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5 Things We Will Miss If JLF Is Not Held At Diggi Palace In 2017

With the negativity and controversies coming up as every edition of Jaipur Literature Festival starts, one thing is sure to get stuck for once as you don’t know whether it’ll happen or not. This year also started with a sad note on a controversy and you never know that 10th Jaipur Literature Festival will take place at Diggi palace or there will be a shift in the venue. If in any case the venue is changed, some things which will definitely be missed about Diggi palace are –

  1. Running into people we know

With people from all genres sharing a common platform, may it be an actor, minister, writer, photographer – Diggi Palace offering a small ground you may bump into someone you have never dreamt of 😉 But you never know whether the new venue will offer the same opportunity or not!



  1. Free Registration

Hosting to Asia’s largest literature festival, the Diggi palace gives the venue to attend the festival free of cost. Purchasing a ticket to attend the festival is not valid here and this is one of the greatest things that you see lakhs of people enjoying the festival in its true sense.



  1. Diggipuri Chai

The Diggi Palace is sure to have one specialty at the festival to attract more tourists to enjoy some ethnic experience, and that one thing of Diggi is its Diggipuri Chai 🙂

JLF 2016

  1. Parking hassle

Even though the venue is centrally located, one major problem which everyone faces around this area is parking. Competing to park your car first is always fun, but even if there is dirt and garbage or a small space available, you’ll always try to adjust and accommodate in that small little space 😉 And after parking you feel free of this one headache that you drove down till the venue! Won’t you miss this parking competition at a new venue?

JB 1

  1. Central Location

Centrally located in the beautiful Pink City, Diggi Palace is easily accessible from any nook and corner of Jaipur. Hotels, hospital, cafes, you name any facility, Diggi Palace is surrounded by all of them from around. Start thinking from now on as you never know whether Diggi Palace will remain the venue for the next JLF edition 🙂






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6 Fashion Trends Spotted At JLF 2016

We truly wish that there is no year that passes without Jaipur Literature Festival giving us some very interesting fashion moments and upcoming fashion divas to witness and probably follow 😉

  1. Blue in the head
    You can miss anything in this exceptionally crowded festival, but not someone with as funky a hair color as blue !jlf 2016
  2. Shawl it up
    Prints are in the air, and slowly slowly, they are filling every wearable thing with their eternal charm ! So if you thought shawls are not for the young, these ladies donning them with style will  probably make you think again 🙂jlf 2016
  3. Desi scarves
    While we crave for scarves of all kinds and colors all year round, it is an absolute delight to watch the Indian prints beautifully done on scarves and perking up the look.IMG_8450 copy
  4. Bag stories
    Have you ever found yourself staring at a bag and getting lost in the story narrated by it ? Well, we just did !IMG_8460 copy
  5. Clever Sweater
    You must have seen these in 1970’s when the gorgeous celebrities and child actors were seen wearing sweaters with all kinds of cute prints, they are back !
  6. Eccentric Nun Coat
    It takes confidence and eccentricity to carry something like a nun coat and not to forget, the right kind of accessories !_DSC0041
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A Sneak Peek Into The Food Stations At JLF 2016 ;)

The ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival takes the Pink City into a world class destination. This year, the 9th JLF 2016 can been seen richly decorated with the art and craft of puppets with people from all walks of life crazily participating in the literary talks and discussions at the Diggi Palace.

Except for the renowned literature personalities like Ruskin Bond, Shobhaa Dee and many more in and around the place, the venue savors some rich appetite for all participants and visitors. You can savor some heavy Punjab cuisine at Punjab Grill, some burgers of Burger Farm, nachos, sandwiches, pasta of Brown Sugar, bakery item from Home Café. So, we are sure you can’t go hungry and starving for food with such amazing menu offered by each food joint. So, let’s take a sneak peek to the food stations!

Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill - Bar


Punjab Grill - Biryani



Burger Farm

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20160121025124 (1) copy

Home Cafe

Holiday Inn

Las Vegas Hotel


10 Things To Do At JLF 2016 Apart From Literature

The most awaited event of the year and which also marks the colorful start of the new year 2016 – Jaipur Literature Festival is finally here ! Although ‘Literature’ is the quintessence of the name as well as the festival, but just in case you are not a vehement literature enthusiast, we must tell you that there are a lot more things in store for you at JLF 2016.

