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Places to visit in Jaipur during Monsoon |Jaipur Beat

Jaipur is finally showered with the bliss of monsoon 😀 Do you also feel like jumping in puddles and dancing freely in the rain? Well, who wouldn’t cause the joy of the rainy season in Jaipur is worth experiencing!

We’re sure you have seen rains a zillion times before from your room window, but the best way to enjoy the monsoon is when you step out into the city and explore. It’s the only time you witness the true beauty of Jaipur city when it’s drizzling mildly or raining heavily. There’s nothing more soul-satisfying than the smell of rain and sand, raindrops embracing your face and to top it all, your favourite music in the background that will get you right in the feel of the moment.

So, climb up the hill, enjoy the cool breeze, and let the raindrops kiss you. And while it’s raining, there is no place more ideal than a drive to Amer Fort, and Nahargarh Fort to experience this moment! If you can’t’ go out and want to stay indoors for the safety reasons, you still can live the moment and enjoy the armchair travel with Jaipur Beat 🙂

3 (1)
Maota Lake at Amer Fort


Amer Fort
Rain washed Amer Fort
4 (3)
View of Mansagar Lake from the hills
jal mahal
Top view of Jal Mahal at Mansagar Lake surrounded by Aravali 
Green cover of Amer Jaigarh 

6 (2)

2 (4)
Road to Nahargarh

Let the monsoon magic fall over you as it is not only nature but the beautiful architecture of Jaipur that will enamour one during the rainy season here.

Happy rainy season ☂️


10 Tea Cafés in Jaipur To Give You The Feels This Monsoon

A roadside thadi, or a fancy cafe, all you want in monsoon is a cup of chai. In fact, not just one, you can go up to 10 cups a day sometimes 😉 Is there any better comfort beverage than tea during rains ? We don’t think so. Monsoon has finally arrived and the only thing that can make us come out of our homes, leaving aside our laziness, is a steaming cup of tea. Luckily for us, we have amazing no. of tea cafés spread out in the city. Here is a list of some topmost tea cafés that serve a plethora of teas in different flavors to give you some real fun time in monsoon 🙂

  1. Tapri – When we think about tea cafés in Jaipur, the first name that pops up in our heads is definitely Tapri. With its amazing and witty menu and a beautiful mix of traditional and contemporary elements in its ambience, who will not like to spend their evenings there sipping tea, having Parle-G and binging on their special vada pav !!

Location: C-Scheme, Lal Kothi


2. Thadi – A cool rooftop café in Raja Park, Thadi is an amazing hangout place for those living in the area. In case you plan to spend some time there by yourself sipping on coffee then you can do so at Thadi.
P.S. – They provide wifi.

Location: Raja Park


3. Chaisa – Chaisa is definitely the first choice for students and youngsters for hangouts, firstly because it’s located in Lal Kothi, a hub of education in the city and secondly because there couldn’t be a better way to have group studies then over a cup of steaming tea. 😉

Location: Lal Kothi

4. Chaaypani – For all sports lovers this can be the best hangout place in winters. You get to enjoy some sports on the roof top of Orbit mall while sipping your favorite tea.

Location: Civil Lines


5. Ketli – To have your favorite tea along with your favorite pasta or Manchurian is definitely a new and amazing way to celebrate winters. Well, if this how you plan to spend evenings this season then we recommend you to head out to Ketli Lounge and café in Malviya Nagar.

Location: Malviya Nagar


6. Thirstea – The TeaTeria – If you are an ardent tea drinker or if you like to explore different types of teas then this is the place for you. With options like Irani Chai, Pushkar Chai, Nathdwara Chai, Chocola Tea, Gud ki Chai and many more options in their menu we are sure that your tea buds are sure in for a treat here.

Location: Malviya Nagar


7. Talk over Tea – There is no doubt that tea cafés in Jaipur are spread across the length and breadth of the city. Talk over Tea, a tea café located in Sitapura is a cool hangout joint for those who work in one of the farthest and industrially populated corners of Jaipur.

Location: Sitapura


8. Chai Factory – As the name suggests this café is a complete factory of different types of teas. Plan a hangout at this café if you are looking forward to good time with friends accompanied by a hot cup of your favorite tea and snack.

Location: Vaishali Nagar


9. Tea Connect – A cup of tea accompanied with a bowl of maggi, an exotic pizza, a lip smacking vada pav, a steaming aloo paratha and well the list is endless. We suggest you choose your favorite snack (which might take some time given they have an elaborate and delicious menu) to go with tea and enjoy your winter evening here.

Location: Mansarovar


10. Tea Tradition – With three outlets spread across the city, tea tradition is another famous hangout for young Jaipurites these days. If you enjoy your tea with samosa then we suggest this is the place you should head towards.

Location: C-Scheme


Now that you have the list you can select your favorite and ask friends to join you over a cup of steaming tea on a Monday evening !

Happy monsoons 🙂


6 Photographs Of Jaipur On A Beautiful Rainy Day

With the sweet arrival of monsoon, comes some dreamy sights and the places which signify the pink city look even more beautiful through these tiny raindrops falling from the sky ! You don’t believe us, have a look 🙂

  1. World Trade Park


  2. Paanch Batti after a shower of rain


  3. Sanganeri Gate in the drenched walled city

    sanganeri gate

  4. Trimurti Circle and its glorious reflection


  5. The vivid gate of haunted Chomu Palace


  6. Last but not the least – The bheeghi bheeghi walls of Jalmahal Palace


    Enjoy the weather because finally – Saavan aaya hai 😀