7 Fashion Trends To Learn From Jaipur Lit Fest 2015

Have you visited Jaipur Literature Festival yet? The place where all the renowned thinkers and writers get together and engage in interesting conversations with each other and the audiences. Well, apart from the literature enthusiasts, great minds, celebrities, there is one more category that is getting more and more prominent with every passing year at JLF: ‘The Fashionistas’.


No, these are not the people who work in the fashion industry, these are the ones who look at JLF as a place to alight at and introduce new fashion trends through their vivid experiments with style. Apart from the trends of printed colourful pyjamas especially the Rajasthani prints and bold color blocking, there is a lot more to see at Jaipur Lit Fest this time.

So in case you ain’t a literature person (and are scared to admit it) and did not pick this month’s Vogue from the street, visit JLF to witness a glut of snazzy people pulling off the most eccentric trends this winter !

1. Bootie Call

Be it ankle or knee high, leather or suede, the sexy boots are definitely a roaring trend among women and even little girls !



2. Getting Baggy

The monochromes and blacks were out as far as bags are concerned. What took JLF by a storm were quirky prints, spring florals, multi-hued Tote bags, shoulder bags and the evergreen jholas with graphics, tropical and geometric prints. However, we would have loved to catch some hand held and boxy bags apart from the standard cross-bodies !

3. Knit a bit

Although the summer scarves in neon colors and attractive prints are always refreshing to look at, the bright ‘knitted’ ones were a total charmer at JLF. It was indeed a pleasure to see men and women both teaming them impeccably and outshining a lot many.


4. Dare Denim

We all know that denim shirts, jackets are back in vogue ! People were seen sporting them in different shades and styles. Some paired them with scarves while others went with the plain jean look 😉
It was good to see the Ripped Jeans but they could have been paired with a pair of sneakers to complete the effortless sporty look.


5. Airy Berets & Tangy Turbans

Nothing beats a street style look of the perforated berets ! Green, red, black, blue, these chic headgears were all over the place definitely calling for a new trend before spring knocks at our doors 😉
Men were seen wearing bright colored turbans which surely added a statement to their otherwise simple look.

6. Spring in Sneakers

The time is gone for the standard branded single colored shoes, now the youth is wrapped in all sorts of prints when it comes to sneakers. Both boys and girls were seen walking around in sneakers with contrasting colors like purple & orange, in prints like florals, tribal, etc.

7. Funky Jackets

Who says winters are dull?? These guys make sure it is brighter and happier than summers or any other season with the quirky jackets with eccentric prints and patterns which reminded us of Salman Khan in Maine Pyar Kiya with added colors !

Where people are almost in a competition to flaunt their gorgeous and sometimes over the top fashion sense, the feather in the cap is the expected arrival of Sonam Kapoor at JLF tomorrow. While everyone is wondering what has Sonam Kapoor got to add to this intellectual festival, the crowd tomorrow will say it all.
So are you ready to visit Jaipur Fashion Festival tomorrow?


So What’s New At #JLF2015 ? – Day 1

Thousands of people checked in at the beautiful Diggi Palace today to mark the beginning of five-day ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2015. Asia’s biggest literary festival, the Jaipur Literature Festival provides a space to dare, dream and imagine and attempts to bring the best of authors and thinkers from the South Asia and the world every January.

IMG_0972 copy (1)

IMG_1044 copy

Marked as the largest FREE literary festival on the earth, the Day 1 at JLF 2015 witnessed large number of people from all age groups paving their way to attend the ‘Key Note Address – The Poetic Imagination’ at the Front Lawns. Managing such huge crowd is not an easy task and to avoid any complications the organizers did make slight changes this year in the way registration process is carried out at JLF. People whether registered online or seeking an on spot registration need to go through a long queue before they finally step into the world of intellectual and literary discussions.

IMG_1077 copy

IMG_1064 copy

Mr. Javed Akhtar, one of the renowned faces of our country and a regular attendee of JLF, charmed and enchanted the audience with his witty and insightful discussion on music during his session ‘Gaate Jaye Banjara: Film Songs- Urdu, Hindi, Hindustani’ and ended it with his beautiful ghazal ‘Main bhool jaun ab yahi munasib hai’ from the movie ‘Silsila’. 🙂 It was indeed a beautiful experience to listen to him.

Javed Akhtar at JLF 2015 clicked by  Jaipur Beat

IMG_1069 copy

Some other highlights of the Day 1 at JLF were the sessions by Prasoon Joshi,  Devdutt Pattanaik, Naseeruddin Shah, Hanif Kureishi and many more. To serve the attendees and the guests, food was one of  the things that was taken care of very well. Various restaurants like Suryamahal, The Floating Leaf Cafe, The Fat Lullus, Puchka & Co., etc. were devotedly serving the people appetizing food at prices which were slightly higher than the actual. 😉 The book lovers were seen spending time at the Amazon Book Store while the not so book lovers were busy eating, talking and getting clicked. The Day 1 ended well but there is a lot more to catch up on literature, cinema, world and not to forget fashion. So stay Tuned for some more interesting updates!

IMG_1075 copy

IMG_1049 copyIMG_1058 copy

Note of Caution: Parking spaces have been provided by JLF near Maharaja college and Diggi Palace. But People driving their way to JLF by cars may face some issues. So you may park your cars near S.M.S. Medical College, walk a bit and save time! 🙂


8 Tips and Tricks for attending the Jaipur Literature Festival 2015

We all have been waiting for the Zee Jaipur literature Festival 2015 eagerly as the festival promises to be extravagant and much bigger than ever this time, with the famous literary geniuses like A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Naseeruddin Shah, Shashi Tharoor and Vishal Bhardwaj attending the event. Moreover, around 2 lakh foot falls are anticipated this time during the festival which can surely make it overcrowded and confusing for those who are attending it for the very first time or those who don’t know the tips and tricks for attending the festival.



1. Registration is the magical word-

Although the entry to the festival is free but the registration is required to be done beforehand as the festival remains crowded throughout the five days.

jlf 18

  1. Map and program schedule is the lifeline-

It is very important that you carry a map or program schedule with yourself as the there are six different venues for the festival namely- BaithakChar BaghSamvaad, Front Lawns, Mughal Tent and the Durbar Hall. So don’t forget to grab a map and schedule of the festival as soon as you reach the information desk.

jlfFestivalVenueMapjlf 14

  1. Stick by your watch-

The sessions at the different venues go on simultaneously with only 10 to 15 minutes gap between each session. The switching between the venues is not an easy task and seats at the sessions fill so quickly that it is hard to imagine. So we would recommend that leave for the next session 10 to 15 minute before the previous ends.

jlf 6

jlf 12

  1. The festival is beyond literature-

A very important tip, the festival is not just about literature it has something to do with fashion too. 😉  So just make sure you layer yourself with the best over coat, boots, scarves and accessories for the much need fashionable update for the event.

jlf 21

jlf 20

5. The Musical sessions-

This time the festival will be having two musical sessions, the morning one will take place at Diggi Palace and will be free of cost. The evening music sessions will be held at Clarks Amer and has a quite good line-up. The passes for each music session will cost INR 400 and do make sure that buy the tickets beforehand as they are sold out quite fast.

jlf 13jlf 2i

6.Book-shopping –

The Full Circle is the official bookstore partner of the Jaipur literature festival and they retail at the Diggi Palace. So if you want to get your book personally signed by the authors, you need to buy book first and then get signed by the authors.

jlf 5

7. Be at pleasure as a delegate- 

Although the festival is free but you have the option of registering as a delegate too. One can register as a delegate either for a day or for the entire festival. The delegate badge entitles you to lunch and dinner with featured speakers, sponsors, publishers, festival directors and access to the music stage.

jlf 9

8. Walking down is the Mantra-

It is better to use the public transport or chauffeur driven cars to reach the venue, as the parking lot gets filled very quickly and the roads are even temporarily closed by the traffic department during the festival.So always be prepared to walk down to the venue.

jlf 16

We really hope that these tips and tricks would help you to enjoy the festival and make the most of it. 🙂