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Insight Into The World Of Photography


Photography is beautiful. You can capture every moment of your existence and reminisce those moments for the rest of your lives. Even today when we see our childhood photos or photos of loved ones, there’s a sentimental longing that cannot be expressed in words. It surely is a way of ‘feeling, touching and loving’ as Aaron Siskind said.

Today, when we celebrate the soulful art of photography, Mr Purushottam Diwakar, a talented Photo Journalist at India Today, shares with us his experiences and opinions on being a lensman. He is one of the oldest photo journalists in the city of Jaipur and truly passionate for what he does. Let’s see what Jaipur Beat discovered while interviewing him.


Q1. From roll cameras to digital cameras, how has photography evolved?

“Earlier, of course, it used to take time to develop pictures in colour labs. It was a long and hectic process. With digital cameras taking over, photography has revolutionised, in a good way. Gladly, photo journalists can look at the pictures instantly without having to sit in a colour lab for hours. Moreover, they can edit the pictures on computers which make the whole concept beneficial.”

Q2. Considering how easy photography has become with digitisation and the fact that you can take hundreds of shots in one go, do you think the photo journalists these days do not understand how its important?

“No, I disagree! An experienced photographer would never look for short cuts and take the digitisation for granted. Casually clicking hundreds of pictures and not analysing the scenery has its own disadvantages. Firstly, nobody can overlook the storage problem that can be caused by clicking so many pictures. Secondly, nobody has the time to select that one good picture out of hundred pictures. Most importantly, these days, photo journalists are supposed to immediately send pictures to journalists for news. Hence there is no scope for short cuts.”


Q3. What is your opinion on staged photography?

“Those who perform staged photography are the reason why India currently stands on 136th position in photography out of 180 countries. Honestly, I feel ashamed to say that my profession is not doing well. I believe the sole reason for India’s such position is malpractices like staged photography, and not lack of technology or money, as some people might think. You cannot force a kid to cry or artificially design a photograph. With such large viewership and amazing talents in the country, such ethical misconducts are a disgrace.”


Q4. With mobile phones cameras’ resolution rising constantly, in future is it possible for mobile phones to completely replace cameras?

“I don’t think so. Surely there are times when we use mobile phones for capturing some shots, but this does not mean they can do the job of a camera. Experts would always stick to cameras, no matter what! I believe such a day would never come.”

Well this was surely enlightening. Our experience with Mr Purushottsam was a memorable one. We hope you too enjoyed it.

Jaipur Beat wishes you a very Happy Photography Day! 😀

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Content credit: Neha Mantri

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Siok Siok Tan – Director of ‘Boomtown Beijing’ & An Avid Photographer Gets Candid at Talk Journalism 2018

Founder of KineticONE & Director of Twittamentary – one of the best & the most objective documentaries on social media ever made – Siok Siok Tan held an interesting & detailed Documentary workshop on the first day of Talk Journalism 2018.

Siok Siok

Born & raised in Singapore, Siok Siok Tan is based in Beijing and is a pool of multiple talents manifested in her diverse documentaries talking about some eminent times like the pre-1965 Singapore and delving into perspectives that had been untapped. Her direction ‘Boomtown Beijing’ – a video documentary that captured the feeling of hosting the 2008 China Olympics through the eyes of Beijing, gained wide popularity and great success. 

Challenges faced by a female journalist?

When asked about the challenges faced as a female journalist, Siok had a rather uncommon & honest response to offer.

‘In times when women, especially the ones in a field as powerful as journalism, are supposed to be strong & aggressive, I find myself not fitting in. My gentle personality and polite nature contradict the way I am supposed to be, but I kind of accept it and embrace it and try not to overcompensate for the gender bias out there.’ 

You have given numerous documentaries in the last many years, what is it that you are currently working on?

I am always working on something. Last year I did two coffee table books on social media & photography in China, right now I am working on a personal project. 

Talking about social media & photography, which social media tool do you think has emerged as the most powerful when it comes to adding value to some excellent works & deserving artists?

