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Film Appreciation Workshop at JKK Which No Movie Buff in Jaipur Should Miss

A 5-day film appreciation course began at JKK today. The course is being held in collaboration with Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in Pune and National Film Archive of India (NFAI) in Pune.  IMG_6569On the occasion, Ms. Sood said that this is for the first time a film appreciation course is being organized in Rajasthan. The course aims to promote film literacy and generate awareness of the cinematic culture. A poster exhibition is also being organised to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers of India. These posters have been received from the National Film Archives.


Film Appreciation Course

On the first day of the course the students were given in-depth knowledge on film appreciation and the language of cinema by Ms. Bela Negi and Mr. Subhamoy Sengupta. There was also short feature film screenings to analyse and discuss cinema content.IMG_6561

IMG_6568Indian Cine Poster Exhibition

Before the course began, Indian Cine Poster Exhibition was inaugurated by Director General, JKK, Ms. Pooja Sood; IIS, Director, FTII, Mr. Bhupendra Kainthola; Administrative Officer, NFAI, Mr. Dhirendra Kumar Sharma; Course Director, Ms. Bela Negi and Mr. Subhamoy Sengupta. The exhibition will remain open for public viewing from 11 am to 6 pm from 26 July to 20 August at Rangayan Foyer in JKK. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Azadi 70 Saal, Yaad Karo Kurbani’. IMG_6543IMG_6542IMG_6504Film Screening

JKK has also arranged public screening of various Indian and Foreign films. Today evening popular Italian film, Bicycle Thieves will be shown at 7 pm. The film is set in post-World War II Italy and follows the story of Antonio Ricci, an unemployed man in the depressed economy. With no money and a family to support, Ricci is desperate to find work. Eventually he manages to land a job hanging up posters with a condition of ‘No Bicycle, No Job’. Unfortunately, Ricci’s bicycle gets stolen by a thief while he is hanging up posters.IMG_6546Other popular films like –Mother, No Country for Old Men, La Dolce Vita and Bhuvan Shome will also be shown. These films will be screened daily at 7 pm at Rangayan for the duration of the course (26 July to 30 July).  🙂 The entry for these film screenings is free of cost and seating is on first come first serve basis.


Jawahar Kala Kendra and its Different Shades!

Most people are familiar with the proud center of art & crafts and in fact a lot more than that with Jawahar Kala Kendra aka JKK in Jaipur. Like the rest of Jaipur’ wisely chalked out architecture and planning,  JKK boasts of an architecture that spellbinds a beholder at just one glance. No doubt, when the place is so unique and the location is worth shooting it is common to capture the same by one and all using own artistic spin.

JKK EntranceHistory of Jawahar Kala Kendra

Dedicated to India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, Jawahra Kala Kendra is truly metaphoric to the city of Jaipur i.e. an astonishing synthesis of past and future. A contemporary building based on an archaic notion of the Cosmos; the very same Navgaraha mandala, with one of the squares moved aside and beautiful murals inside, based on cosmology.

IMG_0035 copyJKK was built by Rajasthan Government with the plan prepared by the renowned architect Charles Correa in 1986. The building was ready in 1991 and of course, the plan was inspired by the original city plan of Jaipur, consisting of nine squares with central square left open.

IMG_0109 copy

This multi-arts center has been created  with the purpose of preserving Rajasthani arts and crafts and it was in 1993 that JKK was open to the cultural connoisseurs. 

IMG_9932 copyBuilt by Rajasthan government with the purpose of preserving Rajasthani arts and crafts, JKK adapts and applies concepts from ancient architectural principles called the Vastu Vidya.

IMG_0114 copy
Behind the Library-JKK

The main building contains six exhibition galleries, open air theatre, auditoriums, dormitories, and coffee house.

IMG_0135 copyEach section of the building resembles the characteristics of the respective planet; for instance, the library is located in the Jupiter section, which attributes to knowledge and wisdom.

Sunlight falls through the top of the dome and changes its direction every few minutes

The murals from the Jain mythology, the charts and paintings on the ceiling of the central dome formulate the exceptional nature of JKK.

JKK- Central Foyer


However, while preserving the cultural heritage and art of the state, JKK saw age catching up as far as maintenance of its building was concerned. Hence, it was revived and refurbished in 2016.

IMG_0700 copyWith the new lighting and the red sandstone could once again be seen shining clean and attractive enough to draw towards it a swarm of tourists, history lovers, local residents and art aficionados.

