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Summer is incomplete without these 5 Jaipuri delights!

There is no escaping from the summer heat that. ACs, coolers and Fans run all day making you feel better but the cold feeling that comes from within has to be the best. When you eat or drink something cool in summer, the satiating feeling is out of this world. Keeping ourselves on the cooler side is required for good health as well. All these things simply mean that we must keep loading ourselves with refreshing drinks and foods that keep us going at this time of the year.

Here are our favorite Jaipuri delights for this summer and we are sure that they are your favorite too!

  1. Lassi

This sweet treat full of cream of Lassiwala is a must have during summers. Even though one glass of this lassi is quite filling you will be asking for more of this sweet curd based drink. Some like it with salt too but the sweet lassi is one of the most refreshing drinks. It even helps in alleviating the hunger pangs as well.


  1. Kulfi and Faluda

Either you love faluda or you hate it but kulfi is everyone’s favourite. The creamy, rich kulfi from Ramchandra needs no introduction but even the hawkers sell good kulfi in Jaipur. It makes us feel good instantly. The cool quotient of kulfi can be enhanced with a few smooth strands of faluda and assorted sugary syrups.


  1. Juices


Gulnar situated in the heart of the walled city where the people of Jaipur goes for refreshing juices. The shop has 4 more outlets sprawled in different areas. The real magic is sitting in this small little shop in Kishanpole bazaar and sipping fresh juices which will definitely revitalize your long summer days.


  1. Rabri


Mahaveer Rabri Bhandar- one of the oldest places in Jaipur this rabri bhandar is famous not only for its rabri but also for a range of other sweets. This creamy and rich textured rabri is another summer delight that is very fulfilling.


  1. Ice Cream

Untitled design

Remember when we did not even know the exotic names of ice creams and all we cared about was ‘Softies’? Our day wouldn’t end without making a trip once or twice a week to Guddu Ice Cream Parlour.


Now, we only wish that this lockdown gets over soon so that we can go and enjoy these amazing summer delicacies.

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Celebrating World Hindi Day With The Words That Connect Us Even In English!

Hum C se hi “Cool” nahi, क से कूल bhi hai.

हिंदी एकमात्र ऐसी भाषा है जो हम जयपुर वासियों को जोड़कर रखती है| ऑटोवाला हो या कैब ड्राइवर, स्विग्गी वाला हो या जोमाटो वाला, चाय की थड़ी वाला हो या 5 स्टार रेस्टोरेंट वाला, सब के जब्बान पर बस हिंदी ही है| तो क्यों न हम आज का दिन हिंदी के उन शब्दों के नाम करदें जिनसे यहाँ पर घूमने आने वाले अनेक पर्यटक भी वाकिफ है|

  1. Parkota (परकोटा)

Kyunki Jaipur wale apni walled city ko parkota ke naam se bulate hai!


  1. Rasta (रास्ता )

Yaha har ek raste ki apni alag khasiyat hai. Chaura Rasta- Stationary lovers, maniharon ka Rasta- lac bangles, Haldiyon ka Rasta- kite market, and the list goes on.

maniharon ka rasta

  1. Padao (पड़ाव )

Jaha oopar khula aasman aur neechey talab, ussey kehty hai hum padao.


  1. Thadi (थड़ी)/ Tapri (टपरी)

Thadi ho ya tapri, iss sardi ke mausam mein “ek garam chai ki pyaali” toh yehi best milti hai!


  1. Kulfi (कुल्फी )

Tan tan wali kulfi (Indian ice cream) hum sabke dil ko bahut lubhati hai.


  1. Masala Chowk (मसाला चौक)

Kyunki Masalo ke bina, Rajasthani khana kaha banta hai!

  1. Hawa Mahal (हवा महल)

Andar ho ya bahar, yaha keval hawa hi hawa hai !


  1. Jantar Mantar (जंतर मंतर)

Yahaan sooraj ki kirne apna alag hi jaadu dikhati hai.


  1. Jal Mahal (जल महल)

Jiske chaaron taraf jal hi jal ho, aur woh khud bhi jal mein samaya ho, usko hum Jal Mahal ke naam se jante hai!

jal mahal

We’re sure by now you know that Hindi has and continues to be the connecting factor between all.

If you feel we have missed anything, leave us a comment in the comment section below. Happy World Hindi Day!


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6 Must-Visit Ice Cream Places in Jaipur

”Life is Unpredictable & Short – Eat the Dessert first!” 

