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Unique Experiences in Jaipur | Jaipur Beat

Jaipur is a city that has a lot to amaze both the locals and the tourists. From being a perfect mélange of old and new, traditional and modern to royal and chic; Jaipur has everything.

We at Jaipur Beat bring to you top 5 unique experiences you can have in Jaipur.

Stunning monuments: There is no dearth of monuments to visit in Jaipur. While you are aware of the four UNESCO World Heritage Sites namely – Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace and the majestic Amer Fort; there are a handful of other monuments to be amazed at. From Galta Ji Temple (Monkey Temple), Hanuman Temple (Khol Ke Hanumanji), Jal Mahal, Gaitore ki Chhatriyan, Panna Mina ka Kund, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Albert Hall, to Chand Baori Abhaneri and Anokhi Museum (90kms away from Jaipur); get on with these each day and relive the royal bygone era.

albert hall


Exquisite crafts: Shopping for Jaipur’s exquisite crafts is one of the most satisfying experiences one can have especially if you are a shopaholic. From a wide range of handicrafts – blue pottery, block print, carpets, jewellery, gemstones, clothes, juttis, to puppets, and more. Some of the most authentic shopping experiences can be provided by the city’s old Bazaars/ Markets, an experience that is amongst the most authentic of all things to do in Jaipur.

Blue pottery in jaipur – Jaipur Beat


Abundant nature: While Jaipur is rich in its history and culture, the city is a treasure house of nature too. One of the best ways to see the sights of Jaipur is to start off on an early morning cycling ride or a quad biking. You can also head to witness some untamed wildlife at Nahargarh Sanctuary via a Jeep safari, do zip-lining. Or you can simply trek the Aravalis that are crowned with lush green trees. In case you are someone who loves a long drive, strolling across the city, walled city and outskirts can be quite a nourishing experience for you.

Statue circle

Delicious food: Owing to its arid and dry climate, Jaipur’s cuisine is a foodie’s paradise. Cooked with rich and tasty ingredients and an amalgamation of various techniques – both old and new; Jaipur food is to die for. Whether you have a sweet tooth or have a knack for something tangy, you have a wide range of delectable to pick from. Must try are its kachori, jalebi, ghewar, gajak, chaats, typical Rajasthani cuisine comprising of dal-baati-churma and ker sangri ki sabzi.

dalbaatichurma – Jaipur Beat


Colourful culture: Just as the name suggests – Pink City, the culture of Jaipur is also very vivid and colourful. Full of vibrancy, you can see a perfect blend of cultures in the city strolling across like one. All festivals in the city are celebrated with extreme zest and almost every month has one of them and has its own specific food and attire associated with it.



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Local brand – Ek Taara carving a niche | Jaipur Beat

We are half-way through 2020 and this year has made us all go through a lot – both negative and positive. But if we focus on the bright side of the coin as it resonates better with the spirit of Jaipur, there are a lot of good things that have happened too – one of the key being ‘realizing the importance of locally produced goods of all kinds.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly emphasized the need of the hour – be vocal for local, which would not only help us revive the economy but will help the millions who have lost their jobs in this pandemic. And Jaipur is a city that is full of art and craft, jewellery, garments, linen, handicrafts, traditional craftsmanship and some home-grown brands.

Ek Taara’s hot pink saree!

One such brand that is newly emerging and is a perfect blend of traditional and modern sensibilities is Ek Taara – A Timeless Journey! It is a brand that is authentically made in Rajasthan and has empowered the local tailors, artists, karigars and printers; who are painstakingly creating the traditional craft in a contemporary package and are making the ethnic collection absolutely fun to wear.

Indigo saree to suit any occasion!
Ethnic prints with a contemporary freshness!

Boasting of prints that embody a touch of whimsy and traditions, Ek Taara gives due importance to upcycling and make products like dupattas, sarees and apparels, clutches, handbags, stoles, cushion covers and even toys. Their collection symbolizes a mix and match of different forms of tie-dye, block printing, screen printing and more.

Ethnic yet very modish dress!

So if we the Jaipurities put on our best foot (read as click) forward, we would help local business thrive like never before, thereby helping the artisans believe in us once again. And did you know there’s a reason why Jaipur, in Rajasthan, brings to mind rich textiles, colorful pottery, and bright bangles.

