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Diwali: Then Vs Now

Nostalgia is a beautifully relaxing feeling. Every time we think of the good old days, they leave our faces with a chipper yearning grin. Now is the time for Diwali, we want to take you back into the good old days – we want to make you smile, enjoy and laugh. We want to remind you of how celebrating Diwali with family was as compared to what it is now. So, let’s reminisce the memorable moments and see how amusingly life has changed, and how adulting has changed us:

Freedom to eat- 

Then: Literally gorging on every other mithai.

Now: No more sweets please for me! I am on the Keto Diet.

sweets at holi

Celebrating with family

Then: Looking like a family straight outta Hum Saath Saath Hain.

Now: Trying to juggle between marriage/work/college life and family life.

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Enjoying Holidays

Then: At least 10 days holiday from school.

Now: Getting barely 3 days holiday at work.



Bursting crackers

Then: Bursting crackers till 2:00 am.

Now: Realising we were unaware of the environmental damage it did and shifting to No crackers wali Diwali.


Receiving gifts 

Then: Receiving lots of chocolates and sweets from all the uncles, aunties and padosies.

Now: Worrying about giving gifts to everyone!


100 metres away from Rangoli rule

Then: “Do not play near the rangoli!”

Now: “Rangoli banane mein madat karna zara”


No-makeup rule

Then: Dreaming of wearing mom’s makeup.

Now: Wearing your own collection!


No tension of cooking snacks and decorations

Then: Playing in the streets.

Now: “Beta baazar jaakar 2 kilo gende ke phool le aa!” or Let’s do some decorations


Buying earthen diyas

Then: Buying earthen diyas and decorating them at home.

Now:  Buying readymade fancy diyas. Who has got that much time?



Visiting family and friends

Then: Being dragged to others’ homes by mom and dad for Diwali Milan

Now: Sending WhatsApp wishes.



Times may have changed but we still cheer up when it’s Diwali time while fondly cherishing some old memories.

Tag your family and remind them of your beautiful festive journey! 😀



11 Reasons Why We Share A Love-Hate Relationship With Diwali

Diwali is around the corner, and we are all excited, or are we?

Believe it or not, we share a love-hate relationship with Diwali !! While there are some people who simply love this festival, there are some who are not such big fans, and they have reasons too 😉

  1. Holidays
    You like Diwali or not, there is one thing that we always always cherish – Holidays ! Especially like this year, when it begins with a weekend and ends with another 😉
  2. Safai
    Not talking about the cleanliness freaks here :p, we all dread safai ! Cleaning cupboards, houses, and keeping the house spick and span all the time, can be quite a pain !
  3. Shopping
    New clothes, new jewellery, new everything 😀
    JB - Shopping 2
  4. Traffic
    Diwali is the time when each and every soul needs to shop ! So where will they all unite? On the road. And hence, irritating unstoppable traffic.JB - Traffic 1
  5. Lights
    Every street, every house, every single lane is illuminated with a scintilla of lights and colors 🙂
    JB - Lights 1
  6. Noise
    Before you even begin to talk, there is a deafening noise of crackers being burst outside the house or even worse, while you are casually taking a stroll on your street, a sudden sound of a sutli bomb will make you jump and scream like a fool :p
  7. Diwali Parties
    Diwali is one festival where you unmistakably catch up with all your friends and relatives. Call it Diwali Milan or the taash parties, this is the time to re bond and feel the joy of togetherness.
    JB - diwali parties 1
  8. Calories
    Sweets, sweets and sweets :p You know you are going to have to put some extra effort after Diwali as it comes with the danger of putting on that extra weight !
    JB - Calories
  9. Crackers
    From anaar to ladi to bomb, you simply love the thrill of playing with fire crackers !
    JB - Crackers 2
  10. Power Cuts
    Since electricity and power are used and exploited in abundance, the electricity department needs to save it somewhere ? So frequent power cuts !!
  11. Homecoming 
    If you stay away from home, this is the time when you miss it the most 🙂 While nothing makes you leave work or college to come home, Diwali is one occasion when no matter what, you come rushing back to family and celebrations 🙂
    JB - HomecomingHappy Diwali 😀
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Plan your Weekend Getaway

The chaotic world and demanding lifestyle tend to take a toll on mind and body. Come weekend, instead of getting jump on the couch and parking yourself in front of the television, recharge your tired mind and body with naturalistic experiences.

Epitomizing a perfect mélange of plush amenities and the best of nature, resorts in and around Jaipur serve as the perfect retreat from the mundane city life and enjoy a relaxing and tranquil weekend with your friends and family. Believe us, nothing else can give you the peace of mind the way the serenity of these resorts would. Here, we are listing down some of the finest resorts of Jaipur that promise to transport you to another enchanting world filled with joyful moments, best in-class services and luxurious hospitality in a beautiful natural setting.

