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Reliving The Amazing Memories At Kanak Ghati, Jaipur.

Kanak Ghati is one place where we all, at one point of our lives has been to. In retrospect, Kanak Ghati was the no. 1 picnic spot for the school picnics as well as family picnics. The maintenance of the historical garden has been kept up to date by the government and the café in the park’s premises still serves good food. The feel of Kanak Ghati still remains the same but, the people are so caught up in their own lives’, they hardly get any time to revisit this beautiful garden.


Kanak Ghati is also famously called Kanak Vrindavan, it is named so as it was constructed based on the Lord Krishna’s Vrindavan. The picturesque idols of Lord Krishna and the Gopis, surrounded by the beautiful flowers at Kanak Ghati brings alive the spirit of the playful God in the truest form.


There are various scenes recreated around Kanak Ghati with idols of Lord Krishna. The construction of the garden dates back to more than 300 years when the idol of Lord Govind Dev Ji had to be shifted from Vrindavan. The temples in Kanak Ghati area were constructed to house the idol of Govind Dev Ji, but in 1716, the idol was shifted to the now called Govind Dev Ji Temple in City Palace area in Jaipur.


The particular spot that Kanak Ghati is at, the valley below Nahargarh was specially chosen for its construction as it adds special grace to the majestic Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and the Jal Mahal Palace. If you are looking to explore the heritage of Jaipur, there’s no better place than the trio of palaces, Nahargarh, Jaigarh and Amer Palace.


With very close proximity to the great palaces, Kanak Ghati is definitely a place to visit for a serene experience and the feel of Jaipur. The pools and fountains at the Ghati make sure the beauty of the Ghati remains extraordinary, and everyone in the family enjoys the getaway as much. As Jaipur is widely called, the Chotti Kashi, for the number of temples that it houses, Kanak Ghati adds another exciting layer of holiness and fun to the city of Jaipur.


Kanak Ghati is a perfect full day escape from the hustle and bustle of daily lives we are so caught up in, the surrounding of Kanak Ghati make it the absolute serene garden in the city of Jaipur. The Ghati has a picturesque view of the great Aravalis and lies just below the valley of Nahargarh, there is certainly no other place with a view and location like this, in the entire world.

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Drown in Fervor of Lord Krishna With These Performances At Govind Dev Ji Temple

Janamashtami is round the corner and we can already feel the charm of the festival in Jaipur city. Like every year, the authorities at Govind Devji temple have come up with week long festivities, prior to the festival. The Janamashtami festival will take place on 15th August and we are sure that devotees of Govind Dev ji will definitely be there to visit the Jhanki on the festival day. Before that the ardent devotees also have a chance to drown themselves in the fervor of Lord Krishna through these performances. 🙂 IMG_8969The festivities started on 8th August and are scheduled to go till 14th August, an evening before the festival. As we all know the festival of Janamashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. The Govind Dev ji temple in Jaipur, dedicated to him, celebrates his birthday with fun and frolic and the whole temple gets painted in color of their beloved Krishna in form of devotional songs and dances. IMG_8937IMG_8972Given the high regards for this festival in the city, Jaipur Beat decided to cover the event and give the people of pink city a glimpse of the performances. Amongst the various performances being held at the temple, we got a chance to view the melodious performance by Pandit Alok Bhatt. He mesmerised the audience with his beautiful devotional songs, but that is not all, the temple hosted many more such beautiful performances including the performance by Shri Nand Kishore Sharma on 11th August, devotional songs and dance performance by Shri Sanjay Raizada and Manju Sharma on 12th August, and will be hosting a performance by Girraj Satsang Mandal on 13th August and Swara Akhand Kirtan by Vrindavan Kirtan Mandali on 14th August. IMG_8951Apart from these beautiful performances, being held inside the temple, the roads leading to the temple are also adorned with various offerings, which devotees can buy and offer at the temple. The beauty of performances, devotion of people at the temple and sight of Murli Manohar Lord Krishna are all set to steal the heart of the onlookers. IMG_8928IMG_8931We are sure that this sight is a delight to watch and will transport the devotees to a heaven of devotion. 🙂


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The Paradise Of Breeze – HAWA MAHAL

hawa-mahal-1 (1)

Extend all your senses and hark my utterance
by the end,
you will come to know about my occurrence

Existing since 1799
216 years, yet I am in line

hawamahal B&W

I embrace the Pink heart
and embellish few times,

Dignified by ‘Maharaja Sawai Pratap’
delineated by ‘Lal Chand Ustad’ and Shines

My castle’s structure is akin to Lord Krishna’s crown,
my skin is actually red and pink but some think it’s brown

hawamahal brown

The cool wind blows and the royal women could observe the festivals through my ‘Jharokas’ without being seen,
that is the reason why I came into existence and gleam

I am emblematic of the Pink-city
yet enigmatic,
many come here some are genuine while some are dramatic 

My fragrance is immanent,
I dwell in the town having loads of ornament

hawamahal colors

Witnessed the city change and bustling crowd,
because of that my dignity and whoever lives in the city feels proud

appraise or observe spatial,
I am the “HAWA MAHAL”
come, sight and freeze


– Hawa Mahal Written in a totally different perspective by an Intern at Jaipur Beat.