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Celebrate A Special Bond With Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Some things are especially associated with the mothers and she is the ideal person to refer to in all such cases. But do you know, today’s mothers are as fast forward as their children, running shoulder to shoulder with everyone in the society. Here are a few things which the mothers are spreading their arms onto. For once you won’t agree but it is actually happening.

  1. Business Tactics

Fathers have a right to business know-how but your mother is no less. Being a successful homemaker, she knows where to invest and spend.

jaipur beat mothers day-01

  1. Learning To Ride A Bicycle Or Driving A Car

There are many who think women do not know how to drive a car or have a bad hand over the steering wheels. Thus, many of you might have learnt driving from your fathers. But with the changing times when women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men, they are helping their kids learn driving or even riding a bicycle.

jaipur beat mothers day-03

  1. Outstation Trip With Your Mother

Have you ever been with your mother on a trip? You think you require your father by your side all the time you are on a trip. We don’t think the same. With some strong solo and independent mothers, they too can take you on an outstation trip.

jaipur beat mothers day-02

  1. Repair and Maintenance

Electricity shutdown or problem in the internet connections, you don’t have to run to your father. Mothers are feasible and very savvy with these small repairs and maintenance in the house as they are very careful observes to whoever comes at your place.

jaipur beat mothers day-05

  1. Financial Assistance

Seeing the trends of today, some mothers are like fathers. They are independent enough to pay your bills, cheques. Your mothers are your wallet. Whatever you demand, they know what is right for you and what is not 😉

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  1. Social Media Savvy

Mothers are the best selfie partners but are they efficient enough on their social platforms? Yes, they are. If the present generations have social media at their fingertips our mothers are no less. If you don’t agree, find them, they are there on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

jaipur beat mothers day-04

  1. Gadgets Savvy

From iPhone to macs, from PS4s to virtual TVs they are fast coping with the changing technologies.

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  1. Cheers To A Beer With Your Mother

A beer is strong like the character of our mother in all aspect. Have you ever shared a pint of beer with mother? If yes, you know she can become one of your best beer buddies 😉

jaipur beat mothers day-07

Hum sab khushnasib hai kyunki humare paas ‘maa hai, maa’. Here’s wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who inspire and motivate us 🙂



8 Promises You Make To Your Mothers But Never Keep

As you all know, it’s mother’s day tomorrow. While you are all still wondering what to gift your lovely mother, just go through the things that you probably plan to gift her everyday, but fail 😉

1. To Keep Your Room & Cupboard Clean

A promise that you make to her every time she is mad at you and scolding you and even saying things like ‘Keep your cupboard closed or rats will eat them up’.

room clean

2. To put the phone away while eating

Every time she shows you an evil eye when you are desperately texting while having your meal, you put your phone away just to make her happy. And pick it up once she is out of sight 😉


3. To call them everyday (If you are living away from the house)

“Yes mom, I will obviously call you every day now”
<watching sitcom for the entire day>

maa ka phone

4. To help them in the kitchen

Every single time, you watch her continuously working in the kitchen, you promise yourself that you will now be helping her cook, clean and do every little thing in the kitchen that she needs you for. After a couple of days, you get too lazy and basically fail :p


5. To value money and spend wisely

Whenever you come home with a dozen of shopping bags filled with things which you don’t need or you end up now knowing where you spent your last month’s budget, your mom is the one who tells you that money doesn’t grow on trees. You decide to save money and be more careful, and next day find yourself clubbing at an expensive club or drooling on the online shopping offers :p


6. To avoid hogging junk food all the time

Need we say more ?


7. To come back home on time

Be it from work or late night parties, your mom’s the one who watched the clock and waits till you get back home.


8. To not skip meals

No matter what crisis is going on in the world, your mom’s biggest crisis and worry will always be your diet. Even if you’re going for the most important interview of your life, your mom’s first question after it might be ‘Kuch khaya, or were you hungry the entire day?’

skip meals

Despite not being able to keep your promises, your mom knows that you still love her and she loves you selflessly and almost without expecting anything in return. So how about gifting her these little precious moments this Mother’s Day ? 🙂

Mother's Day

6 magic tricks to make your mother the happiest this Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow i.e. 11th May 2014 and of course it’s  Sunday (as Mother’s day always falls on the second Sunday of May). Thinking of what to gift your mom this Mother’s Day?? Have you run of gift ideas to give your mom?? How about gifting her an experience this time? Here is a tiny and easy list of things that can make this Mother’s Day one of the happiest days you can gift her.

1) Spa treatment: Gift your mom a spa at her favorite beauty salon or the one you think is the best to pamper her on this special day.

spa for mother's day
2) Movie tickets: Send her or take her away from the daily routine to watch a latest release or the one she has been wanting to watch for a while.

3) Clean the house: Every mom likes a clean house, but she’s the only one who does it all the time ! So take this chance and see how her smile will light the entire day for you.

cleaning the house on Mother's day
4) Cook for her/Take the charge of kitchen: For a change, let her be free today as you take over the charge of kitchen, cook her favorite dish and make her feel special and valued.

5) Send your mother out for a coffee meet with her friends: Make her share this day and her feelings with other mothers i.e. her friends over a brewing coffee and let her enjoy these light moments.

coffee time
6) Take her and the family out for a leisurely dinner meal: Choose a new restaurant in town or just go to her favorite place and treat her with a delicious meal to have a perfect end to this day.



Just go for these simple ways to make this Mother’s Day special and see how your mother has a pleasant smile on her face at the end of the day and know that happiness sometimes lies in the smallest things 🙂