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Plant a tree, Be a part of the Living Tribute

“Blessed is the man who plants a tree knowing he will not be there to enjoy its shade.” 

As a tribute to our soldiers who were martyred during Pulwama attack in Jammu Kashmir, Srishti Foundation has organized  ‘Tree Plantation’ on 14th March, 2019 in Jaipur’s Ramniwas Garden.


The Shrishti Foundation focused on reducing the pollution from the planet by planting trees in and around Jaipur. We are honoured by this gesture to memorialize the martyrs as 40 trees will be planted to honour them. Each tree will be planted along with the martyr’s name and will always remind us of their sacrifice for India and its citizens.

The program is aimed at motivating the youth of our nation for both patriotism and environmental safety. 

Srishti .jpg

Join Srishti and inspire others to plant some trees by your own hands, for the soldiers who lost their lives fighting to protect the people from terrorists.

The program details are as follows:

Venue: Ramnivas Bagh, Jaipur
Location: Opposite Union Football Club Ground
Date: 14th March 2019
Timings: 11.00 am to 12:00 pm


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Experience Ultimate Breakfast places to Nightclubs in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

Doesn’t our mind gets baffled when think of an interesting and a budget-oriented day out in Jaipur at this time of the year?

With the weather having mood swings at one end, planning a whole day out circling in and around the city definitely seems to be an expensive and impossible event. Hence, we end up spending chunks of cash at luxurious resorts and satisfy our guilty pleasures or hang out in some usual cafe close by.

To make sure none of the high spirited Jaipurites miss out the fun in this summer, Jaipur Beat brings to you an amazing summer bonanza with its ‘all at one place’ package where we have planned a perfect day out right here in the urban heart of pink city, Malviya Nagar giving a perfect excuse to go out, with fun just some doorsteps away.

Begin this journey of an amazing day out by energizing your lazy minds with these refreshing breakfast places-

  1. Saras Parlour, the heart of all the Jaipurities still stays iconic with their crispy jalebi, crunchy paneer pakoda, swirling softy and refreshing lassi.


  1. Cafe Lazy Mojo, this mesmerizing and relaxing place has it all to make you fall for its mouth-watering salads and Mexican flavours.


  1. Coffee Culture, a big shoutout to all the caffeine lovers will surely make you drool over the aroma of their exotic varieties of coffee. This place has an electric and vibrant ambience to set your energy bars higher for the day.


  1. The Good Times, delicious la carte menu offers to a big fat breakfast buffet, this cafe indeed assures a good time.


Image credit: The Good Times

After a full-fledged breakfast, don’t let the scorching heat drain out your energy. Booze your filmy dose with the latest movies in town at the nearest theatre-

  1. Cinepolis at World Trade Park is at par the best theatre in Jaipur. Recliners and big screens is all you need to have a thrilling, romantic, adventurous and a comfortable experience with!


  1. Shop! Shop! Shop! Explore the magnificent WTP and pamper your inner shopaholic at these marvellous stores like Shoppers Stop, Iconic, the famous Dubai Bazaar and what not.


We are sure your hungry tummies must have started buzzing by now. So what are you all waiting for?

The Food Court at World Trade Park has countless cuisines to satisfy your cravings.

  1. Thirsty mouths, grab the little bottles of joy by Keventer’s milkshake. These freshly made shakes loaded with chunks of sweetness come best in bubblegum, mint Oreo, and Oreo.


  1. banquete a besta’, Feast the beast in you with wine and beer and authentic Portuguese and Lebanese food by Barcelos, a fine- dine restaurant.


  1. Bring out the awesome Punjabiness in you with Kathi Junction. Try out their ever time favourite spicy and tangy rolls and finger licking kebabs.


  1. Inchin, a fusion of authentic Chinese food with the mouth-gobbling flavours of India is a true delight.

Untitled design (14)

  1. Say cheese! Go cheesy with yummy pizzas at Fat Lulu’s, all set to stir your mouths with their Italian platter.

Fat Lulu's

  1. Our Indian tummy seems to be empty without our traditional naan and paneer butter masala. The Yellow Chilli has a big fat Indian platter ready for you with a twist from the regular dhabe ka khana.


  1. Pamper your sweet tooth in The Chocolate Room with their highlights, hot brownie and chocolate fondue. Explore and relish!


What fun it is without some plotting and gambling? Get your minds all hyped up as we have some cool and interesting activities listed down for you-

  1. Indulge in a sporty and healthy competition of bowling with your friends at Masti Zone in GT Central. They have a range of virtual games and activities to engage with.

Masti Zone

Image credit: Masti Zone

  1. Nurture your minds in bask of nature through a healthy competition of bicycle riding. Pink Pedals at Jawahar Circle provides bike rental at a minimal cost to let people rejuvenate their souls.


Not feeling like putting your mischievous side into action? Well Malviya Nagar has incredible spas for an enchanting and relaxing evening-

  1. Bloom and mesmerize your soul in Style n Scissors and get a dream makeover by the experts.


  1. Get a massage by expert masseuses at Sabai Thai Spa and surround yourself with its exotic and pure aura.

Sabai Thai Spa

Image credit:

The nightlife of this place has hit top notch with the opening of these peppy rooftop lounges and restaurants.

Wink an eye and button up your suits. Go shimmery on clubbing!

  1. Looking forward to have a chill gala time with your peers? Visit TaBLU at Clarks Amer for an amazing light-hearted time at their open bar with a beautiful view of the city skyline.


  1. Eat, dance, rave, repeat and what not? The Fort, Malviya Nagar has been the talk of the town as it makes one drool over its jaw-dropping magnificent ambience. This peppy place has a lounge, restaurant and a cafe all at a look away which makes it a star mark destination to go.

The Fort

Now say ‘yes’ to a high spirited day out with your friends and unleash the zest of these trending places!


The content and pictures are by the interns at Jaipur Beat.

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The New Age Bio-Degradable Plastic for Swacch Bharat

Swacch Bharat, a campaign whose tune wakes us all up early every morning, isn’t new to anyone. However, even after listening to it daily it still hasn’t registered with us. Every single household to this date uses products that are harmful for the environment. One of the most harmful products for our environment and yet most regularly used in every Indian household is: Plastic.

If you don’t believe us then please walk up to your kitchen, can you now see a bag hanging behind the door carrying more of its like inside it? Yes, this is plastic. How many of you actually know that plastic or ‘polythenes’ as usually referred to take 500 years to decompose in a landfill. Given the number of these poly-bags in each household, we can say that we do not need anything else to destroy our environment.plastic.jpgIf we roam around in the residential areas of Jaipur, we will easily find one corner of every street filled with garbage packed in polythenes. As per the reports on usage of plastic, the world’s consumption of plastic bags has been on a rapid increase with around 25 million tons of plastic getting accumulated in the environment. On an average a plastic bag is used for hardly 20 mins but stays in the environment for hundreds of years. In our country alone the per capita consumption of plastic is 5kg annually. Every 5 years the consumption is getting doubled.IMG_5071Given such a grave situation wouldn’t it be better that we move away from such harmful items and look for alternatives. Recently Jaipur Beat came got a chance to learn about Biodegradable bags developed by Biotec Bags. Luckily they are a convenient alternative to using plastic and are 100% degradable. Biodegradable plastics are made up with polythene mixed with an enzyme that helps in shortening the chemical bonds within the polythene, which in turn makes it easy to decompose.IMG_5063These bags have a shelf life of two years and are affordable in comparison to paper, cloth and jute bags. The bio-degradable plastic can be used as a carry bag and also as a garbage bag.  Do you wish to know how much time does a Biotec bag take to decompose? The answer is 180 days. It is so because of the construction of these bags. The bacteria present in the soil can easily chew on these bags once they are disposed off.IMG_5059This product by Biotech bags comes at an affordable price of Rs. 2.30 and is multipurpose. It comes in two different sizes to offer more utility to the customers. Not only this, the company also manufactures small packages containing four of these bags for placing it in your cars.

IMG_5054Now that you have learned about a 100% harmless option to plastic, we are sure that you will prefer to use this affordable option instead. To get your hands on bio degradable plastic bags you just need to get in touch with the company on 9414070245 or mail them on


5 Crazy Ways Jaipurites Can Enjoy the ICC Ind vs Pak Match Tomorrow

Tomorrow there will be no lies, no fake excuses for not going to work, no guilt for being a couch potato all day, because tomorrow is the day all Indians are eagerly waiting for – It’s India vs Pakistan clashing for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 !! And the best part, it’s a Sunday 😀

So sorry for all those film makers who decided to release their movies in India on this weekend because very few will be leaving their televisions and stepping out, and if any of you can afford to miss the match, you can plan a drive around the city because you might not get such empty roads anytime soon 😉

Jokes apart, everyone has a different way of enjoying the match, and we are hereby listing 7 odd ways in which you can use your high spirits the right way while watching India vs Pakistan tomorrow 😀

1. Family Bonding

It’s time to give yourself and your Mom a break , but mind it, the sports channel doesn’t get a break :p Order all the food, snacks, drinks and gather everyone to get glued to the television and watch the match uninterrupted 😀

2. Breathe Blue

You don’t need to have blueberries or a Blue Lagoon but you can take out your bluest of shirts from the wardrobe and put them on to cheer your team with their own color 😀 You can also paint your faces with Indian tricolor if you are feeling very patriotic 🙂

3. Baatein, Beer & Betting

Oh no we ain’t encouraging you to get involved in some illegal serious betting, but the innocent guess games which keep you hooked. How about doing it over a fridge loaded with beer cans/bottles and lots of conversations that can happen in the breaks !! But hey, don’t let the remote slip away in the wrong hands 😉

4. Open Air Screening in Town

What’s better than watching Ind vs Pak match in the comfort of your house? Watching it under the open sky with good food, great ambiance and some amazing offers in the best restaurants & cafes in town! Watch out for some unbelievable offers at The Forresta Kitchen & bar and Jai’pour Cafe & Bar in Jaipur and you never know you might get lucky 😉

5. Be a Couch Potato

Pyjamas – Check
Remote hidden under the seat – Check
Tata Sky – Check
Snacks handy – Check

Couch Potato Mode on 😀

So brace yourselves Jaipur, this isn’t a match, it’s a war !!

*Images of point no. 1, 2, 3 and 5 via Google

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Riot of Colors Seen At the Dastkar Bazaar

East, West, North, South! To see people from all at one place is a rare sight, but it happens at very few places. Jaipur has seen this blend of artists and craftsmen from all directional heads at the ongoing Dastkar Bazaar.


Artists from all over India have been offered this common platform to showcase their artistic qualities and their craftsmanship. With Indians born with the skill of extensive crafts like paper, metal, wood, clay, fibre, textile, paintings, leather and various others, they have can create anything out of any material.



At Dastkar, you can see tribal jewellery from Ladakh, pottery and furniture from Uttar Pradesh, glass work from Delhi, Kolapuri from Maharashtra, Kalighat paintings from West Bengal, filigree work from Odisha and as you keep naming the art and craft of every state, the list continues. It doesn’t end here, if you are looking for some herbal products, it has n number of herbal soaps, creams, oils. You may also find the all time favorite earthen terracotta pots, kulhads and lamps from our very own state of Rajasthan. The Dastkar Bazaar gives us insight into the many art forms of India.



With the minimal entry fees you can also savor some specialties from every state at the food court. If you are a foodie, go try some Dabeli from the state of Gujarat, bhelpuri and sevpuri from Maharashtra, chat from Delhi and etc. If your tummy is craving and making a hungry sound, Dastkar Bazaar calls for a treat and enjoy this colorful sight.


Visit the Dastkar Bazaar @ Urban Haat, Parshuram Dwara, Opp. Jal Mahal, Jaipur as it lasts till 29th November 2015.


11 Lines That You All Have Heard From Your Fathers!

Father’s Day is here !! We all love our fathers in our own different ways, but there are some things which each one of us has heard from our father at some point in life, and still do 😉

  1. Abhi bhi waqt hai, sudhar jao !!

No matter how much ever wrong you do- your father never gives up on you, and the only words he’s left with are  ‘Abhi bhi waqt hai, sudhar jao’

Abhi bhi waqt hai sudhar jao


  1. Tumhari age mein main apne saare kaam khud karta tha

    We are undoubtedly a lazy generation and our father leaves no chance to reiterate this fact 😉

Kolkata: Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan rides a cycle during the shooting of his new film 'Piku' in Kolkata on Sunday. PTI Photo by Ashok Bhaumik(PTI11_2_2014_000067A)

  1. Gaane to humare zamane me hote the, aajkal lyrics toh samajh hi nahi aate.

You can’t compare Rafi-Lata, R.D.Burman’s amazing songs and lyrics with Honey Singh, yeh bhi koi gaane hai !

honey singh

  1. Yeh phone pe kaunsi padhai hoti hai?

No matter your phone is just kept aside or you just picked it up to check your whatsapp – your father won’t be behind to comment – phone se kaunsi padhai hoti hai?


  1. Don’t spend from your pocket, take money from me.

So that he knows how much you are actually spending 😉

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge


  1. Aage ka kya plan hai?

Though it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do and accomplish in life but future ke kuch toh plans honge?


  1. Agar samaan saath ke saath jagah pe rakh do, you’ll never need to clean up.

To keep on shouting in the house if you have misplaced something is very easy, but at the last moment papa se sunna hi padega – “agar samaan saath ke saath jagah pe rakh do, you can find it easily.”


  1. Agar boards’ mein ache marks aaye, I promise to get you a bike/phone.

Although bribe is kinda illegal, this has been an age old tradition in India 😀


  1. Life mein koi bhi problem hai? Subah jaldi utho.

Exam tension ? Jobless? Had a tiff with a friend? Just wake up early and all your problems will magically vanish 😀


  1. Tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai.

Not listening to anything that your dad says is no less than hearing this!


  1. And last but not the least ‘Paise pedh pe nahi ugtey’.

He doesn’t mind your going out for a party everyday but future ke liye kuch toh chodo. ‘Paise pedh pe nahi ugtey!’

Sonam Kapoor


And no matter what, we adore them and are simply clueless as to how we would live without them 🙂

Happy Father’s Day 🙂







10 Excuses Jaipurites Are Likely To Make To Watch #IndvsAus Semi-Final Tomorrow

We all know that it’s the matter of life and death tomorrow ! It’s the semi-final knockout match between India and Australia. So who will want to even blink while staying glued to their televisions tomorrow? These are the excuses which you might get to hear/make tomorrow for not going to work and staying at home to watch India vs Australia !!

1. Cold and Cough

I am having constant cold and cough and the symptoms look like swine flu now. Getting the tests done today and wouldn’t like to risk spreading infection in the office.


2. Parent Teacher Meet

My kids are having Parent Teacher Meet in the school.


3. Neighbor’s Dog

My Neighbor’s dog kept barking the whole night and hence I was unable to sleep. Won’t be able to contribute much in this sleepy state today.


4. Shaadi ka Rishta

Some one is coming to meet me for the intention of getting married.


5. Medical Emergency

My aunty’s daughter gulped a golf ball and hence I need to see her in a hospital in Agra


6. ‘Me’ time

I want to spend time alone with myself as lately I am finding myself too cluttered with confusing thoughts.


7. No Water

There was no power in the house and hence no water supply. In this hot weather I don’t think my colleagues will appreciate sitting next to some one who hasn’t bathed in 24 hrs.

8. Diarrhea 
I am having loosies, they are so bad that infact I am sending this message from the loo only.


9. Hangover

My girlfriend dumped me for my best friend and hence I got so drunk that I am having severe hangover today.


10. Car key lost

I lost the only key of my car and hence have to go to the Police station to get FIR done.



Let’s Fight Cancer Together!

The month of February is ‘National Cancer Prevention Month’ and the ‘World Cancer Day’ happens to fall in the same month. So in the spirit of awareness – raising, Jaipur Beat would like to share some information to make you all a little more aware about the disease cancer.

Today, cancer is a common household word, with each of us associated with at least one near and dear one, a family member or a friend, a neighbour or a colleague, diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is often unpredictable, but there are ways in which some cancer risk factors can be avoided. What’s important is that your attitude and approach can help you greatly lower your risk for serious diseases like cancer, and boost your odds of living a longer and healthier life. Many lifestyle factors including smoking, the typical high-fat, refined-sugar diet and physical inactivity account for the majority of cancer.



Cancer develops gradually as a result of a complex mix of factors related to Environment, Lifestyle, and Heredity. It is estimated that about 80 percent of all cancers are related to the use of tobacco products, to what we eat and drink, or, to exposure to radiation or cancer-causing agents in the environment. Early detection of cancer can greatly improve the odds of successful treatment and survival. Hence one should consult a doctor for regular checkups and not wait for problems to occur.

Most Common Types Of Cancers

Cancer of the head, neck, lungs and throat is the most common type of cancer in India that is caused by eating tobacco and drinking alcohol. Stomach cancer, skin cancer, intestine cancer and breast cancer are some other prevalent cancers in Though in the past few decades, there has been a stability in the number of ovarian cancers cases in India but it is estimated that by the year 2025, the number of people suffering from breast cancer in India will double.

