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7 Places In And Around Jaipur, We ‘Discovered’ On School Bunks

We have all been there, haven’t we?

Well if you haven’t, you missed on a lot. But hey, you must have heard stories from your friends at least, about how incredible these places are, well we are here to set a collection of places in around Jaipur we went to on our school bunks. So, if you haven’t been to any of these places, we recommend you to go and feel them, for yourselves.

1. Nahargarh – There is absolutely no way Nahargarh isn’t topping the list on this one, it’s like the coolest there has ever been in Jaipur. Nahargarh Fort was the top priority on full day bunk, but, if the weather was too bad, well, there were some indoor options to look at too. But as kids, we loved a little soak, didn’t we?


2. Crystal Palm – Situated in virtually the center of the city, it was quite easy to reach, even by public transport. Crystal Palm was our choice of theatre, to go to, for one of the reasons being they never really snitched on us. It was this sacred custom we took an oath to, to watch every incredible (sometimes bad) movie releasing, on first day, first show. And guys, those were arguably the best times. What’s more to Crystal Palm is it has a play zone, a McDonald’s, and MGF just opposite the road, simply put, it happened to be extremely sorted, all in one.

crystal palm

3. Indian Coffee House (ICH) – Biased towards the one situated at MI Road over the one in JKK, maybe it was the rustic ambiance, or simply, it’s reachability. But, certainly, it was rule number 1 in the sacred book of rules to start the school bunks by having breakfast at ICH. The menu was fairly low priced, like a dream come true, for us school kids.


4. Samode Palace – Reaching there was an adventure on its own, it was an approximate 1.5 hours ride from the center of the city. The usual timings for bunks were 6 hours, stretching it up to 7 hours was the upper limit. So, reaching, chilling, enjoying, and, being back on time from Samode Palace was a feat of its own. And you do realize it has about 850 steps to reach the top of the mountain?


850 steps in school shoes, just called it a challenge back then. LOL.

5. Ramgarh Dam – It’s again, one of the natural beauties of our beautiful Jaipur. Reaching Ramgarh was, well, tough. The road was so bad at the time, you were surely taking home a sore back from the trip. Note, it’s a dry dam, there’s as such no water in the dam, but, the place itself, has a feel attached to it. If you happen to go there, be careful of the monkeys, they are going to steal your food and laugh at your face, while eating it all of course. 🙈


6. Kanota Dam – It’s the place to be if you are looking for some really good landscape, for those display pictures you could never put up on your social media. 😰🤣


It was full of water at the time. It still happens to have water in it, but it’s a tad bit tougher to reach now. There are actually 2 sides of the dam you could have reached, one side where the locals don’t allow people to visit anymore, as they claim it to be their part of the land, and, one side where the fishing takes place, the area is kind of all fenced now, but back then it wasn’t.

7. Sagar – You can’t call yourself a Jaipurite if you haven’t been to Sagar, but a lot of people we meet happen to not know there is any such place in Jaipur 🤔


Sagar is to be reached by taking the other road from the last crossroad to Amer, the local pujaris won’t have an issue until you aren’t creating a nuisance over there. It’s an iconic jewel of a place Jaipur has, it has got everything to it. And, if you are bored of Nahargarh on your bunk, this was the place to head to and vice versa.

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Indian Coffee House- serving Jaipur since 19th century

Today Jaipur city is brimming with top notch coffee places but there is one coffee place which was always buzzing with activity and has lived the old and contemporary era both is the- Indian Coffee House.


The first ever ‘Indian Coffee House’ was set up in 1936 and had marked its way to Jaipur in 1962. The place was the reason behind the sudden fad for coffee houses in the country. It currently has 400 chains all over India and is widely recognized for its luscious food.

In Jaipur, Indian Coffee House has two branches, one in Jawahar Kala Kendra which is now aesthetically revamped whereas the other and oldest situated on MI Road is still carrying the old charm.

There’s a narrow alley that leads you to the coffee house at MI Road, giving you that historic feel. The aesthetic architectural buildings around the place add to the bygone days vibes. The coffee house witnesses a full-time rabble, from youth to older citizens but most significantly, tourists. Because of its ever growing name, this superlative coffee house has been visited by incredibly genius and popular artists and politicians like M. F. Husain and Ashok Gehlot. The place was always filled with Intellectuals and like minded people like artists, writers, readers, painters etc.



As you enter, the interiors remind you of longevous generations and make you nostalgic. There are pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and other well-known politicians and protesters around the place. Additionally, there are separate seating arrangements for ladies and families. The seating arrangements are snug and comfortable. Surprisingly, the ambience of the place has never changed. The furniture, paintings and walls are still the same as before and in no time takes transmits you back to the old era.




Even though they are historic and banal, the food maintains its quality. The place is known for its absolutely mouth-watering South Indian food and Hot Cream Coffee. However, the latter remains their competitive advantage. There is no other coffee like this in entire Jaipur. It is indeed one heck of a coffee!!!The boiling hot coffee is served in a kettle while freshly made chilled cream is served alongside. The delish coffee is poured in the cup followed by the freezing cream. The extreme opposite temperatures go hand in hand. With every sip that is chugged, the coffee becomes tastier and even lusher.