The Pink City is the handicraft capital of India, home to 4,000 sari makers, 35,000 marble workers, and 1,000 bangle makers. These industries have been alive since ancient times and, with our little push and help will still manage to exist in a fragile state today.

You could visit Ek Taara @

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A fanfare of celebrations: Teej in Jaipur

A vibrant splash of colours, tremendous fanfare, and intriguing rituals, Teej festival in Jaipur is the time of year when the city brims with colours and fanfare. While peacocks celebrate monsoons with dancing in the rain, Womenfolk in Jaipur marks the blushing season by singing folk songs and swaying on a tree swing.

773A0086 copy773A0069 copy
You’ll not find any better way to experience the colourful culture of fascinating Pink City than now!  With the augment of August month accompanied by showers; Jaipur is already brimming with the spirit of ecstasy and Teej festivities.

773A0093 copy773A0090 copy
This year the Sawan Teej festival will be celebrated on 3rd and 4th August 2019. Teej
Festival though is fêted all over the state but celebrated at its colorful best in Jaipur. Jaipurites welcome the advent of monsoon through Teej celebrations, which is also dedicated to Goddess Parvati and commemorates the day when she was united with Lord Shiva after a penance of a hundred years. A spellbinding procession of Goddess Parvati, followed by Palanquins, chariots, dancers and a band winds magnificently through the Old City of Jaipur for two days.

773A0067 copy
Apart from the traditional procession of Goddess Teej in the city, to showcase the galore and culture of Rajasthan ‘Taal Katora Ki Paal’ becomes the hub for cultural events, where the Teej idols will be submerged later.

773A0097 copy
Teej is marked with great pomp and fair in Jaipur. One day before Teej, a married woman receives Sinjhara from her parents, which is a hamper that includes bindi, vermilion, mehandi or henna, bangles, ghewar and Lehariya as a symbol of their covertures.

773A0084 copy
If you are a connoisseur and wish to blend in the festivities and experience it from close then waste no moment. Buy a special tie and die pattern, called LEHARIYA, which is only available at this time of the year. The wall city market area of Bapu Bazaar and Johari Bazaar offers many shops.

773A0070 copy
The significance of lacquer (lac) bangles is also very special, and Jaipur is famous for its alluring lacquer bangles. Don’t miss to check out the multihued adornments that render more beauty the festive attire.

Get your hands decorated with the henna patterns, which you can get done at different corners of the city. The front façade of Saraogi Mansion near Bapu Bazaar, the lanes of Johri Bazaar and major shopping malls like Pink Square, GT and Crystal Court would have numerous henna artists, who decorate beautiful hands with fascinating designs.

773A7923 copy773A7966 copy
The tempting aromas of Ghewar being cooked on sweet shops, colourful lehariyas, and
blossoming flowers and women folks decked up with henna on hands in their traditional best add more colours to the essence of the jovial season.

Sweet Ghevar Small

The government of Rajasthan state arranges a special sitting area for foreign tourists coming to witness this magnificent festival by providing comfortable viewing and to photograph the procession from the terrace of the Hind Hotel opposite Tripoliya gate.
This monsoon, travel to Jaipur to not just feel the lively spirit of Jaipurites around the festival, but also witness and partake in the jovial culture of the colourful Pink City of Rajasthan.

773A0098 copyScreen Shot 2019-07-20 at 11.29.00 AM copy

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Things No One Tells You About – World Trade Park, Jaipur

What is that one place even your relatives or friends visiting the Pink City for the first time from metropolitan ask for? Yes, World Trade Park is what comes to our mind always! It gives us a moment of pride for being one of the largest malls in the country with 11 floors. But, we are sure there are few things that no one told you about this mall. Curious? Read on to discover what makes this mall so close to the hearts of not only Jaipurites but also for those visiting the city for the first time.

world trade park_7.jpg

  • Few hours left in the city and have not seen World Trade Park yet? Don’t worry, you can drop by and visit one of the grandest malls that the city houses on your way to the airport as it is located at a mere distance of 2.8 km from there.


