6 Reasons Why Jaipur is the Best Place to Celebrate The Holi Weekend

India’s favorite festival- Holi, is around the corner and throughout the country it is celebrated as a festival of joy and happiness. The festival Holi marks the beginning of the spring season and is celebrated to welcome the harvest season.

In Jaipur, the Pink City, Holi festival is played with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. The celebrations start way before the commencement of the actual festival. During the week before the Holi, Jaipurites enjoy shopping on the streets of Badi and Choti chaupad to buy colors and pichkaris.  The first day of Holi- Holika Dahan is celebrated in the City Palace with the royal family lighting the pyre.  The following day of Holi is celebrated as the day of colors, also called as Dhulandi  where people throw colours, sing songs and dance with each other throughout the day.

  1. Holi With Elephants

Traditionally, Elephant Festival used to take place in Jaipur on the eve of Holi as the elephants stride majestically parading their decorated trunks and tusks. However, since 2012, this ritual is banned but despite the ban, the holi celebrations has not lost its charm.

2. Jaipur’s Traditional Gulaal Gota

The festivity of vivid colours is back and like every year, the market has geared up providing the latest toys in splashing coloured water. Though, across the nation, pichkaris or water splashing toys take over the market during the holi season,

but, traditionally in Jaipur market- ‘Gulaal Gotas’ or ‘Water Canon Bowls’ are also commonly seen across the streets of Hawa mahal and Choti Chopar. Made by melting lacquer these water canon bowls are not only eco-friendly but safe also.

3. Rangarang Celebrations

Rajasthan Tourism is also actively involved in organizing special Holi  celebrations for the foreign visitors. Held across the lawns of Khasa Kothi and near the railway station on MI Road, it features folk Rajasthani folk music and dance along with playing with colors. JKK in Jaipur is also a popular tourist spot during the Holi celebrations. It includes various local folk performances along with holding a lunch buffet. Tourists enjoy the festival by playing holi with organic colours and water.

The royals of the Jaipur City also organize Holi celebrations in the premises of City Palace wherein prominent guests and tourists enjoy the festivities in its full verve and gaiety. The royal guests have a whale of a time with traditional cuisines, folk holi music and dance performances – not to forget the myriad colours, gulaal gotas and even dunking in the pool.

4. Eco-friendly Holi

Jaipurites are also shifting towards playing eco-friendly holi and this trend has picked up in the city from past few years. Locals play water-less holi with flowers and organic colours.

Goving Dev Ji.jpg

In Jaipur,  the temple of Govind dev ji is one of the oldest and most worshipped temples. As the festival of holi is associated with Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, the beauty and divinity in this temple during this festival reaches its peak. Here, at Govind Dev ji Temple the celebrations starts a week before the festival. This week-long celebration includes playing holi with different colored flowers, natural colors (Abeer) and sandalwood powder.

5. Lip-smacking festive delicacies

No festival is complete without sweets. Mouth-watering local delicacies include- ‘Gunjjias’, traditionally made with desi ghee and coconut filling is thorougly loved by Jaipurities. The other indulgences include – ‘dahi vadas’ , deep fried lentil vadas, served along with curd, papadi and tamarind chutney. Locals also enjoy the ‘bhang lassi’ or thandais and ‘bhang laddoos’.  These cannabis prepared food items are specifically enjoyed on the day of dhulandi.

6. Bollywood Theme Parties

Jaipur, which is also the home to the well-known resorts and hotels, hosts some of the most happening holi-themed parties. Traditional festivities are taken over by the extravagant dance, music and colours to throw some of the most happening party of the season. Whether you are in the mood for some rain dance and live dhol or some Bollywood thumkas, these Holi party promises to be just that and much more. You can also snack on from the live food counters whilst you play with organic colours and pichkaris.

Happy Holi !

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6 Holi Parties In Jaipur That You Cannot Afford To Miss

Dance, music and colours are awaiting your arrival at the most happening colourful festival of the season, Holi. The Pink City of India brings to you a tremendous number of Holi parties where you can make your Holi-days worthwhile. So guys and girls, get ready to let your hair down and groove your moves on the musical beats of the most happening Holi celebrations in town.

  1. Holi On The House

In the mood for some rain dance and live dhol where some extravagant Bollywood songs will be playing in the backdrop? This Holi party promises just that and much more. Snack on from the live food counters whilst you play with organic colours and water guns only at Heiwa Heaven. Book your tickets now : https://www.heiwaheaven.com/holi/

Date:  2nd March

Venue: Heiwa Heaven

Time: 10a.m- 4p.m.

dj at heiwa heaven

  1. Rang Barse Jaipur- Holi Event

Come one, come all, and attend the most hip and happening Holi festival of the season. Let the colours shower on you while you dance on the extravagant music by one and only DJ BNU and DJ Maddy. Join in the colourful celebration now !