There are lots of platforms which empower the works of art, but the most powerful among them is Twitter, because the more open a platform is, the more it gives way to opportunities, news, stories & draws attention to the right things at the right time. 

Siok Siok Tan had a Documentary workshop on Day 1 at Talk Journalism 2018.

siok siok tan

Siok 1

She emphasized on ‘One needs to make the film for the community’. As an independent filmmaker, I have learned marketing also to sell my film. We learn all the technicalities of filmmaking but never marketing skills. She ended with a note- There is no money in documentary filmmaking.

The event that is taking place in Rajasthan’s capital, hosted by Fairmont Jaipur, is a non-profit initiative to bring the best in journalism under one roof and get them to talk to each other and let the world listen.


Jaipur · Travel Photo Tour

Welcoming the Photography Wonders of The World During Festival on Wanderlust!

For anyone visiting Jaipur, it is customary for him to keep the camera shutters happy with ample photography opportunities in the Pink City. Be its magnificent forts, mesmeric lakes, gorgeous palaces, compelling historic structures, fascinating markets, colorful vistas, there are plenty subjects that do not let your camera leave its charm to capture frames.

But for the very first time, Jaipur will play host to an international open-air travel photography festival- Travel Photo Jaipur. This is the inaugural edition of the festival, which is to be an annual event-taking place in Jaipur each February.

Travel Albert1

Travel Jawahar

With large format photographic prints on display across the city, Travel Photo Jaipur will invite the visitors to discover the heritage along with events and interventions that will eventually transform the Pink City into a platform for showcasing and contemplating photography.

Travel Jawahar1

The 9day festival between 5-14th of Feb, 2016 by an acclaimed list of national and international exhibiting photographers will be open to all, residents and visitors alike, reaffirming Jaipur’s position as an international cultural haven for the arts.

Travel- Albert

In addition to the displays of the 14 exhibiting photographers, a number of special interventions and exhibitions will also be staged during the festival time.

All exhibitions on display between the 5th and 14th of February 2016. For details- http://travelphotojaipur.com/exhibitions/

Special Inteventions- http://travelphotojaipur.com/special-interventions/

All Event Details-

FRIDAY 5th February-

Venue-Jawahar Kala Kendra

Time- 17:30H – 18:15H

Waswo X. Waswo.The Foreign Photographer in a Post-Colonial Terrain

18:30H – 19:30H

Mauro Bedoni. COLORS Magazine: Ordinary stories from extraordinary people

SATURDAY 6th February

10:30H – 11:15H

Thomas Seelig. The New Grand Tour

11:30H – 12:15H

Rafal Milach. Collective as a Merging Process

16:00H – 16:45H

Rahaab Allana and Giles Tillotson in conversation. New Perspectives on the Photography of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur

16.50H – 17:35H

Louise Clements. Expanding Photography: an Illustrated talk on photo festivals, mass participation and socially engaged practice in international contemporary photography

17.40H – 18.25H

Gideon Mendel. Drowning World- The Elements

SUNDAY 7th February

11:00H – 11:45H

Cristina de Middel. To Be Continued

12:00H – 12:45H

Yumi Goto. Revisit to Refine Your Photobook

Event Details- http://travelphotojaipur.com/events/

So, fuel your passion of travel photography, with 14 exhibitions, two special interventions and a host of talks and lectures as ‪#‎TPJ2016‬ promises an exciting look at the wonders of the photographic world.

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5 Things We Will Miss If JLF Is Not Held At Diggi Palace In 2017

With the negativity and controversies coming up as every edition of Jaipur Literature Festival starts, one thing is sure to get stuck for once as you don’t know whether it’ll happen or not. This year also started with a sad note on a controversy and you never know that 10th Jaipur Literature Festival will take place at Diggi palace or there will be a shift in the venue. If in any case the venue is changed, some things which will definitely be missed about Diggi palace are –

  1. Running into people we know

With people from all genres sharing a common platform, may it be an actor, minister, writer, photographer – Diggi Palace offering a small ground you may bump into someone you have never dreamt of 😉 But you never know whether the new venue will offer the same opportunity or not!