We are sure you guys must have developed a craving for this delicious coffee and we urge you to visit this place as it’s verily worth going. Furthermore, they have unique concepts of ‘Mutton Dosa’ and ‘Keema Omelette’. These dishes have surely never been heard before. These are extremely heavenly and toothsome.


Interestingly, the waiters have a precise uniform that adds to the nostalgic feel. The dressing sense isn’t modern as the waiters are dressed in white coats and pants with a Nehru cap.


The best part about the Coffee House is that the prices are cheap and affordable. It is open to all sorts of people and the quality isn’t sacrificed.

If you love coffee as much as we love, this is the perfect place that will evoke nostalgia in you. Go with your friends and families. You will relish this experience. 🙂


Timings- 8am to 9pm( MI Road); 9am to 9pm (Jawahar Kala Kendra)

Indian Coffee House Locations-

Near Ajmeri Gate, MI Road, Jaipur;

Jawahar Kala Kendra, JLN Marg, Near Tonk Road, Jaipur


Jawahar Kala Kendra of Jaipur Gets Bolder & Prettier In This Revamped Look

“Be the change you want to see.” This saying by Mahatma Gandhi is truly being followed by Pooja Sood, the JKK Director General as she has overwhelmed Jaipurites by changing the mood of Jawahal Kala Kendra to a happier one while still protecting the phenomenal architecture by late Mr. Charles Correa, the Architect of JKK.

IMG_0693 copy

The entire structure has been painted in the fresh and joyous hue of terracotta pink so that it instantly draws a tourist and makes the locals fall in love with it all over again ! Be it the amphitheater where all the plays and cultural festivals like Lokrang are held, or the other parts of JKK where exhibitions, book fairs, or any art or literature related events take place, they have all been bathed in a new look now 🙂

IMG_0700 copy

IMG_0739 copy

With a marvelous architecture, comes a risk of losing your way 😉 In order to cure the direction syndrome, the revamped look offers a map of Jawahar kala Kendra on the center table placed at the entrance of main hall.

Map of JKK placed on the center table
Map of JKK placed on the center table

Now comes the most nostalgic and eternal part of JKK, – Indian Coffee House. The restaurant which was among the pioneers in serving one of the best South Indian food in town and of course some amazing coffee to have while catching up with your friends or family. You will be more than elated to see how this cafe has gone through a complete makeover !!

JKK Jaipur Beat

Beginning with a classy entrance and reception, your eyes will find a paradise in these sprightly colors that have replaced the rugged benches at Indian Coffee House. The painted roof, polished shining tables and colorful seats makes this a rage as far as a hangout place is concerned along with the delicious food that stays the same 😀

JKK Jaipur Beat

After its revamp, JKK has become ‘NAV’ that implies new in true aesthetic sense and thus has commenced with ‘NAVRAS’, which is the festival of Performing Arts to be held between March 15 to March 22, 2016. 

The setup where minstrels will sit and perform in ‘The Manganiyar Seduction’
The setup where minstrels will sit and perform in ‘The Manganiyar Seduction’

There are also talks about having a library for children above the reading room for elders, where the library will have story books and there will be a separate activity section with toys.

Come down and watch JKK turn into a place where every person with varied interests would love to visit !


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5 Coffee Places In Jaipur That Will Always Be Our Favorite

On World Coffee Day today, as the world goes gaga over this magic potion called ‘coffee’ which you can smell right now, let’s have a look and be proud of these coffee places in Jaipur which have always been the definition of ‘hang outs’, meet ups, dates, and a lot more for the Jaipurites 🙂

1. Indian Coffee House
As they say, Old is gold, Once an intellectual hub, the Indian Coffee House M.I. Road. transports you back to an era of 80’s with its old Furniture, Posters, Uniform of Waiters and Cutlery. It’s a place to be when you have a less budget want to sip in some strong coffee with south Indian delicacies.


2. Bana Ji ki Coffee-
Bana ji coffee, C-scheme is a popular sneak out point for the young college goers who can compromise on all their lectures for Bana ji’s amazing cold coffee . It’s the best place in town for the people having late night coffee craving after dinner or just to hang out with friends in evenings !

bana ji

3. Gyan Vihar Coffee-
A small Saras dairy nestled behind the World Trade Park is a regular coffee spot for the school and college students of the nearby areas. Popularly known as GVD, it is famous for its cold coffee and Masala patties .


4. Statue circle ki coffee-
No matter how many Baristas and CCDs open, nothing can ever beat the famous and consistently yummy ‘Uncle ki coffee’ !! A small shop near Statue Circle which serves delicious coffee both hot and cold is a must after a good workout at Central Park and the best on a chilly winter night 🙂

hotandcoldcoffeecorner-Jaipur-0 (1)

5. ‘Theka Coffee Da’, Raja Park-

Theka Coffee Da is situated in front of the MPS School (Jawahar Nagar). They serve some very yummy and addicting cold-coffees and sandwiches at student prices.

theka coffe ka