IMG_0079 copyRight from the entrance till the exit, every corner, center and even the smallest parts of Jawahar Kala Kendra either tell or make a story.

IMG_0028 copy

The building is designed with walls bearing paintings, murals, all of them based on astronomy and cosmology, but there are some which also give an honest tribute to art and theatre.

IMG_9973 copy
Hastkaar Yantra based on medieval Rajasthani painting-JKK

One of the oldest and most iconic coffee houses of Jaipur – Indian Coffee House, houses in its newly revamped look an admirable mural of Ebrahim Alkazi – a living legend who is one of the most influential Indian theatre directors and drama teachers belonging to 20th-century Indian theatre. 

Mural of Ebrahim Alkazi – JKK

The Coffee House in the lunar section portrays the less revealed aspects of Indian astronomy through the paintings and creativity shown here; even on the coffee – tables. Every table depicts a different phase of Moon as seen in a painting at the coffee house.

Table at Coffee House depicting different phase of Moon

Adjoining the main building of JKK, a rural complex housed in it 9.5 acre complex known as Shilpgram is the venue for fairs, haat bazaars and festivals.

IMG_0724 copy

IMG_0008 copy

Let’s take a walk through this ultimate hub of arts and crafts through this video-


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Theater Of E. Alkazi Exhibition At JKK Concludes With a Walkthrough

The month-long exhibition ‘Theater of E. Alkazi’ which began on 27 March concluded today with a curatorial walk through attended by around 30 people at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK). The walk through was conducted by the exhibition curator, Amal Allana.

Designed by Nissar Allana, the exhibition was organised with the support of Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan.IMG_8336During the walk Amal informed that the exhibition was a retrospective of Ebrahim Alkazi’s theater work, spanning a period of 50 years. The exhibition featured multiple rooms of rare photographs, objects, archival documents, models of stage sets and used a multimedia approach to exposing Alkazi’s vision and ideas.IMG_8335Amal further informed that Alkazi’s work from the 1940’s and 1950’s was showcased for the first time at this exhibition. This work has rarely been seen anywhere in India and brings a vast treasure of archival material into the public domain.

The exhibition was on display at the refurbished Museum Galleries of Jawahar Kala Kendra. These Galleries are equipped with state of the art lighting systems matching international gallery standards.DSC_0178Alkazi is a legendary figure of Indian theater whose remarkable achievements have earned him the Padma Vibhushan, among a vast number of Lifetime Achievement Awards.


Is Jawahar Kala Kendra moving away from the culture & art of Rajasthan?

The ultimate hub and center of art, craft, culture, theatre – Jaipur’s own Jawahar Kala Kendra, is seeing winds of change, that are perhaps coming at a big cost.

Around 150 artists from all over Rajasthan including Padma Awardees staged a protest against the Rajasthan government for unlawfully altering the constitution of Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) the art and Culture centre of Jaipur.

Around 150 artists hailing from all genres and age groups ranging from 18 years to 80 years staged a protest by performing poetry, sketching, clay modelling, singing, nukkad natak and and raised slogans outside the Jawahar Kala Kendra. Led by Rajasthan’s Padma awardees Shakir Ali, Tilak Gitai and Padma Shree Arjun Prajapati, the artists aimed to highlight the neglect of Rajasthan’s own art forms and artists by the management of JKK.

The primary concerns of the protesting artists was the unlawful alteration done to the original constitution of JKK, the state’s foremost art center to accommodate unqualified members and neglect of state government and JKK’s management towards its architecture by tampering it.

Amit Kalla, Renowned Visual artist and Refined Hindi Poet told Jaipur Beat ‘JKK is one of the master pieces of architecture which was designed by famous architect Charles Correa. The design of this art institution is taught in the best Architecture colleges but the management of JKK has ruined it by making use of glass and plastic, materials discarded by its architect Correa.’

Another big reason for the protest is the transformation of the 4 main art galleries at JKK into souvenir shops where products mainly target tourists and not relevant to Rajasthan’s art & culture.

Speaking to DH, Ranvir Singh, National President of IPTA (Indian People’s Theatre Association) explained, “As per the original constitution of JKK, there is a clause for a General Council which clearly states that the centre should have heads of three academies (music, art and literature) and national and international scholars of eight art disciplines as its members. This has been terribly revoked and the new governing council list consists of only two artists of Rajasthan and is dominated by industrialists who are least concerned about art forms and are mostly forthcoming in money generation.”

At the protest site, Jaipur’s theatre artist Himanshu Jhankal presented a small skit based on the altered constitution of JKK, whose governing council is headed by Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.

