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A Musical Ride For Jaipur Foodies !

Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and so does food. Food is the music we hear in spices and flavours rather than notes and scales. When the softness of your favourite dish melts in your mouth, it creates a hymn so overwhelming, that the strings are buzzed in the heart and soul.

Hail dear sons of Epicurus! On the birthday of the most legendary singer of all times Lata Mangeshkar Ji, Jaipur Beat has brought the jukebox of spices and flavours with dishes from various cuisines, creating an orchestra of fusion only for you.

According to Indian Ras, genres in music evoke different emotions in us and same does the food! Every food has a different feel to it coming right from the place of its origin.

  • Pasta: Singing the songs of Italian Folk culture, presents itself the very favourite Pasta. This dish with authentic Italian flavours is the classic penne pasta cooked in Italian red or white or pesto sauce and accounts for an amazing option for those craving a delightful starter option! It is one of the most favourites of us Jaipurites!



  • Tandoori Chicken: *Drumrolls* Give way for the Jaan, The Aan, Baan and Shaan of and the most celebrated dish from Punjabi cuisine, Tandoori Chicken. Marinated and grilled, Tandoori chicken will have your heart tuned to the beats of bhangra. Wherever we go, the non-veg lovers are forever drooling over this amazing dish!



  • Ker Sangri: Every bit of this delicious Rajasthani delight calls to you with its melodious rhythms singing “Padharo Mhare Des!” This mouth watering dish is served as a delicacy by people in Rajasthan and is made from a wild shrub from the Rajasthani desert. And after all “Voh Rajasthani hi kya jisko Ker Sangri na pasand ho?”


ker sangri

  • Pav Bhaji– Pav Bhaji is one of those dishes that we are ever so ready for. Authentically Maharashtrian, Bhaji is a mix of vegetables mashed together and cooked in spices and served with buns (pav) and garlic chutney. Jaipurites love to indulge into Pav Bhaji every once in a while.


pav bhaji1

  • Exotic Garlic Bread: Garlic Bread is the ever so loved choice of Jaipurites. It is the Americanized form of authentic Italian dish Bruschetta. It spreads the aroma of the fusion between Italian-American flavours and the refreshed melodies singing in olive and oregano tunes.


garlic bread.jpg

  • Pani Patashi– If there is anything in Jaipur that’s in abundance, it’s pani patashiwalas! You can find one at every 100 metres, and guess what; they’re all crowded not just by women, but men too! Semolina or flour made puchkas filled with spicy mashed potatoes, chutneys and spiced water sing the melodies of northern India and are always more than welcome!



  • Dal Baati Churma– Be it the ‘Goth’ at Khole ke Hanumanji or homemade ghee baati, Jaipurites are always up for the authentic Rajasthani delicacy and love to indulge into the flavours of churma and masala baati with dal. Every time we have this signature food from Rajasthan, there’s a true feel of Rajasthan running through our veins!


dal baati churma.jpg

Food · Hot in Jaipur · Jaipur · Jaipur Beat · Jaipur Happenings

Jaipur’s All New Food Truck Dadi’s Asanjo

Come winters, and our appetite for street food shoots up faster than the oil prices. Succumbing to a constant craving for a hot street side treat, Jaipur Beat spotted a shiny attractive blue truck right opposite the A.C. Market and fresh aroma of Pav Bhaji which pulled us towards Dadi’s Asanjo. You must be wondering what Asanjo means in he first place ? Asanjo means Apna in Sindhi.


As unique as the name, the dishes that they serve are exquisite too. You must have had Pav Bhaji several times in your life, but you will find yourself falling for the firangi pav bhaji where Indian taste meets international flavor. If you are a cheese fan, their Cheese Burst Pav Bhaji will take you to the little house of cheese, except with a lovely smell 😉

The specialty, OTC Vada Pav, was filled with onions and lots of tomato and capsicum, which was delicious to gorge on along with chutney and green chillies.

Dadi’s Asanjo offers about 11 types of Pav Bhaji and 7 types of Vada Pav to satiate your evening hunger pangs especially for the ones who are cuckoo about spicy food ! It opens at 7 p.m. in the evening when a large crowd pours of students and children pour in along with family and friends.

“Jaipur has been overexposed to café culture now, so we thought why not try our hand on a food truck that too in the major hub of the city Raja Park.”, said Divesh, the owner of the food truck who along with his 6 companions decided to start this food truck.


Must dishes to try – Mushroom tikka masala pav bhaji, OTC Vada Pav, Cheese Burst Pav Bhaji

Highlight – Serves 4 pieces of Pav which are enough for 2 people and a good quantity of bhaji.

Jaipur Beat gives this place – 4/5 Beats

“Thodi Thodi bhook lagi hai?  Dadi’s Asnajo haina” an evening to spend with your loved ones without creating a hole in your pocket, head towards Raja Park and gorge on where Bombay meets Jaipur ! Wait for more till they add new surprising elements to their menu, till then happy eating.