panel, and you can get different types of bread/burgers/pizza base etc. Further, bread walas are coming in major colonies on their cycles selling bread, butter, eggs etc. Mafix Contact No. 9001094669, OMG By GreenDesk Contact No. 8078641228


  1. Vegetables/ Fruits- As we all know regular vendors are coming in your colonies but have limited options. So in that case you can turn to Swiggy as they are delivering fresh vegetables with substantial options within 3 hours.


  1. Non Veg- Big Basket is delivering freshly cut chicken and frozen non-veg such as sausages, seekh kebabs etc., delivering within 2-3 days.


  1. Medicines- Few online websites are delivering at your doorsteps like Dawakart or Dawa24 or else you can ask your local medicine shop whether they are doing home delivery. Dawakart Contact No. 9829059922, 6009830098, Dawa24 Contact No. 9828993990


  1. Toiletries- This is easily available at your neighborhood grocery store and you can request them to deliver it at your doorstep. The other option is Swiggy, Zomato, Grofers, Big Basket and DMart with limited options.


Now that we have sorted out on how to get essentials at your doorstep, there are few safety measures to keep in mind-

  1. After you get your packets or plastic bottles delivered keep it out in the open for 2-3 hours and then clean it with warm water.
  2. For vegetables and fruits, leave them in a bowl of warm water for some time and then rinse them again with fresh water.
  3. Prefer Online payments to avoid any transmission through currency as well.


Please ensure that your leaving the house should be a matter of life and death now. By staying inside, we are immensely helping the team fighting this pandemic.

Let us all be a silent soldier in this battle and do our bit.



Stay Home, Stay Safe!


No Time For Grocery Shopping? Log on to Fataakse.in

When everything is running towards the smart technology, why not the groceries go smart as well? While the online portals have stormed our lives and all of us are slowly and surely getting addicted to them, one industry which is yet to experience great success in online platform is Groceries. The prime reason is our susceptibility to trust a third person to select and buy groceries on our behalf. We aren’t sure how fresh and pure these items will be. When Jaipur Beat came across an online portal in Jaipur that deals with groceries, we were very curious to explore it. So we visited the website “www.faatakse.in”. Fataakse Fataakse.in is started by Mrs. Radhika Agarwal with the objective to provide hassle- free life to its customers by saving time, money and effort of standing in long queues rather investing that time for the family and near-dear ones. “As Jaipurites have a habit of buying grocery products from trusted local vendors, so changing this mindset is a big challenge for us. Although, those who have trusted us are repeating orders every seven days, which is quite encouraging”, says Radhika Agarwal. She justifies her statement by laying down the venture on the two basic USPs – low price of high-quality products and timely delivery. We wish that it remains the same in future.



  1. First look at the website makes it look very simple yet “to-the-point”. The items are easy to locate and navigate along with clearly stated terms and conditions. Also moving from one menu to another is quite feasible.
  1. One good thing about this website is that adding a product to the cart is as simple as rolling the mouse over the products.
  1. The prices are decently done. The products majorly are ranged a tad lower than the market price, while some products offer heavy discount.


  1. Payment gateway by credit/debit Card Avenue is smooth and trusted but it also avails cash on delivery.
  1. Prompt delivery, fresh vegetables, courteous delivery boys was pleasant and toffees just added surprise to the delivery.Fataakse.com 1


1. The website consists of some plain basic looks. A little bit of page make-up will surely attract a lot of audience.

2. It contains a range of limited products, but they surely have to add more in future due to increase in needs and varieties.

3. In the beginning the price of products seems to be quite decent but hope for the same in the future.

4.  Although the process of adding stuff and groceries to the cart is simple but it is time consuming.

5. All the boxes are yet not filled with product pictures on the website.

Overall Jaipur Beat was pleasantly surprised with the feel and operations of the website. The delivery time slab is very impressive as it  allows you to plan the delivery beforehand. The concept and idea is innovative and definitely is the need of the hour. Strongly recommended. Pick up your phone and try it out!

fatakse So, are you relived and want to order some groceries online just- Call -08302100100 For query or feedback drop a message @ hello@fataakse.in Follow Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/fataakse.in?fref=ts