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A Musical Ride For Jaipur Foodies !

Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and so does food. Food is the music we hear in spices and flavours rather than notes and scales. When the softness of your favourite dish melts in your mouth, it creates a hymn so overwhelming, that the strings are buzzed in the heart and soul.

Hail dear sons of Epicurus! On the birthday of the most legendary singer of all times Lata Mangeshkar Ji, Jaipur Beat has brought the jukebox of spices and flavours with dishes from various cuisines, creating an orchestra of fusion only for you.

According to Indian Ras, genres in music evoke different emotions in us and same does the food! Every food has a different feel to it coming right from the place of its origin.

  • Pasta: Singing the songs of Italian Folk culture, presents itself the very favourite Pasta. This dish with authentic Italian flavours is the classic penne pasta cooked in Italian red or white or pesto sauce and accounts for an amazing option for those craving a delightful starter option! It is one of the most favourites of us Jaipurites!



  • Tandoori Chicken: *Drumrolls* Give way for the Jaan, The Aan, Baan and Shaan of and the most celebrated dish from Punjabi cuisine, Tandoori Chicken. Marinated and grilled, Tandoori chicken will have your heart tuned to the beats of bhangra. Wherever we go, the non-veg lovers are forever drooling over this amazing dish!



  • Ker Sangri: Every bit of this delicious Rajasthani delight calls to you with its melodious rhythms singing “Padharo Mhare Des!” This mouth watering dish is served as a delicacy by people in Rajasthan and is made from a wild shrub from the Rajasthani desert. And after all “Voh Rajasthani hi kya jisko Ker Sangri na pasand ho?”


ker sangri

  • Pav Bhaji– Pav Bhaji is one of those dishes that we are ever so ready for. Authentically Maharashtrian, Bhaji is a mix of vegetables mashed together and cooked in spices and served with buns (pav) and garlic chutney. Jaipurites love to indulge into Pav Bhaji every once in a while.


pav bhaji1

  • Exotic Garlic Bread: Garlic Bread is the ever so loved choice of Jaipurites. It is the Americanized form of authentic Italian dish Bruschetta. It spreads the aroma of the fusion between Italian-American flavours and the refreshed melodies singing in olive and oregano tunes.


garlic bread.jpg

  • Pani Patashi– If there is anything in Jaipur that’s in abundance, it’s pani patashiwalas! You can find one at every 100 metres, and guess what; they’re all crowded not just by women, but men too! Semolina or flour made puchkas filled with spicy mashed potatoes, chutneys and spiced water sing the melodies of northern India and are always more than welcome!



  • Dal Baati Churma– Be it the ‘Goth’ at Khole ke Hanumanji or homemade ghee baati, Jaipurites are always up for the authentic Rajasthani delicacy and love to indulge into the flavours of churma and masala baati with dal. Every time we have this signature food from Rajasthan, there’s a true feel of Rajasthan running through our veins!


dal baati churma.jpg

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4 Exciting Food Festivals Happening In Jaipur

With the last showering rains, Jaipur starts to offer a great journey into the royal kitchens to provide some flavorful, lip smacking dishes. With this begins the food festival to enjoy the fun and festivity with some traditional dishes from all over the world.

The food festival gives a perfect opportunity for the entire food connoisseur to savor the distinct and rich flavors from different lands of the world. Jaipur is never out of options when it comes to dining out. This weekend we tell you where to enjoy lip-smacking food festivals happening across the city.

Fest 1
Chinese Dim Sums

Sicilian Food Festival- Jal Mahal Palace

If you really want to establish yourself in the island of Sicily, try the Sicilian cuisine at Jai Mahal Palace (Taj Group) – Giardino. The Sicilian cuisine is a blend of Italian and Arabian culture which can be seen on the platter with the use of apricots, rice, raisins, saffron, pasta, beans, fishes, etc. Enjoy the star studded ambience with some Italian penne Alla Norma, Calamari Ripieni, Frutti di Mare, and not to forget the world famous Cassata.