  • World Trade Park is here to turn your fantasy illusions into reality. This architectural wonder houses a Fantasy World where you can see people selling beautiful accessories like costume jewellery and sunglasses from inside a boat shaped shop or a bus. You can spot umbrellas hanging upside down from the ceiling and the interior designed in a very unusual format that takes you into the world of Arabian Nights.

world trade park_5

  • World Trade Park is not just a shopping mall, but a plethora of entertainment. You name it, and World Trade Park has it. World-class brands like Marks & Spencer, Charles & Keith, Faces, The Body Shop to name a few, Cinepolis, that has the best 3D effects to offer in the city, Play Zone for the kids to get some respite while you are on a shopping spree, and not-to-forget the food court that has a world-class cuisine to offer your taste palettes. This qualifies for a one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs ! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Did you know that World Trade Park is the 2nd largest mall in India by area whose construction was completed in just a span of 2 years? :O Isn’t that quick?

world trade park_8

  • World Trade Park added another feather in its cap this Diwali by hosting the 1st LED Balloon Festival of India. Yes ! The very first one was held in our very own Pink City. Doesn’t that make you smile with pride?

world trade park_9

Don’t you love World Trade Park even more now? 😉

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Jaipur’s Famous Pandit Pav Bhaaji

You say Pav Bhaaji, I say Pandit Pav Bhaji!

No matter where you come from, no matter where you live; if you are in Jaipur and want to have the best pav bhaaji that is being served in the city, Pandit Pav Bhaaji in front of Birla Mandir is the name that you’ll get to hear from a true Jaipurite. A place that needs no introduction, it is a true paradise for all the foodies and especially pav bhaaji fanatics. 😉
The love of spices, mouth watering Bhaaji and the finger licking buttery pav served with the zest of sizzling hot chutney and lemon are only a few of the major reasons that attracts people to hang out at this amazing food joint.
IMGA0443 (1)
What can be better than hanging out with your friends or loved ones outside the beautiful Birla Mandir and having the time of your life enjoying the most heavenly pav bhaaji of Jaipur? A bingo combination of a perfect location and amazing food, Pandit Pav Bhaaji has it all. Something a true foodie and pav bhaaji maniac would never be able to resist! 😉
Started with the love and passion of serving people in Mumbai, Pandit Pav Bhaaji was able to create magic in Jaipur as well and has been doing it since the last 25 years. Bringing all the generations together, it has been a hub for family outings, selfie corner for friends and a joint to bring lovers together.
IMGA0452 (2)
Whether it is hot sunday afternoon of May – June, or pleasant evening in the month of October, the streets of Jaipur are flooded with tourists from all across the world. Nothing will be able to stop you from visiting this food joint and you cannot leave the place without having a bite. 😉 Believe us, once you have a bite you will not be able to leave before having the entire plate full of the divine pav bhaaji of Jaipur.
One of the major reasons behind the success of Pandit Pav Bhaaji apart from the irresistible pav bhaaji, is the love with which it’s prepared and served from morning till evening to every single Jaipurite. And this is something that will compel you to visit the joint again and again 🙂
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6 Malls in Jaipur to Shop and Hang Out in Summer

All Jaipurites must be singing the rain song like- Summer Summer Go Away, Never Ever Come Again!

The wrath of sun is melting everyone right now. It’s that time of the year when the generally bustling streets of the city are deserted. People go out late in the evening and the hot daytime becomes boring. Well, we know that Jaipur is anything but boring and there are places you can be during noon without sweating. We are talking about the swanky malls in the city, Peeps!

Malls are the best places to get respite from the heat while shopping and eating. These air-conditioned havens become busier during summers and for all the right reasons. Young and old people of the city come to spend time here whether they shop or not. Jaipur has many malls but only some of them get the max love of the citizens. The hottest yet the coolest malls of Jaipur are-



Ask younger Jaipurites and they will pick this one as their favorite place to be. GT means Gaurav Tower in case you are wondering. The underground market at this mall is like Sarojini Nagar of Jaipur. Girls come here to shop latest fashion trends at dirt cheap prices. You also get great street food at the oldest mall in the city. Adjacent to GT is crystal court which is shopping and food joint as well.

The latest addition to the family is GT Central nearby, a hipper mall which is also getting popular. All these malls are situated near Malviya Nagar Puliya.


2.Pink Square Mall

Pink Square Jaipur Beat

Cross the always jammed Raja Park and you will arrive in this cool mall. Pink Square is a great place for shopaholics as it has some of the top fashion brands inside. Not only high-street but Pink Square has kiosks for street shopping too. You can indulge in window-shopping with your friends while enjoying yummy ice-creams and coffees available at this mall in Adarsh Nagar.