Jaipurites! Whether you are celebrating your birthday, or a work-promotion, or a special occasion or even a breakup! A single scoop of sinfully delicious ice-cream is a one-stop solution to make you feel good instantly!! Here, we are sharing the top 6 ice cream parlors in the heart of Pink City.

Molly Moo Ice cream Farm

molly moo ice cream

Just within months of its opening, Molly moo has managed to be one of the most happening ice-cream parlors in Jaipur. Whether it’s your regular vanilla or the exotic Kala Khatta, Molly Moo has something for everyone! Want to maintain your diet? The low fat ice-creams are for you. Having cold, try their Liqueur flavored ice-creams. And for your lactose-intolerant little ones, Molly Moo even has the non-dairy ice-creams.

molly moo

Speaking of their heavenly taste, one should not forget to try their signature Belgian Waffles! Eat them once, and you will be thinking about them for days to follow.

Where: Subhash Marg, C Scheme

Naturals Ice Cream



If you want to taste the best natural flavor ice cream- Naturals is undoubtedly the place to-go-to! Mumbai’s favorite, Naturals is equally popular amongst the Jaipurites! Recently, Naturals has also expanded its chain to one of the most happening areas in the city-Vaishali Nagar. Catering flavors like Sitaphal, Chikoo, Melon, Mango, Coconut, Kala Jamun are beyond brilliant. The texture of the ice cream is light, fruity and less creamy.

Apart from the lip-smacking Coffee-walnut flavors, one also need to try their heavenly tasting shakes. The creamy texture along with tiny chunks of fruits makes these milkshakes divine to slurppp! Great for family hangouts, Naturals is an affordable, delicious and natural option for any sunny day!

Where: Subhash Marg, C Scheme  


Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faluda



If you are tired of shopping at Bapu Bazar and want to cool off with some Kulfi-Rabdi or the humble Matka-Kulfi, head straight away to the ‘Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faluda’. Continuing the legacy for years, this famous Faluda Kulfi has always been every generation’s favorite. 


Whether it is their Rooh Afza loaded Faluda kulfi or Kesar Pista Rabdi Gola, each and every bite of it will give you a straight ride to the heaven!

Where:  Link Road, Bapu Bazar

Giani’s Ice Cream Parlour


A famous North Indian ice cream brand, Giani’s has set yet another foot in Jaipur to rock the moods of Jaipurites.Serving wide varieties of heavenly ice-creams of various natural and exotic flavors, sundaes, stone sundaes, mousse, gelato and sorbet, special sodas, cassatas, stick kulfis, fruit shakes and special shakes.


And of course, you cannot miss trying their Chocolate Earthquake and Red Velvet ice creams.We guarantee you just won’t settle for a single scoop at Giani!

Where: Hotel Devraj Niwas, Bani Park.

Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour

jalmahal3-copy (1)

Speaking of ice-cream joints in the Pink city, how can we not mention Jal Mahal? If you’ve lived all your life in Jaipur you probably have dropped to their parlor at MI Road for an ice cream or two growing up.


While, If you are new to the city, we suggest to try their Brownie hot fudge with ice cream! Jal Mahal’s tempting menu includes fresh fruit ice creams and chocolate flavored ice creams’ which are loved by people of all ages!

Where: MI Road



First of its kind in the Pink City, Papacream is famous for its unique and magical experience of making ice creams with liquid nitrogen. Catering a very one-of-its-kind menu with flavor combinations that are unheard of—Pani puri sorbet, hummus ice cream, bubble wrap waffles, Horlicks Nutella pancakes, cookie sushi roll and so many more.


Their premium flavors include Bournvita, salted caramel popcorn and chocolate ginger creme brulee among many others.

One visit to Papacream is must for all!

Where:  MI Road

Happy Friday and Happy Binge!

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Taste the flavors of Delhi at ‘Dilli Ke Chatkare’ in Jaipur

What would be a better news for Jaipurites than having the taste of Dilli right in their own city. Yes, you’ve read it right. The Delhi street food festival “Dilli ke Chatkare” is here and we are very sure that you don’t want to miss it.


Starting from May 22 and lasting up to May 30, this amazing food festival promises to bring the desi zest of the street food from Delhi. The festival organised at Baluchi, the Pan Indian Destination, The Lalit, Jaipur by executive chef Ajay Mathur along with Sous chef Jaspratap Bindra will be bringing to you a plethora of Dilli’s traditional, tempting, irresistible and mouth watering dishes.