Another Padam Shri artist Arjun Prajapati who made a folk portrait in clay to highlight the neglect of Rajasthan’s own artists lamented, “Jawahar Kala Kendra was known for guiding the artists but now within a span of 2 years, it has converted into a sheer event company and a hub of nepotism. Its new Director General and her staff are exhausting funds to organise lavish events instead of honing the local talent.”

Congress party’s national general secretary and Ex Chief Minister of Rajasthan – Ashok Gehlot also expressed his concerns and opinions in his tweet ‘Jawahar Kala Kendra was established to encourage State’s art and artists and not to make them a spectator of events.’

Memorandum to Chief Minister

Artists also gave a collective memorandum to Additional Director General of JKK which was addressed to Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, who heads the governing council. Memorandum also shares an instance in which the architect Charles Correa’s expressed displeasure over the tampering done with JKK, months before he passed away in 2015.

It also raises concern over government’s alleged privatisation plans of the city’s old theatre Ravindra Manch and non-appointment of committees of various academies in Rajasthan.


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Jaipur’s Young Photographers Get Sensitive About The City In Photo Exhibition at JKK

It is overwhelming to see how Jaipur and its residents especially the young generation is growing up to be more opinionated and individualistic along with being sorted about their careers and interests. Among these, there are some who are openly embracing their inclination towards art & photography. In regard to this, a 3 day photo exhibition – ‘City vs Sensitivity – Edition III’ was organised in Parijat Gallery at Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur from 10th -12th April.

Beaming with an array of thoughtful captures by the young and fearless students of Rajasthan University, the photographs was a result of a 3 weeks workshop curated by the renowned photographer & Bureau Head of Deccan Herald, Rajasthan – Dr. Tabeenah Anjum Qureshi along with chief photographer & columnist with Hindustan Times at Jaipur – Himanshu Vyas.

Dr. Tabeenah Anjum Qureshi

During this workshop, a group of 30 students were taken for 2 photo walks – one in the walled city of Jaipur and another in an old village called Goner of Rajasthan. Each student clicked with their own perspective and 2 photographs by each of them were chosen to put up in the gallery along with unique captions which made us think more sensitively than we generally would while looking at an ordinary photograph. All the photographs reflected a different perspective and varied emotions of the city, lives, childhood, freedom, daily chores, etc. and what made these pictures extra ordinary were their captions. Every caption provoked another look at the picture and bewildered us with the talent that lies behind weaving a thousand stories with every capture and captivating the beholder with its purity and sincerity.

‘Nanha’ Aaj – A photo depicting the contradiction of past and present through the little kid sitting with a newspaper with a blackboard in background that says ‘Aaj ke mukhya samachar’

“Most of these students had borrowed a camera, but their ‘seeing’ is their own. For many it was their first experience with camera, but their photographs reflect they had profound tales to share.”

~ Tabeenah Anjum Qureshi, Bureau Head of Deccan Herald, Rajasthan & Curator of City vs Sensitivity – Edition III

Dreamy landscapes, blooming flowers, colossal monuments are things that we see in beautiful pictures very often. But what’s challenging and daring is to show the reality, the truth and the sensitive side of life in photographs.

“We walk in the streets every single day, be it to work, towards a market, house, but we often miss the little moments around us which makes this routine life worth valuing”, said Siddharth Jain, a doctor and a student of Mass. Comm. in Rajasthan University.

“Their nascent work is a thoughtful metaphor. It reminds me of what photojournalist Robert Frank said, “when people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read the lines of a poem twice.”

~ Himanshu Vyas, Chief Photographer, Columnist with Hindustan Times at Jaipur & Curator of City vs Sensitivity – Edition III




Rashtriya Amrita Haat – A Cultural Shopping Extravaganza at JKK, Jaipur

Jaipur is a city full of culture hues, handicrafts, artworks, festivals and all things colorful, but it only gets better and happier when the festival of Diwali is just few days away. So what do people do at this time? Clean their houses, get them painted, and do their favorite thing – Shopping 😉 To cater to their needs, the department of women and child development hosted a week-long exhibition – Rashtriya Amrita Haat at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.


Held from 6th Oct – 14th Oct, Amrita Haat displayed 126 stalls showcasing a terrific array of products manufactured by women’s self-help groups from six states viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand & Punjab.



Inaugurated by Women & Child Development Minister, Anita Bhadel, the exhibition was a palette of colors and a perfect place to shop at if you want to catch a whiff of various cultures blended and borne by some beautiful and unique products.