3.City Pulse Mall

city pulse jaipur

The name of this mall gives you the feel that it is always pulsating with crowd and that’s true. This huge mall is a cool place to hang out with your buddies. Whenever you are feeling bored, head to this mall at Narain Sing circle to feel happy.




World Trade Park is an impressive name and the sprawling building does full justice to it. Whether you want to shop makeup, skincare, bags, western wear or Indian wear; WTP has it all. There is never a dull moment here. The food court here is humongous and you will find all kinds of cuisines to satiate your taste buds. This place is like the father of all other malls in the city as it has many exclusive brands. WTP is in Malviya Nagar on the scenic JLN Marg.


5.MGF Metropolitan

mgf metropolitan mall jaipur

This mall has some pretty amazing restaurants to begin with. Located near Bais Godam Circle, Metropolitan is one classy mall with inviting ambiance. Not to mention that it’s a shopper’s paradise.


6.Triton Mall

triton mall jaipur

Triton is located near Jhotwara Pulia and makes an imposing structure. It looks uber cool from the exterior and is equally good from inside. Scary House here attracts lot of people and so does the shopping experience.

Image Source- Triton

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What Can A Fashion Lover Buy In Jaipur

Jaipur has the image of a conservative city for a lot of people. The fabrics and ornaments from Jaipur attract people from all over the world but some folks might think that they will not get trendy things in Jaipur. This thinking is anything but correct.

In Jaipur, you will find fashion items of all kinds. The big national and international brands have stores here but we are talking about authentic Jaipur work. The indigenous prints and cuts are very much here but there is a huge variety of voguish cuts in Rajasthani prints. Pink City is definitely a heaven for wedding outfits and jewellery but it has modern fashion as well. If you are also planning to come to Jaipur, you have to keep a day free for shopping to satisfy all your fashion-needs.

Big and small trinkets

Enamel work jewellery is probably the most well-known style. You will get everything from bangles to anklets in meenakari or enamel work in Jaipur. We also have gorgeous styles in Kundan and Jadau jewellery. Whether you want to shop for your wedding or for regular wear, there are many options for you.

birdhichand ghanshyamdas
Silver jewellery of Jaipur is for the modern fashionista as well as for ladies rooted in tradition. Girls will love the heavy and light funky jewellery pieces available here.
MI Road and Johari Bazaar are mainly for precious jewellery while imitation jewellery is available in every nook and corner of the four-walled-city.



Vibrant and colorful bangles made of lac are Jaipur’s identity. Lac is highly pliable and brittle but the beauty of lac bangles is just mesmerizing. You will find a lot of variety in Maniharon Ka Rasta and Hawa Mahal.




Fashion forward men need not lose heart as Jaipur has something for them as well. You will get traditional Jaipur Jootis regardless of your gender. Simple camel leather jootis are hot favorites for daily wear. Embellished shoes with colorful embroidery and shimmery sequins attract everyone whether they are Jaipurites or tourists.


Cotton Outfits


Cotton is the right fabric for every summer and in Jaipur, you get a really wide variety of trendy clothes. Jackets, palazzos, crop tops, trousers, scarves and every other style you want to keep your fashion game on point.


Traditional Prints


If you have ever been to Jaipur, you must have come across an astonishing number of ladies wearing similar prints. Leheriya and bandhej work from the city is famous all over the world. Sarees and salwar-kameez in these attractive prints have universal appeal.
These prints are also available on tops, skirts, leggings, dupattas and bags.

When it comes to Jaipur prints, block prints deserve a special mention. These colorful yet elegant prints are favorites among the fashion connoisseurs.

Whether you want to shop for clothes or shoes, Bapu Bazaar is the place to be.


Its Raining Fashion In Jaipur !!

Jaipur with its incredible history , art and culture, is now adding one more feather to its cap by hosting various Fashion shows.

One of the leading and the most prestigious fashion institutes, Pearl Academy, recently organised an astonishing fashion show in its annual grading event “Portfolio 15” at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur. And guess who was the esteemed Guest of Honor? India’s most successful fashion designer – Manish Malhotra !!


Portfolio ’15 presented more than 100 innovative designs by its graduating students which were a perfect amalgamation of Western and Indian styles by these talented and young fashion designers. With high beats of music in the background, the crowd was thrilled and ecstatic. The show witnessed a huge audience which encompassed young fashion enthusiasts , HNIs and some leading fashion designers of the industry.