From the irresistible Dilli Khomcha, the mouth watering combo meals, the scrumptious meals for non veg lovers to the inescapable meethi gali serving the best desserts, Dilli ke Chatkare is the right place for all foodies, chaat lovers, Jalebi and kulfi maniacs and to all the ones missing Dilli’s street food wale chatkare.
Nobody would be able to resist Dilli ke Chatkare’s inevitable Khasta Papdi Chaat served with sweet sauces and yogurt, the soft, juicy dahi bhalle and the chatpati fruit chaat, with the most important dish-the Gol Gappe without which any Dilli khomcha would be incomplete. The Gol Gappe will be served right at your table in a moving cart. How convenient! What’s more is the interesting fusion of Gol Gappa with Vodka… Vodka lovers? Are you listening? The Kulhad system of serving the golgappa will definitely make you go nostalgic about the Delhi streets.
The “Dukan Se…” section will bring you the most scrumpilitious (which is actually scrumptious plus delicious) dishes of Delhi including Rajma Chawal, Kadi Chawal, Pav Bhaji, Matara Patila Kulcha, Cholley Bhature, Kachori Saag ke Saath. Feeling the urge to have them already? Well, you just need attend the festival to taste it all and if you love spicy food, this is exactly where you should be from May 22 to May 30.
Just in case the non veg lovers are feeling that they are been left untreated, Dilli ke Chatkare brings the Non Veg Gali with Mutton Quorma and Rumali, Chicken Changezi and Khamiri Roti and of course the most lovable Butter chicken with tandoori roti. Triple the delight for the chicken and mutton lovers of Jaipur.

And it has not ended as yet. After all the chatpata and spicy, you need to make room for some sweet delicacies because the festival will take you the amazing world of KulfiFaluda, Rabri Faluda and Jalebi. Something without which Delhi Street Food is incomplete.


In an interactive session with the media on May 21, in Hotel Lalit, The sous chef behind Dilli Ke Chatkare, Jaspratap Bindra even shared his experiences and inspirations behind the whole concept of the festival and how he has worked with chefs of different regions including Rajathan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi to bring the zest of these regions together in one platter.
“The main idea behind this festival is to bring the taste of Delhi’s street food to Jaipurites and to promote those flavors.” – Jaspratap Bindra
You don’t have to leave Jaipur to enjoy Dilli Ke Chatkare as they will be served right at your table only at Baluchi and this will be legendary.

7 Best Ice Cream Points In Jaipur

As the temperature seems be soaring high and getting humid – nothing can cure it as well as a delicious, sweet and thandi- thandi ice-cream!! To make your choice clearer and easier the next time you have a craving, we have got you some of the best ice cream points that have been shining in Jaipur since time immemorial.

Built in the year 1952, currently it is the oldest ice-cream parlor which stands still in the hustle-bustle of MI Road. It still holds its flavors in its ambience as well as ice-creams. It offers some unique and delicious sundaes as its specialty, like Bhel Puri Sundae, Earthquake Ice-cream, Chocolate pizza etc., that too at reasonable rates!

Jal Mahal 2. MILKY WAY
You might get bored with the limited softy flavors, but when you come to Raja Park, you’ll find a new flavor every day at Milky Way!! It offers 7 specialties for all 7 days in a week and the flavors of the ice cream shakes are simply unmatched.

Milky Way
While you are shopping the narrow lanes of Raja Park, there is no break like a cold ice cream break at Softy Corner. Their chocolate chips ice cream is definitely the highlight and will cool you down just at its first sight 😉

Softy CornerImage credit:

How can we forget our traditional ice-cream – Kulfi? Relish the Pandit ki kulfi which has little denser and creamier taste that you might not find anywhere except on Hawa Mahal Road!

Pandit kulfi
An all time favorite among all the generations, those who belong to Jaipur and those who don’t! Indian Ice Cream wala offers colorful kulfi faluda in all sizes and the taste never ever differs!! Beware, because you might just fall in love with this one 😉
Falauda Wala
You’ve been to MI Road and not seen the famous Guddu Softy Corner? Not possible! It’s been here since ages. People have grown old with it and till date relish the taste of it. As many times you cross Guddu Softy Corner, you would want to have another one. Guddu Softy CornerImage credit:

Though lying in Tripolia Bazzar, people do not hesitate to go here. It offers you a variety of rich, creamy kulfi like Ramchandra Rabdi Faluda, chopati kulfi, kesar pista kulfi, etc. Ramchandra Kulfi wala Image credit: