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Serving water to the thirsty!

It is said that the best charity is giving food to the hungry and water to the thirsty. The latter is especially true in the hot summer months, when a parched throat can make life feel miserable, and nothing is more welcome than a glass of cool water. All over Jaipur, there are many people who […]


A New Store in Town B.A.G.S!

Books Activities & Games Store (BAGS) also known to be ‘bagfulofjoy’ brings you Jaipur’s biggest Family Library and its first Hobby Ideas Store – B.A.G LIBRARY & STORE. Jaipur has many book stores but BAGS is certainly making a statement because of its unique concept. Owner of BAGS Jayesh Shah and Subhadra Shah realized that […]


A New Store In Town…..’Happy Store’

As you pass by Prithviraj Road, C-scheme, a name will certainly grab your eye balls… i.e. Happy Store !!! Know more about this uniquely named store …..   Happy Store , an initiative of Swati (NIFT graduate) and Neeraj (Environmentalist) who believe that the creation of a platform for quality handmade products will not only support […]