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Jaipur gets a new bespoke furniture & interior store | Jaipur Furniture by Yojna Singh

For the art connoisseurs of Jaipur, the newest bespoke furniture & interior store ‘Jaipur Furniture’ by Yojna Jaisingh is the latest foray into the world of furniture, décor & interior spaces. Dealing in the international and national market for past 14 years as a manufacturer and exporter of furniture, Jaipur Furniture has opened the gate to a retail business in the Pink City this weekend.
The 2000 sq. ft boutique store is endowed with an impeccable sense of aesthetics and unbridled craftsmanship. Along with creating finest art, the brand makes bespoke furniture along with house art and décor items by some of the most talented artisans across the country.

Drawing historic inspiration from India, the brand not only crafts furniture, it bequests tradition, comfort, and timeless designs for different spaces. It curates the finest interior and luxury living spaces to match the taste of the modern lifestyle yet rooted with traditional aesthetics. From crafting superior hospitality furniture for hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, bars, and lobbies, executive cabins, common spaces for corporate world to creating interior and décor for homes, Jaipur Furniture embellishes your space like its own.

The store exhibits a wide mixture of furniture and décor where the entire product range is enthused with traditional Indian crafts. The collection is admired for its bold use of colors, one-of-a-kind designs, extraordinary accuracy and craftsmanship.

India with its rich history behind its textiles and crafts and each region’s indigenous products, with their own very unique identity- be it Rajasthan’s peacock, Jodhpur’s blue, Jaisalmer’s bright golden yellow, or nature & wildlife inspired rustic style, Victorian influence from Kolkata, the tribal prints from Assam holds so much essence that connects us with our roots. To create a global reach for Indian traditional crafts, Jaipur Furniture works as an umbrella where artisans and craftsmen hailing from different parts of the country are contributing with their unique products to the store’s collection, today.

A bachelor of fine arts and a doctorate in temple architecture, Yojna Jaisingh with her passion for transforming creativity into an art piece is a successful furniture maker and an entrepreneur who caters to the global market. Weaving interesting stories with a plethora of colors and designs, Yojna has carved a chronicle of luxury in the Land of Kings. She has unleashed her creative genius with such marvellous intricate designs, that each piece echoes a tale of unparalleled style and sophistication. While conceptualizing the furniture & decor for her boutique store, she endeavoured to find the right balance between the traditional Indian infusions with earthy & rustic feel into the modern & trendy designs.

Yojna believes that bringing the furniture to your home is one thing but bringing art is something extraordinary. Her signature design style is a seamless blend of Indian traditions, color, craftsmanship with an infusion of western ethnicities, thereby marrying the East & West in one piece of art. According to her, traditional Indian crafts and art never go out of style, in fact, they are much celebrated in today’s living. Their imprint can be found in various masterpieces around. And it is our responsibility to carry forward this legacy. Yojna continues to design and create intriguing new concepts that define her unconventional yet rooted style of thought. She affirms that design is an emotion that connects us with our customs, thus she adds soul to the exquisite pieces by upholding such time-honoured traditions.
Embracing perfection in designing, Yojna makes sure each product is put together with creativity, attention to detail, expertise, and thus superior quality. Masterful craftsmanship is visible in the intricate cuts, rich colors, quality material, and detailed finishing.



Address: E-85, SL Marg, Lal Bahadur Nagar, Durgapura, Jaipur
Contact: +91 9829392062

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Lokrang 2014 – A reflection to the richness of our culture

The open stage of the  Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur  is once again filled with vibrancy of colours and spectacular performances to celebrate the ongoing 21st Lokrang 2014 . This year the festival brings together more than 150 artists from different folk and classical genres for over 11 days starting from 9th to 19th October 2014. Each performance at this annual cultural festival, from the Rikham Pada Paru Folk Dance of Arunanchal Pradesh to the Faag Folk Dance of Haryana,  blends multiple genres of Indian traditions together on one stage.


The first day featured a magnificent potpourri of the various folk dances like the Veeragase Folk Dance from Karnataka, and Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.

The Gair Folk Dance from Rajasthan.
The Gair Folk Dance from Rajasthan.

Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.
Jogwa Folk Dance from Maharashtra.

Every performance at Lokrang 2014 was flattering with it’s up to the mark perfection and artistic appeal where there was magnificent clarity of the roles performed by the artists during each and every energetic performance.


The proficient artists from each corner of India recited the vivacious culture by their scintillating performances that created an aura of magnificence. This 11 days festival, if described in one word, is ”Magnificent”.


True to the theme, the choreography of the dance performances were seamless with balanced movements  that created a visual treat with an interaction between the lights, space and the body.


The performers had a commanding stage presence and with their engrossing performances the evening was transformed into a moving experience.


The spectacular performances  will be held till 19th October  from 7 pm onwards at the open air stage at Jawahar Kala Kendra  and if you don’t want to miss the chance to see the artists performing live then occupy your best seats by 6pm.


It is impossible to define or sum up the diversity of Indian art and music traditions in a single breath.  The vibrant journey of 21st Lokrang festival embedded  the talent and skills of varied classical and folk artists in one single thread.