5 Big Brands Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary in 2017

ICYMI, 2017 is turning out to be a milestone year for many. A whole lot of brands, events, companies are celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary this year and although we are still wondering about how many brands made their debut in 2007, here are a few that either belong or are connected to our own city of Jaipur and are celebrating their successful ten years with pride and joy !

1. Jaipur Literature Festival

A festival that began from being a small and classy literature event at Diggi Palace in Jaipur, Jaipur Literature Festival aka JLF has turned into a world famous & grand affair in the last 10 years. What started in 2007, went through controversies, popularity, attracted every single genre from authors to musicians to celebrities to foodies and is now an event that has become a style symbol for all ! Happy 10 years of awesomeness JLF 🙂

JLF 2017

2. Volkswagen

The German automaker and the candy of our eyes – Volkswagen is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2017 and to make the nation a part of its success, they also ran a special discount offer on the Volkswagen Vento, Polo and Ameo. Not only this, we saw a beautiful video and a series of photographs of Volkswagen shot in Jaipur in 2017.

Volkswagen Jaipur

3. IPL – 10 Saal Aapke Naam

You must all have either a crystal clear or a vague memory of the first time Indian Premier League went live in 2008 and the words ‘Tu laga Daav’ echoed in our ears all day long ! There was a fresh wave of energy for all the cricket fans and even the ones who did not have the patience to sit through 50 overs or test matches, have been seen glued to televisions during the IPL season ever since. It has gone through controversies, stories of match fixing with Rajasthan Royals & Chennai Super Kings expelled till 2017, but has proudly completed 10 years with 8 teams playing right now in April 2017 🙂

IPL 2017

4. Anantaya

A globally recognized lifestyle design studio in Jaipur by the leading architects of India, Anantaya showcases UNESCO award-winning luxury decor objects, furniture, textiles and accessories and is right now hosting the cultural event ‘Maahi Roj’ and celebrating its 10 years of preserving ancient crafts 🙂


5. Vogue

One of the leading fashion magazines in the world, Vogue entered its 10th year in 2017. To celebrate the decade of fashion in India, Vogue curated a special show titled Sari 24/7, showcasing the works of 60 leading designers at Amazon India Fashion Week in March. The highlight was the models on the runway donning the jewellery of a Jaipur based jewellery designer – Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers.

Vogue India 10 years

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10 Ways In Which Jaipur Grew Along With Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival is back with its 10th edition and Jaipur is gearing up to welcome many national and international, literary geniuses to the city. Over the years Jaipur Literature Festival has become huge, has been graced by many big personalities, visited by people from across the world and is even travelling to different places.  However, it is not only the event that has become so huge, along with the event the city has also grown in many different aspects. Here is how Jaipur has gained through the biggest event of the city, Jaipur Literature Festival.

1.) Tourism – Jaipur literature festival is an international event, which is graced by visitors from India and abroad. No doubt that JLF has lead to an increase in the tourism of the city.


2.) Employment – No doubt when an event of such huge scale takes place many hands are required to work towards executing it. Not only has Jaipur Literature Festival brought employment to the city  dwellers it has also given chance to the youth of the city in getting hands on learning experience through their volunteering options.


3.) Fashion – One thing that people get to notice at the JLF event is definitely the newest fashion of the season. With many men and women flaunting latest designs, new hair-dos and latest accessories we can definitely say that Jaipur Literature Festival does give lot of people fashion goals.


4.) Celebs– It does not happen every day that you get a chance to see international celebrities, face to face. Over the years celebs like Oprah Winfrey, Dalai Lama,  Salman Rushdie, Stephen Fry, Gulzar, Vikram Seth and many others have flown to Jaipur to be a part of this magnificent event. To get a chance to sit in front of the famous lyricist Gulzar and listen to his wise words does not happen every day.


5.) Events – With JLF becoming popular in Jaipur, the city became a hub for many national/international events.  We have also seen numerous events taking place at Diggi Palace recently. The credit definitely goes to the Jaipur Literature Festival.


6.) Travelling Abroad – Now that we all know that Jaipur Literature Festival is going places, along with it even the city’s heritage and moreover its name is getting promoted internationally.


7.)Food – A decade back searching for a restaurant or a food joint was not as simple as it is today, in pink city. With an advent in tourism there has been two big changes in the food scenario of Jaipur; firstly there is an increase in the no. of food joints and secondly, we can see many more themed restaurants/cafe’s setting up in the city catering to demands of international tourists.773a4692-copy

8.) After parties – Certainly when you work hard you must party harder. The right mix of celebs, event, fun and food can be seen at the after parties held at different historical venue, where one can get to see the who’s who of city along with the authors and speakers.

JLF at night.jpg

9.) Hangout – During the time of the event, people of Jaipur get a new hangout place in JLF. No doubt that it is not just a literary event; it has expanded its boundaries to being an amazing hangout for people too.


10.) Local Artists – There is no doubt that through the event the local artists and artwork  get promoted through Jaipur Literature Festival. JLF gives platform to local artists to reach out to a huge audience.


When we say that Jaipur Literature Festival is about to complete its 10th year we also might as well say that the pink city is about to complete its 10 years of transformation.