10 Things To Do At JLF 2016 Apart From Literature

The most awaited event of the year and which also marks the colorful start of the new year 2016 – Jaipur Literature Festival is finally here ! Although ‘Literature’ is the quintessence of the name as well as the festival, but just in case you are not a vehement literature enthusiast, we must tell you that there are a lot more things in store for you at JLF 2016.

  1. FashionIt’s no news that it’s one thing to get up, dress up and go to work/college/school, and it’s one thing to get up and get dressed to attend JLF, because ‘what if you run into some chic batch mate or a judgmental colleague there?’ So watch out for some people setting the fashion trends for 2016 and you dress your best at JLF 😉IMG_1175
  2. FoodWhen you enter Durbar Hall, starting from scrumptious looking bakeries to Chai & snacks, you name a dish and you will find it at JLF, and that too in a wide variety ! If you are a new venture, make sure to have your stall at JLF next year as there is no better place to come into notice like this.
  3. MusicMusic is another thing which has come up excellently as a separate event at JLF for which the music aficionados fly from various places to Jaipur just to listen  to their favorite genres of the melodious music festival.Amer
  4. Rajasthani CultureEach year, a new theme marks the onset of JLF and the ambiance which is splattering with hues and jollity, every year finds some innovative ways and elements to fill up the visitors with awe and locals with pride for the vivid culture of Rajasthan.JLF 2016
  5. ShoppingWith JLF’s official merchandise store selling interesting things like their own mugs with the quotes of this year’s speakers, handmade notebooks, t-shirts, bookmarks, scarves etc and giving them away in the recycled newspaper bags, there is a lot to look forward to for a shopaholic and a souvenir lover to remember JLF by. Apart from these, you will find really good books and Rajasthani kurtis, jootis, postcards etc.jlf 2016JLF 2016
  6. SelfiesWe know you don’t need to read this blog to know about this extra luxury 😉 With the beautiful decorations and backdrops, your selfie mania will see a jovial boost at JLF 2016 😉Auw6Ciq-C27eOOCpDbBm8ZuMf-OJ1IYPUygicSdbJmz3 copy
  7. NetworkingDiggi Palace being a not so huge venue for JLF, there are very high chances that you might run into old friends, new friends, colleagues and even speakers for that matter. So rekindle bonds and probably find someone to have a healthy discussion with 🙂At71FjyVRsJzzcWcw9CgvJWg4aOHbC7D03tO9lkklcaV copy
  8. Diggipuri ChaiDid you know that Diggipuri chai at JLF at Diggi Palace is one of the major attractions at JLF ? No? Then try it this time and you will know why 😀JLF 2016
  9. Ride in colourful autosThe colorful autos with intriguing designs oozing the vibrant Rajasthani culture are standing right outside the venue to make your experience at the over crowded JLF easier 🙂JLF 2016
  10. PhotographyWhen all the above points are present in one place, no photographer can even think of missing to click such a melange of beautiful things, not forgetting the portraits of visitors and speakers in action 🙂

    So pick up your bag and visit JLF !! 😀


5 Reasons to Travel to Jaipur in the Month of January.

Here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year from the entire team of Jaipur Beat! You are going to read a lot of exciting news and blogs on this site in the coming few weeks as numerous cultural festivals this year just round the corner.

So, stay tuned as Jaipur Beat continues to bring you the LATEST and GREATEST of Jaipur. As we all know Jaipur greatly boasts of its magnificent forts, rich culture and exceptional landscape that adds to its attractions, but apart from the so called static positioning, the city is positively buzzing with loads of festivals and activities.

Let’s have a look what we have in store and we are sure all the coming action will set your mood to pack your bag to come to the city.

1. Lohri Festival

Lohri copy

Though the festival of Lohri originated from Punjab but the Jaipurites are so fun loving that they don’t want to miss out the chance of any sort of fun and dhamaal and that’s the reason Lohri is celebrated and enjoyed a lot in our lovely pink city. There are many areas in Jaipur which are dominated by Punjabis thus the beautiful sight of people, friends and family dressed in bright colored attires, singing and dancing to the drum beats along with bonfire is common. Remember, it’s just not the festival of one community but is celebrated by all besides savoring mouth-watering delicacies  🙂

2. Kite Festival

 Kite Festival jprEvery year Makar Sankranti is held on 14th January, the time when you must visit Jaipur, where the annual Kite Festival takes place. The view of the multitudes of kites flying in the sky is surreal. It’s no exaggeration when we say the sky is covered with beautiful kites in myriad hues, designs and shapes and is almost like a rainbow REDEFINED!

The sound of ‘Wow Kata’, high-pitched music will just not leave you awestruck but you will come to know what the lively and colorful Pink City is all about 🙂

3. Jaipur Literature Festival-


Have you visited Jaipur Literature Festival yet? The place where all the renowned thinkers and writers get together and engage in interesting conversations with each other and the audiences. Well, apart from the literature enthusiasts, great minds, celebrities, there is a lot more to see and experience. This year JLF dates are between 21st– 25th Jan, 2016.

As the registration is required by one and all, we suggest to do it online before it closes- https://jaipurliteraturefestival.org/

4. Vintage Car Rally

6 copy (2)

We bet you will be enthralled if you are visiting Jaipur in January. The winding streets are taken over by the roars of Vintage cars during the Vintage Car Rally, which is now an annual event and in its 18th edition. The royal march of cars will leave you awe-inspired for sure!

So get ready to witness Vintage queens and some of the iconic automobiles in their full glory during the 18th edition of ‘Vintage & Classic Car Rally’ to be organised by Rajputana Automotive Sports Car Club and DoT, Rajasthan.

5. Polo Season-

Polo.JPG Among the world’s most time-honored sports, Polo is not less than a religion in Rajasthan. And the month of January is the Polo season, when the well-bred man and horse alike are again facing off on grassy fields.

The Jaipur Polo Season is organized under the aegis of the Indian Polo Association from 28th Dec 2015 till 31st Jan 2016. During the month series of tournaments are held, viz- Shree Cement Kota cup, Rajmata Gayatri Devi Memorial Cup, Mount Shivalik Polo Challenge, HH Sawai Bhawani Singh Cup, Vodaphone Sirmour Cup. Polo is an experience of its kind, where you are promised a cheerful time 🙂

And in case, you are missing the buzz don’t worry as there is always a next time 🙂

Click to access polo_tournment.pdf