The culture of Rajasthan was seen beaming in the cheerful puppets, pretty tie & dye clothes like dupattas, sarees, kurtis & skirts, bangles, Rajasthani jutis, Diwali decoratives etc. Other things displayed included handloom and terracotta items, handicraft goods, artifacts, marble products, artificial jewellery, diyas, designer candles, clothes with zari work, paper mache items and decorative objects are on display at the haat in a rural setting.


Nukkad Natak.jpg
Nukkad Natak

The stalls could be seen handled by women, old couples and children which makes the effort a special one. It had a great footfall with a lot of people shopping passionately especially for new clothes and home decor as Diwali is around the corner. Apart from shopping, people could be seen enjoying the ‘Nukkad Naatak’ and to end it all with a great taste, they could be seen relishing the incredible variety of food including chaat, continental and Indian food 🙂


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Reliving and Reviving Traditional Arts at JKK

Today Jaipur woke up with a romantic weather. And on this beautiful day, amid the drizzle and the clouds, it was amazing to find youngsters romancing with quick lime, jaggery, marble dust, fenugreek, and broken mirror pieces at Jawahar Kala Kendra.

Yes, they were present to attend the one-day workshop on age old art of Rajasthan –Araish and Theekri.

The workshop was carried out by a conservation artist Kavita Jain in association with the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) as a part of a 15 day program titled ‘IIID Design Yatra’

‘IIID Design Yatra‘ began on June 24, with an idea to create awareness about the popular crafts and arts of Rajasthan into the young minds.

Araish is an age old technique which has been used to create smooth surfaces. One can find these in old palaces and havelis, and on myriad surfaces, both external and internal, in the form of plaster, floor finish, borders and painted frescoes on elements of local architecture.

Thikri, or mirror inlay, or glass mosiac, is yet another traditional art from the Mughal era. The art, which is found in some of the historical monuments of Rajasthan.

It was overwhelming to see so many youngsters at the workshop, who were learning the details of these fine arts from some of the experienced craftsmen.

The best part is there will be numerous activities for Jaipurites, during ‘IIID Design Yatra’ like heritage walk, discussions and seminars, architectural photography workshop, exhibitions, cartoon workshops and many more. Most of the workshops are free of cost and those interested can join or make an on spot registration.

WhatsApp-Image-20160701 (11)

Such workshops, no doubt will help youngsters of Jaipur to get an opportunity to learn the age-old techniques so they can blend the same with contemporary ideas and come up with a totally new form. Besides when the old art and artists meets new artists, magic is sure to happen.

WhatsApp-Image-20160701 (9)

While the students had fun leaning the art, the artisans were glad to spread knowledge about the art. Even though the art cannot be mastered in a day, Jaipur is looking forward to our new generation to learn the art thoroughly and take this beautiful tradition onward.

Story by Namita S Kalla

Namita is a proactive and experienced writer. In the past she has worked for various newspaper publications and has also freelanced for different magazines. 

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10 Refreshing Summer Camps In Jaipur

A refreshing environment and interesting activities are all that your kid needs this summer. Blazing heat and constantly fluctuating temperature of the city should not be a reason to bring down the energy level of your child because this is the time for Summer Camps. Packed with fun, excitement, adventure and a lot to learn, summer camps are being organized all around the city to keep your child involved in power-packed activities and keep the over load of holiday homework off its shoulder (Well, for a few hours). Since holidays are far more than just completing the homework, it is time for you help your kid to enjoy and make the best of this time.

We bring you the most exciting workshops and summer camps of the city. Take a look…

  1. The Junior Summer Program

A summer training camp organized only at the Jawahar Kala Kendra. The camp started from May 15 will last up to June 20. The amazing activities being offered by this camp include personality development, photography, diction and art of debating and creative writing. Something your kid shouldn’t miss!


  1. Star Gazer Summer Camp for Kids

If you are looking for a summer camp on B-7a Motilal Atal Road offering art and craft, camping, jungle party, cooking classes, etiquette classes, movies and storytelling and rhymes then Star Gazer is the right place for your child. The camp will be starting from May 17 and will last up to May 22.


  1. Summer Camp and Hobby Classes

Organized by Saaz Music and Dance academy, this summer camp will surely help your child enjoy art and craft, Dance, Vocal and music. Lasting from May 16 to June 25, Saaz has organized this camp in different localities of the city including Plot 1, Jhulelal Marg, Near Vikas School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar along with Chitrakoot, Shyam Nagar and Malviya Nagar. Just the right place for music and dance lovers.