Date: 11- 30th September, 2015

Venue: Jai Mahal Palace , Giardino

Contact: 0141 6601111

Feast the East- Golden Tulip

It’s time to enhance your taste buds as we go on a trip around Asia to discover some new flavors and exciting dishes from the Thai and Chinese cuisine. It offers a wide variety of salads, starters, main course and desserts. Some of the varieties which are a must try are Thai Chicken, Veg. Curry, Schezwan Chicken, etc. So drop down at Golden Tulip to savor the Chinese cuisine.

Golden Tulip

Let your taste buds go on a trip around Asia to try out some new flavours and dishes at a food festival going on in Jaipur’s Golden Tulip. The festival offers a wide variety of salads/ starters, main course and desserts to choose from. As per the food and beverage Manager Mr. Manoj, the guests can relish Thai and Chinese cuisine in a buffet system. For those who are not keen on Thai and Chinese food they can simply have Dal and Paneer as part of the buffet.

Location- Opp. GPO, MI Road

Contact- +91 141 4268777

Venue : Golden Tulip, Opp. GPO, MI Road

Date: 4-13th September,2015

Contact: +91 141 4268777

Golden Tulip

Tap Into Tapas Temptation- The Lalit

It’s time to relish life in the Spanish way! Enjoy the taste of Spain, where each bite will weave you into the web of delectable food with vegetarian as well as non vegetarian delicacies like Croquetas de Jamon ( Crunchy Ham Croquettes), Patatas Bravas ( Spicy Spinach Potato Slice), Empanadas de Qeaso con Albahaca (Basil infused Cheese Empanadas) and much more.

Date: 12-30th September,2015

Venue: The Circle Bar, The Lalit

Timings: 11 am – 11pm

The Lalit

Unified Flavors Of Punjab- The Lalit

Relish the buttery rich traditional Punjabi cuisine with appetizing aroma of some of the signature dishes of Chef Jassi like Jassi di Lassi, Amritsari Macchi, Jalebi te Raita, etc. Infusing magic with some secret ingredients and a lot more to offer at Baluchi, The Lalit, Jaipur.

Date: 18-27th September,2015

Venue: Baluchi, The Lalit, Jaipur

Timings: Lunch – 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Dinner – 7:30pm- 11:30 pm

The Lalit

So let your Weekend be special! Enjoy in spectacular surroundings, listen to music and devour into the delicious food and drink on offer.

Happy Sunday!!


Bunkers Bay – A Sporty Affair

Attention Jaipurities! Finally there is a unique hangout spot in the town where you can feel right in place with thrilling sports activities and lip smacking food. Yes! The Bunkers Bay has already made its grand entry in town, a place where sports meet the food. Located at Laal khoti this unique café is here to stay for long, as after a boring lecture at the coaching institute or after a hectic schedule at the office, the two things that come to rescue are indoor sports and a calorie filled indulgence.


Keeping this fact in mind Mr Shubhang Jain the owner of the café has designed the place for unlimited fun, relaxation and stimulation by offering games like Pool tables, Foos table and interactive gaming zone with an extensive array of delicacies for the food lovers.

Pool tables give a sporty feel to the cafe.
Pool tables give a sporty feel to the cafe.
Students enjoying interactive games
Students enjoying interactive games

The cheerful visual of Pool tables with the splash of violet walls and comfortable wooden couches and chairs sets one’s mood to break free from the monotonous lifestyle. The atmosphere of the café connects with youth quite well where they can choose seating area according to their comfort and convenience. One can settle down near the pool tables to witness the game sessions or can go for lounge or smoking zone section too.

Lounge section at Bunkers bay
Lounge section at Bunkers bay

A large television screen in front of the pool tables and the mixologist preparing your mocktail right in front of you create vibes that welcome everyone from students to families.