Support for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients and those who care about them face many problems and challenges. Coping with these problems becomes much easier when people have right information and support services where they live. Patients suffering from cancer tend to become irritable or depressed. Proper counselling and discussions on the treatment options help the patients to deal with the challenges that come with cancer in a much better way. The doctor who takes care of the patient is in the best position to discuss the chance of recovery (prognosis) and kind of treatment required. But there are many people in India who cannot afford a proper check up and treatment. Our government needs to change the system to reach such people and bring out effective change.

Cancer Prevention

Cancers that are closely linked to certain behaviors are the easiest to prevent. For example, choosing not to smoke tobacco or drink alcohol significantly lower the risk of several types of cancer – most notably lung, throat, mouth, and liver cancer. Diet plays a multitude of roles in the development of cancer as substances in the diet can either enhance or inhibit the growth of the cancerous cells. Physicians recommend diets that are low in fat and rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating right, staying physically active and maintaining a healthy weight, can cut cancer risk by a 30-40 percent.

Cancer Treatment in Jaipur

There is no single treatment for cancer, and patients receive a combination of therapies and palliative care. With the advances in technology, cancer is diagnosed more frequently. The myths associated with cancer are vanishing and people have become more open to accepting cancer diagnosis and discussing cancer openly. With a mission to create a comprehensive tertiary care center for cancer treatment where patients are served with world-class facilities, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur (BMCHRC) is an institution that came into existence in the year 1997 and has made a landmark in delivering cancer care services to the afflicted population of the country over the years. Besides BMCHRC, there are many noted oncologists in the city known for their expertise, skills and experience. Dr. Arun Gupta, Dr. Sanjeev Patni, Dr. Anish Maru, Dr. Lalit Mohan Sharma, Dr. Ranu Patni, Dr. Nidhi Patni, Dr. Nitin Khuteta, Dr. Ajay Bapna, Dr. Naresh Somani are to name a few.  As world cancer day approaches, take a step to bring smiles on faces who don’t have a reason to. You can donate , volunteer and support the cause of cancer prevention at various hospitals like BMCHRC and make life easier for many cancer patients and survivors. Contact Details are as follows-

Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
(Managed by K G Kothari Memorial Trust)
Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Jaipur 302017, India
T: 91-141-2700107, 2702106, 2702120, 2702899, 5107777 | F: 91-141-2702021
E:, |

Surviving cancer is not the end of a gruesome story but the beginning of a beautiful one. We want to end the blog by a message to all the cancer patients and survivors that get support. Join a support program for people with cancer. The inspiration and hope you’ll find there is priceless. Stay active, eat good, have faith and stay STRONG.



Chill Out with Refill

Refill Jaipur Beat

Refill- A lounge with relaxed indoor seating in shades of yellow & mauve, has a perfect setting for a relaxing evening to catch up with friends & colleagues. It is the right place to munch on some finger food options with refreshing drinks.

Refill Jaipur Beat

Situated opposite to the Gaurav towers, Refill is another recent addition to the rapidly growing eateries in the Malviya Nagar area. The décor of the lounge is kept very simple and refreshing in tones of yellow & mauve with hint of red & wooden craft on the walls. The lounge has a seating capacity of 25 to 30 seat covers.

Refill Jaipur Beat

The menu is exclusively designed keeping in mind the regular clientele. At Refill the menu includes specialties from Middle East, Mexico, Italy, France and India, carefully picked to suit the customer pallet. Spicy Chilly Lime & Cheese Vada Pao, are the lime light of the menu and always remain in demand, as told by the manager but we recommend Corn Spinach Vada & crunchy Sago Sticks, made from sabudana, bread crumbs and potatoes which is definitely worth a try.  Drink & dessert section in the menu does not hold a lot of surprises but one can opt for Banarama or Mint Mojito which goes quite well with Belgian Waffles.


Refill has certainly taken an inspiration from serving style of western fast food joints, alas it is interesting to see a vada pao being served in similar style as that of a Mc Donald burger.

Within the 3 months of its opening, Refill receives heavy foot falls usually in the evenings & whole day long on Sundays. With good eclectic mixes of Bollywood and western songs, the place induces mood which bring out the lighter side of yours after long hours of work or college. It is definitely one of the pocket friendly options to host a treat for friends & colleagues.

  • Ambiance : 4/5
  • Food: 3.5/5
  • Concept: 3/5
  • Service: 3/5
  • Value for money: 3.5/5

Cost for two- 350+ taxes.