Date: 2nd March

Venue: The Heritage Village Resort & Spa

Time: 10a.m. onwards

rang barse jaipur.jpg

  1. Holi Music Festival

Celebrate the Holi day by wearing whites, vivacious vibes and trance tides with the biggest Holi Music Festival in town. Soak yourself into the vibrant music festival with DJ INDOMAFIA, PRASH, SYNC and Yash Tyagi in the lush green gardens of Narayan Singh Hotel with your friends!

Date: 2nd March

Venue: Hotel Narain Niwas Palace

Time: 9a.m. onwards

holi music festival.jpg

  1. Rangarang

Fond of Rajasthani Folk dance and music? Enter the beautiful world of Rangarang, where you will witness Holi celebrations in full traditional form. Mark your calendars now !

Date: 28th February

Venue: Jawahar Kala Kendra

Time: 6:30p.m.

holi jkk

  1. Holi With Elephants

This time celebrate the festival of Holi in style with elephants. There will be dance; there will be music and lot of competitions to keep you engaged throughout the festival. Enjoy the buffet lunch along with relishing thandai and enter the magical world of colours where elephants will be seen performing various sorts of acts right in front of you.

Date: 2ndMarch

Venue: Near Elephant Village, Jaipur

Time: 9a.m. onwards

holi with elephants.jpg

6. Dhulandi Festival

Organised by the Department of Tourism of Rajasthan especially for tourists, Dhulandi Festival is a grand celebration of colours and water. Play with dry colours and water whilst you enjoy the stunning cultural performances by folk artists in Jaipur.

Date: 2nd March

Venue: Khasa Kothi Hotel

dhulandi festival.jpg

Happy Holi ! 🙂

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An Ideal Holication At Heiwa Heaven, Jaipur

Festivals, festivals and festivals that is what the city of Jaipur is all about. With the onset of one festival, another beautiful festival comes along where in you can celebrate it with more zeal and enthusiasm. The month of March comes with Holi, the festival of colors which spreads joy and happiness all over. And this festival of colours and togetherness is being celebrated and hosted by Heiwa Heaven Resort where there will be dance, music, colours and what not.

dj at heiwa heaven.jpg

Experience the most vibrant Holi filled with organic colours to splash on each other along with rain dance where you can groove in all you want under the showers of water. To make the party more fun, there will be dhol and bollywood tracks played just for you with tangy snacks and relaxing drinks being served.

Colour balloons, unlimited colours and water guns, live food counter where in delicious variety of chaat and snacks will be prepared right in front of your eyes, is awaiting your arrival where DJ Irfan will be playing non-stop for you.

holi at heiwa heaven.jpg

Drench yourself into festival of colours, soak your soul into the bollywood tracks and get ready for some action-packed adventure that will make you forget about the world.

adventure at heiwa heaven.jpg

Spend your exotic Holi-days at Heiwa Heaven where in you can have all the fun you want with your friends and family.

heiwa heaven.jpg

Book your tickets nowhttps://www.heiwaheaven.com/holi/

Date: 2nd-  March

Venue: Heiwa Heaven

Time: 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

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Must watch Festivals of Jaipur for Tourists!

festivals (1)

Being a highly spirited and spiritual country, festivals are at the heart of people’s lives in India, and Jaipur is one of the most wonderful and lively city in Rajasthan that celebrates each festival with great fervor and enthusiasm. The numerous and varied festivals that are held throughout the year in Jaipur offer a marvelous way of seeing Indian culture and its people’s way of celebrating life at its best. Remarkably, a huge number of tourists from other parts of India and foreign lands flock to Jaipur just to witness and take part in these vivacious festivals celebrated in Jaipur.  As the World Tourism Day is approaching, we at Jaipur Beat want you to be acquainted with all the popular festivals celebrated in Jaipur.

Here we go-

  1. Holi


The colorful and lively spirited two days festival in Jaipur celebrates the victory of good over evil and the abundance of spring harvest! The fun of exuberantly throwing color powder and water all over each other, dancing on raunchy numbers under water sprinklers with tempting treats of bhang pakodas, thandai and gujiyas is just unexplained!! Holi in Jaipur, which is scheduled for 13th March in 2017, is a fun filled festival to participate if you are happy to get drenched in colors and colorful water 😀