  1. Super Kids Summer Camp

To all the parents living in or near Main Calgiri Road, Malviya Nagar, Super Kids Summer Camp is just right for your kids because it offers exciting activities including painting, calligraphy, dance, martial arts, nail art, skating, yoga and aerobics and basketball.  The camp has already started its batches form May 12 and May 16.


  1. Junior Einstein Camp (Patrika Group)

Patrika in Education (PIE), 2016 brings you the much awaited summer camp including aerobics, mad science, abacus and robotics. Starting from May 16 in SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, the camp will last up to May 28. If your kid loves science and books, Junior Einstein can help him to think and work like Einstein.


  1. Yearly Summer Training Camp

The annual summer training camp is all set to be organized at the City Palace, Jaipur. The camp will last for a month and will offer Dance, Drama, Music and photography at a whole new level.


  1. Acting Workshop

Darshak Sanstha (Academy of Music and Arts) will be organizing a one month workshop (May 30 – June 30) in Darshak College, Malviya Nagar specifically on acting theory, sound design, etc. If your kid loves acting or designing, this workshop can help him excel in this field.


  1. Junior Picasso Camp (Patrika Group)

For the love of Dance, Theatre, Drama, Drawing, Sketching, Painting and Music, Patrika in Education (PIE), 2016 brings you Junior Picasso Camp from May 16 to May 28 only in SV Public School,Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar.


  1. Summer Camp 2016

The Poppins pre-primary school has brought the most exciting summer camp for the kids starting from May 16 to June 4 in 71/262 Paramhans Marg, Mansarovar along with centers in Siddharth Nagar and Jagatpura. Whether it is martial arts, western dance, yoga and aerobics, art and craft, skating, music, cooking, calligraphy, spoken English, drama, French basics or sketching and painting, this summer camp will offer the best of everything.


  1. Junior Explorer Camp (Patrika Group)

From art and craft, mind development, games, imagination development to knowledge improvement, Patrika In Education (PIE), 2016 brings you Junior Explorer from May 16 to May 28 only in SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar for helping your child to discover himself.


Go out and help the kids join their favorite camp because the sun is shining and so are they !



Jawahar Kala Kendra of Jaipur Gets Bolder & Prettier In This Revamped Look

“Be the change you want to see.” This saying by Mahatma Gandhi is truly being followed by Pooja Sood, the JKK Director General as she has overwhelmed Jaipurites by changing the mood of Jawahal Kala Kendra to a happier one while still protecting the phenomenal architecture by late Mr. Charles Correa, the Architect of JKK.

IMG_0693 copy

The entire structure has been painted in the fresh and joyous hue of terracotta pink so that it instantly draws a tourist and makes the locals fall in love with it all over again ! Be it the amphitheater where all the plays and cultural festivals like Lokrang are held, or the other parts of JKK where exhibitions, book fairs, or any art or literature related events take place, they have all been bathed in a new look now 🙂

IMG_0700 copy

IMG_0739 copy

With a marvelous architecture, comes a risk of losing your way 😉 In order to cure the direction syndrome, the revamped look offers a map of Jawahar kala Kendra on the center table placed at the entrance of main hall.

Map of JKK placed on the center table
Map of JKK placed on the center table

Now comes the most nostalgic and eternal part of JKK, – Indian Coffee House. The restaurant which was among the pioneers in serving one of the best South Indian food in town and of course some amazing coffee to have while catching up with your friends or family. You will be more than elated to see how this cafe has gone through a complete makeover !!

JKK Jaipur Beat

Beginning with a classy entrance and reception, your eyes will find a paradise in these sprightly colors that have replaced the rugged benches at Indian Coffee House. The painted roof, polished shining tables and colorful seats makes this a rage as far as a hangout place is concerned along with the delicious food that stays the same 😀

JKK Jaipur Beat

After its revamp, JKK has become ‘NAV’ that implies new in true aesthetic sense and thus has commenced with ‘NAVRAS’, which is the festival of Performing Arts to be held between March 15 to March 22, 2016. 

The setup where minstrels will sit and perform in ‘The Manganiyar Seduction’
The setup where minstrels will sit and perform in ‘The Manganiyar Seduction’

There are also talks about having a library for children above the reading room for elders, where the library will have story books and there will be a separate activity section with toys.

Come down and watch JKK turn into a place where every person with varied interests would love to visit !


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