1. Rajasthali Resort & Spa

Tucked away in the lavish environs of the Aravali Hills on Jaipur-Delhi Highway, Kukas, Rajasthali Resort is truly one of the fascinating resorts in Jaipur to witness the marvels of nature, experience pleasing moment and make yourself feel new.


For reservations, you can call @ 0142 -6660100 or visit their website:

2. Cambay Golf Resort

This beguiling retreat, at a merely 20 min distance from the Jaipur on the Jaipur-Agra highway, the Cambay resort promises to bring a bit of fun in your weekend and offer you a significant serenity from the routine hustle clamor with its recreational facilities The highlight of this resort is its 9 hole golf course.

Cambay Golf Resort

For Bookings, call @ 9214004628/29 or visit their website:

3. Woods Villa Resort

Set amidst woods and plush lawn on Agra Road, WoodsVilla is a beautiful resort to experience the nature at its best.The resort has a mini zoo that has various species of birds and animals. So if you are planning a trip with kids this will surely make them happy too. To savor a variety of Indian & European dishes, its in-house restaurant is just perfect. Candle light dining option by the pool is also available.

woodsvilla resort jaipur

For reservations, you can call @ 9829302411  or visit their website:

4. Lohagarh

Located in picturesque foothills in Kukas near Jaipur city, the Lohagarh Fort resort is an ideal getaway for nature lovers, bird-watchers, honeymoon couples and families on weekend. The accommodation is given a distinct styling and rustic appeal. Complementing to it is the breathtaking view of the hills to give a close-to-nature feel.

lohagarh Resort

For reservations, you can call @ 80033 95964/ 65 or visit their website:

5. Lebua Resort

A beautiful boutique resort with a spirit of contemporary Rajasthan! Located on Agra road and designed along curved streets at different heights, the resort offers ensures a spectacular view of the Aravallis Mountains from every room without missing on the comfort factor.

Lebua Resort Jaipur

For more information, call @   0141 -3050211 or visit their website:


6. Tree House Resort

Amidst the exotic wilderness, hills and streams on NH-8, the Tree House resort creates a perfect ambiance required for a hassle-free and undisturbed weekend. Equipped with all contemporary and recreational facilities like golf course, billiard room, spa service and swimming pool, the resort is a perfect weekend getaway for a unique experience.


For reservations, call @  9001797422  or visit their website:

7. Kanchan Kesri Village Resort

This village resort on Jaipur-Ajmer road is a nice relaxing oasis to spend a leisurely weekend amidst breathtaking surroundings. Its pleasing ambiance combined with warm hospitality is sure to win your heart. Its “Jeeman” restaurant is perhaps the best spot to savor local Rajasthani delicacies in the conventional manner, where food is served with wonderful painting “Teej ki Savari” in the background.

Kanchan kesari village jaipur

For reservations, call @ 0141-5133313  or visit their website:

8. Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani on Tonk Road, is another great place to spend a fun-filled weekend with a bevy of traditional entertainment and lip-smacking Rajasthani Thali. Depicting the authentic culture of a Rajasthan village through its traditional mud and thatched roof lodging and complementing it with the modern amenities, the resort is a must-visit to experience the best of both worlds.

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

For reservations, call @ 9667222203 or visit their website:

9. Sunrise Health Resort

A wonderful, pollution-free retreat in the foothills of the majestic Aravallis! Spread over an area of 20 acres and surrounded by hills on three sides, the Sunrise resort provides an ideal setting to unwind in the comfort of nature on Delhi-Chandwaji-Ajmer Bypass Express Highway. Along with water park, it also has Ayurvedic and Spa therapies for visitors so that they can completely relax and rejuvenate. Don’t miss their mud bath 🙂

SUnrise Health Resort jaipur

For reservations, call @ 9983333900 or visit their website:

10. La Premier Spa & Resort

Located on Jaipur Delhi highway, La Premier Spa & Resort will engulf your weekend in the scenes of calmness. One can enjoy an enchanting view of small hilly region that envelops this resort completely.

LA Premier Spa & Resort

For reservations, call @  9950781888 or visit their website:

11. Shiv Vilas

On Jaipur Delhi Highway, this peaceful oasis, where times moves in a relaxing and slow place makes for an ideal weekend getaway to soak up the serenity and spend lighter moments in its abounding greenery.

Shiv Villas Jaipur

For reservations, call @ 0141-2531122 or visit their website:

12. Chomu Palace

Nestled at 33 kms from Jaipur at Chomu, this 300 year old fortified palace hotel promises to bring the gracious lifestyle of the princes of Rajasthan and rich heritage of India to life. Now a days it is a favourite amongst movie producers in Bollywood and a popular hotel for Film shootings. Remember Bol Bachhan & Bhool Bhuliya.

Chomu Palace

For reservations, call @ 1423-300300  or visit their website:

A vacation at these resorts would unquestionably prove a booster to your sluggish soul. Thus leave all your worries behind and reel-in your weekend what these resorts have to offer.

Have a great weekend! 🙂