The collections showcased off beat color combinations and clearly a lot of experimentation was done with the outfits. The skirts, maxies, blouses were definitely a delight to watch.  The designers also displayed a concept ‘Monochrome’ which defines one color or the shades of one color in the show.



The most intriguing collection that was seen on the ramp was ‘The Post Apocalyptic Bride’ by Pooja Verma that focused on post-apocalyptic fashion using materials that remain behind even when everything else decays. The collection was impressive given that it was created out of nothing and the creativity and imagination of the designer was beyond beautiful and eccentric.

The designers also portrayed the look of a hunter man in the wasteland with the  concept ” Gypsy” which showcased Junglee and Raw Look.


Apart from depicting the designer clothes based on various themes , there was a round which showcased attractive “Jewelry” by famous designers.



The event ended on a high note and marked the success of the fashion designers of the academy 🙂


6 Best Places In Jaipur To Shop Rajasthani Prints!

When you think about the beautiful and eternally fashionable prints and fabric, one city that surely comes to your mind is Jaipur ! Every corner of the pink city holds a different visual delight that can possibly make your wardrobe more happening and interesting every single day.

Rajasthani prints like Bagru, Sanganer, tie & dye are not just normal prints but each of them speak about the passionate tradition of the crafts, colors and stories that have shaped lives and cultures in Rajasthan. Let’s find out the best places in Jaipur where you can get the best of these Rajasthani prints !

  1. GulabChand

If you live in Jaipur or are visiting here, there is no chance of you not wanting to shop at Gulab Chand ! As the name suggests the brand completely draws its inspiration from the beauty of the ‘Pink’ City (Gulab meaning Pink). At Gulab Chand, you will get to choose from a wide variety of traditional Sanganeri print, Batik print and Block print both for men and women. You can explore all kinds of un-stitched fabric, vibrant kurtis, salwars, stoles, printed shirts and sarees. Also, mix and match is very easy and trendy if you shop from this place !

Situated at-

105-106, Mall 21, Ground Floor, opp. Rajmandir Cinema, Bhawan Das Road, Jaipur.

#12-14, City Pulse Mall, Narain Singh Circle, Narayan Singh Road, Jaipur

gulab chand 

 2. Anokhi

Now extended to an elite cafe, Anokhi is one great place to shop from if you are looking  for outfits in different organic prints, designs, colors, and product of supreme quality. Anokhi’s designs blend contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence. Apart from having a store in Jaipur, the brand also has the outlets in many cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Udaipur. When in Jaipur, one can visit-

C-11, KK Square, Prithviraj Road, C-Scheme, Jaipur

  1. Soma

Like they say, ‘Old is Gold’, Soma is a perfect example of an old place which still feels as fresh and contemporary when it comes to its delightful range of hand printed products. The best part is that there is always something new for the customers at Soma, be it in colors, styles or ranges. The brand uses dyes made from non toxic chemicals for printing. Soma houses a range of home furnishings and accessories, fashion wear for women, men and children.


Situated at-5, Jacob road, Civil Lines, near Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur.
  1. Fab India

If you are looking for veritable Indian silhouettes in an endless array of fun prints and colors, then Fab India is one such option. The outfits by the brand can be integrated in the everyday wardrobe easily.

Situated at- CB-4 E- Prithviraj Road, C-scheme, Opp. Gate-4, Central Park, Jaipur

5. Chandni Crafts
Chandni Crafts is a very old and a small store situated in a residential street in Bani park. The store is famous for its ethnic and western wears that are affordable yet having a stylish expression of comfort and creativity imbibed in one. The store has a quite good collection of colorful Rajasthani printed Salwar, Kurtras, skirts and stoles, bed sheets, covers etc.
chandni crafts
 Locate at- Shiv Marg, Kanti Nagar, Bani Park, Jaipur,
  1. Sikar House

Also known as Haaji Market, Sikar house is the hub of Rajasthani printed fabrics, the market is full of varieties ranging from home furnishings, fabrics to colorful Kurtis and Shirts. The best part is that you can bargain and shop everything at affordable prices.

Sikhar House, Subhash Nagar, Jaipur

So get going and explore these stores and fill your wardrobe with Batik and Sanganeri Prints which will surely add a splash of color and style to your wardrobe !!