  1. Teej Festival 

It is the time of spring when Goddess Parvati meets her beloved Lord Shiva after a long time. While the women in Jaipur pray for long life of their husbands. An elaborate procession of accoutrements with adorned camels, horses and elephants parade through the walled city of Jaipur. And, this procession of Teej is an important tourism activity, which is an experience of lifetime for the travelers and photographers.  Jaipur’s streets can be seen brimming with lehariya fabrics and sarees, the festive dessert Ghewar adds perfect flavor to ignite temptations. Mark your calendar for 24th August 2017, Thursday 🙂 


  1. Gangaur Festival 

Gangaur Festival is also marked in reverence to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The word is formed from ‘Gan’ and ‘Gauri’Gan is another name of Shiv while Gauri is used to address Parvati. The festival, which will fall on 30th March 2017, is celebrated by women of Jaipur. Similar to Teej, a mesmerizing procession of Goddess Parvati winds magnificently through the Old City of Jaipur via Tripoliya Gate (City Palace) Tripoliya Bazar and Gangauri Bazar with chariots, decorated camels, dancing folk artists, brass bands and royal palanquins for two days.


  1. Kite Festival

This is one festival which eliminates all the boundaries between young and old, kid and elders. Many tourists plan their Jaipur vacation in such a way that it falls around Sankranti. A tremendous blend of fun and religious observances, Sankranti is celebrated on 14th January every year and the day is celebrated as Kite Festival. The religious significance of the festival is marked by doing charity and taking an early morning holy dip in Galtaji- the religious water pond in Jaipur.! The Pink City’s sky turns into a canvas of colors with Kites; the spirited sounds of “Woh Kata”, hot pakodas and loud speaker music – each element of Makar Sankranti in Jaipur is worth not to be missed.  As the day fall in the arms of evening a marvelous show of firework and lanterns mesmerizes the onlookers till late night.

Sankranti pic

JB - Kite Flying


  1. Jaipur Jewellery Show

Jaipur Jewellery Show, to be held on 23, 24, 25, 26 December 2016 at JECC Sitapura, Jaipur.  is one of the most spectacular jewellery shows in entire Asia. Connoisseurs of gems and jewels from across the world visit Jaipur to attend this show of Glitz and glamour. One thing which is synonymous to Jaipur today is its exquisite jewellery. Jaipur’s quintessential jewellery is widely acclaimed not just for its superior craftsmanship but also for emotions that each creation is able to garner. Such is the extensive display of gemstones, rough stones and finished exquisite jewellery that no one can resist admiring this Show.



  1. Jaipur Literature Festival

World’s largest free literary festival happens in Jaipur ! Every year, everyone, not just in Jaipur, but from all around the world visits the pink city especially for this magnetic festival that keeps getting better every time like the old wine. To get a taste and a glimpse of the literary geniuses from all genres, people swarm in to the Jaipur Literature Festival with a footfall of around 2 lakh in 5 days. Apart from literature, one gets to witness the latest fashion trends, the best eateries, all kinds of cuisines, and a whole new shopping experience at JLF. Save the Dates: 19- 23 January, 2017. 


Oprah Winfrey at JLF in Jaipur

7. Diwali Festival

The city celebrates the festival of Diwali in its own fashionable manner. As far as eyes could see, there is burst of lights in culturally vibrant Jaipur. Trust us; Jaipur is the best place to experience Diwali festivity where all the streets, shops and buildings are bathed in the magnificence of colorful lights and decorations. The festivities of Diwali will amaze you one week prior and after the October 30th, 2016. 


With a charm unlike any other city, now you must be knowing why Jaipur has a prominent place on tourists map 🙂

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Some Do’s & Don’ts To Make Holi Special This Year!

With holi just a few days away, Jaipurites are all ready to play pranks. The water balloons are filled, white clothes ironed and kept, gulal and other colors all set in a plate and pichkaris filled with the right quantity of pakka rang mixed with water. The mood has already been set in the pink city but with these preparations, there are some do’s and don’ts that one must keep in mind while playing holi in the city 🙂


  • Dress appropriately in white or pastels (but remember to carry a colorful dupatta as it gets transparent) and get colored 😉 Be stylish but moreover comfortable.
  • Its preferred to wear normal flip-flops which are waterproof and not slippery.
  • Cover your skin by applying coconut oil and sunscreen. Also take care of you nails by putting the right nail paint 🙂
  • Carry your sunglasses as the color may be irritating to the eyes and may be allergic.
    HoliImage credit: ww.hercampus.com
  • At the end, don’t forget your cellphones. No matter how much ever water resistant it might be, its better to get it safe in a waterproof case or a zip lock, because you never know someone might push you in the pool 😉


  • Its best to keep it simple and avoid jewellery.
  • Holi seems to be the festival where one can go carefree without makeup as at the end you have to get wet and colored 😉
  • Avoid wearing nice clothes of silk and nylon, rather prefer cotton and linen as they dry fast.
  • It’s provided not to wear quirky and fashionable footwears as you might feel bad once they get wet and colored 🙂




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8 Holi Parties In Jaipur You Should Not Miss

With the smell of gulal splashing in the air already, and your feet all set to dance. The festival of colors is all about get wet and dirty with colors and enjoy with a glass of bhaang in hand. Let’s try and make this Holi even more colorful by joining in some of the Holi parties in the city and make a memorable experience 🙂

  1. Holi Carnival 2016 – Celebrating Colors

Rambagh - RTB

This event is especially organized every year for foreign nationals and NRI’s .