  1. Free Registration

Hosting to Asia’s largest literature festival, the Diggi palace gives the venue to attend the festival free of cost. Purchasing a ticket to attend the festival is not valid here and this is one of the greatest things that you see lakhs of people enjoying the festival in its true sense.



  1. Diggipuri Chai

The Diggi Palace is sure to have one specialty at the festival to attract more tourists to enjoy some ethnic experience, and that one thing of Diggi is its Diggipuri Chai 🙂

JLF 2016

  1. Parking hassle

Even though the venue is centrally located, one major problem which everyone faces around this area is parking. Competing to park your car first is always fun, but even if there is dirt and garbage or a small space available, you’ll always try to adjust and accommodate in that small little space 😉 And after parking you feel free of this one headache that you drove down till the venue! Won’t you miss this parking competition at a new venue?

JB 1

  1. Central Location

Centrally located in the beautiful Pink City, Diggi Palace is easily accessible from any nook and corner of Jaipur. Hotels, hospital, cafes, you name any facility, Diggi Palace is surrounded by all of them from around. Start thinking from now on as you never know whether Diggi Palace will remain the venue for the next JLF edition 🙂







Meet The Birds At Barkheda Near Jaipur

Have been planning to go to Bharatpur to catch some beautiful birds for a very long time ??  Just keep that idea on hold, pick up your car/two wheeler and drive to Barkheda !

IMG_1710 - Copy

Is it really as easy as it sounds? Well the answer is yes. While staying in or visiting  Jaipur, if you think that there is just architecture, elephants, shopping and food to look out for, it’s time to get your facts right. Located 20 km away from Jaipur, Barkheda is a village in Rajasthan. Right in front of the famous Jain temple, there is a lovely pond which is definitely not an ordinary water body.


Where the sweet onset of winters brings us closer to our beds and pushes us further away from early mornings, there is someone who loves to travel and are absolutely fresh and active in winter mornings: The gorgeous water birds !

Now the question is, when to go there ? That depends on what you prefer, waking up before sunrise or leaving your place in the afternoon, because both the times have their own significance. If you plan to go in the morning, leave your place at 5:30 a.m. as the drive is around 40 minutes away ! Since the mornings these days are a little chilly, don’t forget to put on a jacket or sweater and a binoculars for sure. And if you are a photographer, do carry your tripod along with the camera for best results 😀

Now that you have reached there at sunrise, just put your stuff down and take a moment to gaze at the pure beauty of the sun rising over the pond.


Playing in water and taking off to fly in the sky, you can now see indigenous water- birds as well as migratory water birds and waterside birds in the shimmering pond to your left. The migratory birds include Greylag and Barheaded Goose, Rosy Pelicans, Dalmation Pelicans and Greater Flamingos.  When the first ray of sun falls on the water, the reddish orange light that fills the sky and reflects on the bodies of these birds, is worth catching !

Greylag and Barheaded Goose during takeoff at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur.Greylag and Barheaded Goose during takeoff at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur.

You will find the birds feeding in the water, taking off to the sky and also landing into the pond while drying their wings. It is best to capture the birds in the golden light that will definitely make your day 🙂

Rosy Pelicans and Greater Flamingos Rosy Pelicans and Greater Flamingos

On the other hand, if you are planning to go at the time of sunset, get set to get that bright orange light and the water will shine and you will know that this sight is surely more precious than any gleaming precious gem in the world. Sometimes, you can also click a picture against the sun to get a different treatment.

Dalmation Pelicans at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur during sunsetDalmation Pelicans at Barkheda Pond, near Jaipur during sunset

Apart from photography, Barkheda pond is also a superb destination for sightseeing and picnic, so pack your bags with some sandwiches and other snacks and experience the warmth of sun and calmness of water in the company of chirping birds this winter!