The seemingly unending offerings of the Bunkers Bay menu have four broad sections which include Ala carte, Italian, Chinese and continental. The drink section holds a lot of surprises specially the tea offerings which include Kashmiri khewa tea, English breakfast tea and Lemon grass. All of these can also be twisted and turned with add on options like Tulsi, elachi, adrak, sauf by just paying 30 bugs extra. Those who are not so big fans of tea can go for coffee, fruit shake, ice tea and lemonade.

The lemmon Ice tea
The lemon Ice tea

A common favorite for everyone, Maggie is also present on the menu. Chilli garlic noodles, Primavera pasta and cheese chilly toast are the perfect choices for the main course.


A perfect meal has to end with a scrumptious dessert but this part of the menu is a big disappointment especially for those who have a sweet tooth as they only offer sizzling brownie and few Baskin Robbins ice-cream flavours in the name of “something sweet”.

Butterscotch Shake
Butterscotch Shake

Overall Bunkers bay is the place where you can eat, play and relax as much as you want and when it comes to paying, you can do it without burning a hole in your pocket. Bunkers bay promises to serve delicious, fresh and value for money meal to the patrons, the portions served are sufficient for two persons. Go for a Kashmiri khewa tea, Indian masala sandwich and chilly garlic noodles along with a game of pool and foos ball, if you are planning to visit this place. And don’t forget to fill the customer feedback form.
Cost for two- 500

The feedback forms

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Restaurant Review: Mamu’s Infusion

Jaipur Beat Mamu's Infusion
One of our colleague’s friends at Jaipur beat was visiting Jaipur, and all of us wanted to meet him over coffee and food. As per the original plan we were to eat Italian but that didn’t happen as the restaurant was closed, and then while driving around we spotted Mamu’s Infusion. We had been reading about it in local newspapers, and how it was the restaurant version of the old-and-famous ‘Mamu’s’ shop at C-scheme.

Jaipur Beat Mamu's Infusion Review
Jaipur Beat Mamu's Infusion Review

We opened the doors to a Victorian-looking cafe at about 8:00 pm and occupied a table that seated the four of us there. The cafe has colours, some quirks in its furniture, a book-shelf and beautiful chandeliers. You can’t visit a Mamu’s joint and not order cold-coffee, and so we ordered cafe-frappes for all of us. Jalapeno poppers and pink pasta for food, on the basis of suggestions from the staff there, after which we started our chit-chat session.

Jaipur Beat Mamu's Infusion Review

Just then, families started pouring in and with all the kids at their excited best, we had to adjust our volumes and ears in order to be able to carry on with our conversation. Our guess is, it is a place suited for friends and family, you just have to stick to the usual hanging-out timings of each.
Our tall foil-covered glasses of coffee arrived and they looked really nice; it tasted just as nice as it looked. The jalapeno poppers and the pink pasta were good too. The place also recommends their whole-wheat pizza and pasta for the health-conscious and a new-dish called papad-platter for the papad lovers.

Jaipur Beat Mamu's Infusion Review

We felt too full and for the first-time decided to skip the dessert; but as luck would have it, the owner of Infusion offered us to try their very-signature mud-pie, and that too as a complementary dessert! No matter how much one grows up, the charm of complementary stuff never wears off 😉 It was indeed a unique and tempting looking dessert, where the brownie was filled in a small-pot like mud! And a small water-dispenser containing chocolate-sauce came along with it. We couldn’t resist and finished every last speck of it!

All in all, a very new and refreshing hang-out for Jaipur with a decently-priced menu, such that you would want to go there again!

Food score: 4/5

Over-all (includes ambiance, concept, service, value-for-money) score: 4/5

Address: 101, First Floor, Mangalam Ambition Tower, D-46-B, Subhash Marg, Agrasen Circle, C Scheme, Jaipur
Contact: +91 8302096774

*All the photographs are sent by Mamu’s Infusion