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Here winter is not a season but a festival|Jaipur Beat

The scent of winter fog,  waft from tea stalls, hurried traffic crossing the mild sunshine, the sight of travellers exploring the hilltop Amer fort and locals wandering the narrow streets in traditional Rajasthani attire is a riot of delightful things for the senses at any time of year, but none more so than during the winter months.

We love the rush with which winter arrives and suddenly changes our lives with its aroma, and we never want these winter days to pass.
Winter is the best time to experience Rajasthan’s ‘Pink City’. For the people around, winter is just another season but for a Jaipurite it is a festival in itself.


Festival to indulge in the traditional delicacies, to enjoy gala events, to take pleasure in the legendary Polo game, to celebrate patang baazi, and to participate in the world’s biggest literature festival, the list goes on.

Winter Delicacies

Walk into any part of the city’s bazaars, the one thing that you cannot resist is the tandoori kulhad chai with pakoras.

tandoori chai

Samosa, kachori, jalebi, Mirchi-vada and kadhai doodh at night is just the perfect ending note to the day. A true Jaipurite never leaves an opportunity to taste the variety served on its streets. Winters add an extra charm to almost everything we get on the streets and we don’t even miss the outdoors as the city has abundant rooftop bars and cafes.
Not to be missed, the winter chill is best enjoyed at bonfire nights.

Festivals and Events

The World looks up to Jaipur as it hosts some unique events and festivals, which no other city has to offer in winters.

This is the time for Jaipur Winter Polo Season, Children festival, kite festival, Jaipur Art Summit, Jaipur International Film Festival, Rajasthan International Film Festival and the one that needs no introduction- Jaipur Literature Festival and its Music stage. Too much on the platter, yeah?

Watch for Migratory Birdsjal-mahal-birds-2

The time for winged wonders. Gazing at the beautiful migratory birds, that travel from far lands to Mansagar lake, Barkheda and Chandlai lake is one of the kind experiences that we Jaipurites look forward to every year in winters.

Monument Hopping


IMG_3261amer fort

The list is never complete without the three must-sees being the towering Palace of the Winds, the hilltop, marble-decked Amber Fort and the sprawling City Palace complex.
The mild winter sun makes the palace hopping a lot more fun.

Get closer to nature

jhalana safari

This is the best time to enjoy Safari at Jhalana and enjoy the wilderness from close corners.  You never know when you stumble upon a black panther.

Kite Flying



For a true Jaipurite, kite flying is not a game but a religion.  When hundreds of kites dance in the sky and people dance on their terrace is a sight to behold. This is one of the most favorite and zealous festivals in Jaipur. And every Jaipurite has beautiful memories of Makar Sankranti.
So if you ever plan to visit Jaipur during winter, make sure you don’t miss the intoxicatingly enthusiastic vibe of Makar Sankranti!


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The Gajak Guide For You Crazies, Who, Just Like Us, Had No Idea Which One’s Which.

Winter in Jaipur is usually synonyms with loads of gajak on all those cold nights. And gajak love, for every jaipurite, is undeniably strong. But, I guess we have all faced this nightmare when mom sends us to bring some gajak, and the confusion just over boards our intelligence and wrecks our judgement. Defeated and lost, we come back home empty-handed saying the shop was closed. It doesn’t have to happen ever again, we promise when visiting a gajak shop, just open up this guide and you’re all set.

Assorted gajaks

It’s a typical categorization after all?

Well, not really. We too felt so, until we went ahead and researched. Well, there a lot more types than we imagined, but you know, they fell more like a parody of the few original types of gajak, so we decided and skipped them, for good.

1 Til– One of the humblest gajaks known to mankind, and it’s better you know there is a til laddu in the options too. So, til, is basically a kind of Superfood, it has enormous benefits to our health and, is tasty, in gajaks to say the least.

Til Sugar Rewdi

Til’s most know gajak is til papdi Patti. However, it comes in a variety of til gud, til mawa, til gud khasta and what not.

Sweetener– Mawa, Gud, and plain old processed Sugar

Shape– Rolls(rarely), Rewdi, Patti(bar) and Ladoos.

2. Mungfali (peanut)- this gajak’s so popular it has its own name, it’s called chikki. It’s usually made with gud and is also available with a combination of til. It’s so widely popular, we are sure it’s the top-selling item at every gajak shop we came across.

Mungfali Gud gajak (Chikki)

Sweetener– Gud, processed Sugar(rarely)

Shape-Patti(bar), and, you may find it in other shapes too.

3. Son– This one’s borrowed from the iconic son papdi, and yes, its one of those ‘other types’, but, at least, it’s iconic, unlike, chocolate flavored gajak. It’s mostly happened to be made with gud.