Timings: 10:00 am

Venue: Rajputana Riding and Polo Club, Jaipur

  1. Holi In Jaipur – Festival Des Couleurs Et Des Elephants A Jaipur

Holi In Jaipur - Elephants - RTB

It’s no time to sit alone at home rather celebrate and experience the true pleasure of the festival 🙂

Entry is free for tourists.

Venue: Dadabadi, Garden Amber

  1. The Color Rider

The Colr Rider - RTB

Get drenched in the colors of Holi on a 4 day trip in the pink City. For further information, look – http://www.meetup.com/trekkup/events/226996659/

  1. Holi In Jaipur

Rustic Travels - RTB

Come spring the colors with the Rustic Travels. For more information – http://www.rustiktravel.com/Experiences/holi-in-jaipur/ .

  1. Holi 2016 : Narain Singh Hotel

Narain Niwas - RTB

Timings: 9:00 am

Venue: R.S Eventz, F-198, Mithla Path, Shyamnagar, Jaipur

  1. Colors Of Pink City

Clarks Amer - RTB

Timings: 10:00 am

Venue: Hotel Carks Amer

  1. Holi Hai


Timings: 12:00 am

Venue: Manipal University Jaipur

  1. Bang Holi – Festivals of Colors Jaipur 2016

Bangholi2016 - RTB

Timings: 9:00 am onwards

Venue: Hotel Jaipur Palace

Image Credits : allevents.in



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7 Incredible Holi Parties In Jaipur That You Should Not Miss

Holi is round the corner and the countdown has already begun to the most awaited part of a Jaipurites life.So gear up to be a part of these incredible holi parties which will be painting the town red this Holi !!

1. Rang Barse

Grassfield Holi Bash

Enjoy an open air music festival with a touch of Bollywood.

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 9 am onwards

Venue: The Byke Grassfield Resort, K-107, Janpath Lane, Shyam Nagar, Jaipur

Pre-passes and family passes are also available.

1000 INR – Couples/boy stag

500 INR- Girl stag

Contact: Vaibhav Jain (9929310541)


2. Color of Dreams


Music, Dance, Fun and Colors off course!

Join this amazing party and be a part of the moment!

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Venue: Hotel Clarks Amer,JLN Road, Jaipur

Early Bird Tickets are available at Rs. 500 each.

Contact: Abhishek (+917820820822) or collect from Burger Farm, C-Scheme, Jaipur


3. Holi Reloaded


Celebrate the festival with a perfect come back of rain parties, Bollywood, electronic dance music, commercial tunes.

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 10 am onwards

Venue: Hotel Heritage village resort,Sirsi road, near Vaishali nagar,Jaipur

Contact: Chetan (09829112550) Ravi (09875123431)


4. Holi 2015

Holi party

Hosted by Rajasthan Tours and Travels, enjoy this special holi bash.

When: March 6, 2015

Venue: Welcome Rajasthan Tours & Travels,C/O Umaid Mahal,C-20B2 Behari Marg, Jaipur


5. Holi in Jaipur


Be a part of the essential Indian culture and join to feel the true meaning.

When: March 6, 2015

Venue: Dadabadi garden amber,Jaipur

Contact: +919509777776 , +919509677770



Elephant festival

Elephant+Holi – Join this new and super thrilled event with super lively activities.

Package 1: Rs 1500/- per person

–          Unlimited color

–          Entry tickets

–          Folk dance & music show

–          Rain dance

–          Games competition

Package 2: Rs 4000/- per person

–          Unlimited color

–          Entry tickets

–          Folk dance & music show

–          Rain dance

–          Games competition

–          Painting

–          Elephant activities

–          Riding

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Contact: +918955666771 , +919887173419


7.Holi Music Festival


The Narain Singh Hotels Pvt Ltd & R.S. Eventz invites you to the colorful festival ‘Holi Music’.

When: March 6, 2015

Time: 10 am onwards

Venue: Narain Singh Hotel,Narain Niwas, Jaipur

Free entry for girls.

For tickets/query call: 9784222212,9785222212,9784853727


So Say out Loud Bura na Mano Holi hai and share it with your friends to join the PARTY !