  1. FashionIt’s no news that it’s one thing to get up, dress up and go to work/college/school, and it’s one thing to get up and get dressed to attend JLF, because ‘what if you run into some chic batch mate or a judgmental colleague there?’ So watch out for some people setting the fashion trends for 2016 and you dress your best at JLF 😉IMG_1175
  2. FoodWhen you enter Durbar Hall, starting from scrumptious looking bakeries to Chai & snacks, you name a dish and you will find it at JLF, and that too in a wide variety ! If you are a new venture, make sure to have your stall at JLF next year as there is no better place to come into notice like this.
  3. MusicMusic is another thing which has come up excellently as a separate event at JLF for which the music aficionados fly from various places to Jaipur just to listen  to their favorite genres of the melodious music festival.Amer
  4. Rajasthani CultureEach year, a new theme marks the onset of JLF and the ambiance which is splattering with hues and jollity, every year finds some innovative ways and elements to fill up the visitors with awe and locals with pride for the vivid culture of Rajasthan.JLF 2016
  5. ShoppingWith JLF’s official merchandise store selling interesting things like their own mugs with the quotes of this year’s speakers, handmade notebooks, t-shirts, bookmarks, scarves etc and giving them away in the recycled newspaper bags, there is a lot to look forward to for a shopaholic and a souvenir lover to remember JLF by. Apart from these, you will find really good books and Rajasthani kurtis, jootis, postcards etc.jlf 2016JLF 2016
  6. SelfiesWe know you don’t need to read this blog to know about this extra luxury 😉 With the beautiful decorations and backdrops, your selfie mania will see a jovial boost at JLF 2016 😉Auw6Ciq-C27eOOCpDbBm8ZuMf-OJ1IYPUygicSdbJmz3 copy
  7. NetworkingDiggi Palace being a not so huge venue for JLF, there are very high chances that you might run into old friends, new friends, colleagues and even speakers for that matter. So rekindle bonds and probably find someone to have a healthy discussion with 🙂At71FjyVRsJzzcWcw9CgvJWg4aOHbC7D03tO9lkklcaV copy
  8. Diggipuri ChaiDid you know that Diggipuri chai at JLF at Diggi Palace is one of the major attractions at JLF ? No? Then try it this time and you will know why 😀JLF 2016
  9. Ride in colourful autosThe colorful autos with intriguing designs oozing the vibrant Rajasthani culture are standing right outside the venue to make your experience at the over crowded JLF easier 🙂JLF 2016
  10. PhotographyWhen all the above points are present in one place, no photographer can even think of missing to click such a melange of beautiful things, not forgetting the portraits of visitors and speakers in action 🙂

    So pick up your bag and visit JLF !! 😀

Jaipur · Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival- a celebration of Books, Ideas and Dialogues

JLF 2.jpg

ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival to be held between 21 and 25 January. Get yourself to Jaipur so that you don’t miss out on the big whooping JLF talks of this year, as the best of authors and thinkers will be right here for Jaipur Lit Festival, the list includes –

# India’s most beloved and prolific storyteller Ruskin Bond;

# This year’s Man Booker Prize winner Marlon James;

# India’s most celebrated psychoanalyst and author Sudhir Kakar;

# Actor and comedian-Stephen Fry,

# Hindi journalist, poet and novelist- Uday Prakash,

# Leading figure of modern Indian literature; Alka Saraogi,

# Hindi novelist and short story writer; Colm Tóibín ,

# Canadian writer; poet, novelist and essayist Margaret Atwood;

# French economist and global voice on wealth and income inequality Thomas Piketty;

# Creator of one of the landmarks of modern American literature Tales of the City Armistead Maupin;

# And activist and writer Bant Singh,

# Also, a special session on sports titled India at Play , catch up with Suresh Menon, Anil Kumble, Ronojoy Sen, Baichung Bhutia and Sidin Vadukut.

#An Unsuitable Boy– Karan Johar, film director, screenwriter, actor and television personality, reminiscing about his childhood with his biographer Poonam Saxena

The Zee Jaipur Literature Festival will come up with some International Dialogue Topics-

Migration and Partition –across political, cultural and geographical landscapes.

Navigating Modernity- societies, customs, traditions

Privacy- modern issues around privacy with Homi K. Bhabha

For details, visit Festival’s website and also track updates on the Festival’s new mobile app available for Apple and Android devices.

Meals, Music and Concerts a lot more to look during Jaipur Literature Festival 🙂

Ensure to register before the festival starts either online and on ground registration will be available at the Festival venue, Diggi Palace, from January 17th to January 20th, free of cost.