Son Sugar gajak

Sweetener– Gud, processed Sugar

Shapes– Patti, Ladoo, and sometimes, Rolls too.

4 Mawa (khoya)Gud mawa and til mawa remains the most common options, but there’s a simple mawa gajak all on its own too.

Sweetener– Gud, and sometimes, processed Sugar is added.

Shape– Patti(bar), Ladoo, and rarely Rolls.

5. Dry fruit– there are a lot of different varieties in dry fruit gajaks, its range includes kaju, pista, and badam gajaks. People have a love-hate relationship with them, but you aren’t short on options anyways, so we leave that up to you.

Kaju Pista gajak

Sweetner– Gud, processed Sugar, Mawa.

Shapes– Usually Patti(bar), oval, and what not.

If you still happen to have doubts or confusions, or a query, ask us in the comments section and we will be happy to help. 


Jaipur’s ‘Neki Ki Deewar’ Stands Like A Boon In Winters

The pink city Jaipur has always been synonymous with beauty and heritage, however, at times when we see the city walls covered in urine, spit or hidden behind a pile of garbage, we all wish this could change. But there is someone who has made this wish come true. This winter, A.G. Colony Kalyan Samiti in association with Nerolac has brought to life an innovative idea to paint city walls and that too for a noble cause.

It is mid January and the temperature has hit a new low in Jaipur. People cannot even find warmth in their homes under their blankets. In such a situation, what the people who live on streets must be going through is indescribable.


The Kalyan Samiti has chosen a wall in the city at A.G. colony, Bajaj Nagar, which is centrally located. Nerolac has painted the wall beautifully and how? The wall is painted in beautiful colors and is brought to life with beautiful pictures of men, women and kids. The wall is not only painted, it is also decorated with hooks coming out of it. This is the first wall in pink city which is named too. The wall is titled, ‘Neki ki Deewar’ aka Wall of Kindness. The idea behind it is to create a space where people can leave their old warm clothes on the wall so that others in need can pick them up and save themselves from winter’s wrath.


When team Jaipur Beat visited this place, we saw a few people stepping out of the car and leaving some of their good clothes (in good condition) here. Also, a man walking past this wall innocently browsed through the clothes to see if anything would fit him but walked away when it did not. The wall is divided into sections and all sections have been painted with simple yet powerful quotes of kindness. The beauty of the wall does not lie in its design, it lies in the compassion that this city wall supports.


All we can say after seeing this incredible amalgamation of design and kindness is that however cold the temperature might get in pink city, kind acts like these will always keep us warm.


We are sure if you watch it you will feel the same way as we do.

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9 Must Have Winter Delicacies Before We Say Goodbye To Winters

Winters are much waited time of the year as one gets to try some delicious, hot winter delicacies. So, as we give adieu to winters, let’s hurry and grab some winter specialties that one must have.


  1. Aloo Tikka

Piping hot aloo tikka in this cold windy weather is one of the most enjoyed street foods which is enjoyed by everyone at weddings, or even during a stroll in the market in evenings.

JB - Aloo Tikka

  1. Halwa

Gajar ka halwa and moong dal halwa, though have desi ghee topped on but no one can resist the aroma of these mouthwatering winter specialties.

JB - Halwa

  1. Ladoo

Gaund ke ladoo which every mother prepares to overcome the winter illness for their children which are rich in taste and nutritious. But at the same time the til ke ladoo prepared with the same warmth doesn’t take a day to finish the whole box.

JB - Ladoo

Image via Google

  1. Barbeque

Winter get together are incomplete with a bonfire. Some people enjoy the dinners over drinking and barbeque cooking. Sethi’s is one such joint where you can get some yummy paneer as well as chicken tikkas and kebabs.

JB -  Paneer

JB - Barbeque

  1. Kadai wala Doodh

Kadai ka doodh paired with freshly taken out jalebi’s are a key to winter happiness.

JB - Doodh

  1. Omelette

One of the favorite winter breakfast snacks for Jaipurites nowadays is omellete that too of Sanjay Omelette. The streets are always full in winters as it offers some amazing and eye-opening list of around 150 varieties of egg recipes.

JB - Omelette

  1. Bajre Ka Kichda

Bajra /Millet is a patent grain of Rajasthan. The delicacies made of bajra like the kichda served with floating ghee on top is relished when served with powdered sugar.

JB - Bajra


Image credit:

  1. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are seasonal and are found in winters only. It is cooked, baked and even served and relished in the form of a salad, chaat or even eaten plain just roasted.

JB - Sweet Potato

Image Credit:

  1. Dal ke Pakode

While you sit with frozen hands and crave for some warmth, these garam garam dal pakode are a perfect cure and company for you. Try them on the street side stalls or just make them at home and don’t forget to serve with the green chutney 😉

JB - Pakoda