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9 Foodie Favorites at Pushkar Covered on A Special Food Trail by Jaipur Beat

Pushkar Episode .jpg

Though the annual Pushkar Fair is famous for live stock trading but do you know Pushkar is also one heaven for foodies. From street stalls to roadside cafes, wide range of cuisines waits for food lovers to visit and enjoy sumptuous cuisine of Pushkar. In this holy town Non-veg food is strictly prohibited and when it comes to vegetarian food there is always a feeling of limited options available. But there’s no other place that can match the variety of veg cuisines offered here.

When Jaipur Beat decided to be at Pushkar Fair, we left no street uncovered to find out some food gems of Pushkar and we zeroed on a handful of them to try their food owing to some strong recommendations.

As we walked down the streets amidst the aroma of freshly made Baatis, steaming hot tea being served in mitti ka kulhad(earthen pots), puris and kachoris being fried right on the street, the whiff of gulkand and the sight of tempting malpuas dipped in sugar syrup were oozing out utter bliss.

Let us take you through a safar of the Pushkar streets during the annual Pushkar Mela where Jaipur Beat tried some rarest mouthwatering dishes so that next time, you don’t have to think before you eat –

1.Tea Stall Hawker– In India wherever you travel, having a cup of tea is no big deal. Roadsides are dotted with chai wallahs who serve tea boiled up with spices, sugar and milk. But here at Pushkar this Chai Wala adorning pagdi serving steaming hot tea in mitti ka kulhad will surely grab your attention.

ADDRESS – Brahma Temple Road

2. Poha Pizza Pakwan- You must have heard of Poha, Pizza, and Dal Pakwan but here comes a crazy fusion called Poha Pizza Pakwan which is available only here at Pushkar Breakfast Corner. This is one of the most relished breakfasts in Pushkar. A crispy crunchy mathri is topped with dal (cooked lentils) and regular poha with onion, tomato sprinkled  with chatpata masala.  But remember you could only get it if you hit the streets before 10 am.

ADDRESS – Pushkar Breakfast Corner

3. Kachori- A popular local breakfast dish in Rajasthan are these round fluffy Kachoris stuffed with tempting masalas and fried till golden brown, but this crispy kachori being served with tamarind chutney at ‘Ugma Ji Ki Kachori,  is an absolute treat that needs special attention.

ADDRESS – Ugma Ji Ki Shop
Opp Maheshwari Seva Sadan

4. Out Of The Blue Café- The crowded streets of Pushkar during the fair time leave no space to relax. But here we see this calm and serene lake view rooftop cafe – Out of the Blue. With the soothing blue interior this café is your ultimate relaxation point and one stop destination for all your cravings of delectable Italian and continental cuisines and of course for some truly delectable pizzas. A perfect retreat for our “Firangi Mehmaan” and those with videshi taste buds.

ADDRESS – Out Of The Blue Cafe’

Kapra Bazaar

5. Malpua- Malpua is a sweet delicacy that is made best only in Pushkar and that too in Halwai Ki Gali. These little ‘pancakes’ coated with nutty sugar syrup are the ultimate sweet indulgence. Malpuas are quiet heavy on stomach but no one can stop at just one. They are made even richer when served with Rabdi (sweet condensed milk). Sarvadia Mishtan Bhandar is the name to remember as they serve the best Malpuas in Pushkar.

ADDRESS – Sarwadiya Mishthan Bhandar
Halwai Gali, Badi Basti, 

6. Poori Aloo- The popular Indian breakfast of Poori Aloo needs no introduction. We all have had it at different places but the poori aloo served at Pushkar is unique as the use of curd in their aloo curry distinguishes it from the rest.

ADDRESS –Shri Sarveshar Sweets and Namkeen 
Halwai Gali, Badi Basti, 

7. Falafel

Pushkar is a much sought-after destination for international tourists and that is the reason along with all the Rajasthani delicacies, Pushkar is also famous for its continental cuisines. You can find many street shops serving Falafel and hummus wraps. They have so many kinds of laffas  (what’s this) that you can sit here for an entire day and you still can’t finish trying them all!

Address- Pawan Restaurant
Narsing Ghat

8. Makhaniya Lassi

Pushkar is famous for its Gulkand- a sweet caramelized preserve of rose petals. And here we get to taste the lassi with a unique blend of mawa, yogurt and gulkand. For the best Gulkand lassi, the top in town is Kumawat Lassiwala, a small stall near Brahma temple.

Near Brahma Temple

9. Dal Baati

Once known as Rajasthan’s staple food, Baati is eaten with Dal and Churma and varies in tastes and sizes all across Rajasthan. In Pushkar Baatis are quite big in size, which are dipped in desi ghee and served in this tempting Thali.

Address- Pooja Restaurant

Mela Ground

We tried to eat everything possible but still missed many. If you think it’s over, wait there is a long list pending for our next visit. Till then- Happy eating 🙂

Let’s watch this Special Episode on Pushkar Food Trail-

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Rajasthan’s Holy Town Pushkar Comes Alive During Pushkar Fair 2017

Come the month of Kartik, and the holy town of Pushkar is seen buzzing with a burst of colors, rhythm of Rajasthani folklores, hustle bustle in the narrow bucolic streets, a plethora of delish cuisines and a large stadium surrounded with thousands of camels and turban clad Rajasthani men because it’s the time of the annual Pushkar Mela once again in 2017 😀

Preparations of Pushkar Fair can be seen in full swing when livestock owners from all across the country come here to trade cattle especially camels – the Ship of Desert. It’s priceless to see the expressions on the faces of these men when they sit patiently in the Pushkar Mela Ground for days and wait for the trade to take place.

Not just their faces, there are few more sights that are truly glowing and precious during this time. Though Pushkar’s streets are known for their colorful fervor and unique shopping experience, they are swathed in their own charm at the time of Pushkar fair.

Did we say thousands of camels ? Well the only living beings who have started giving a tough competition to the cattle in the last few years is the ‘Photography Enthusiasts’ who come from all around the globe in large groups and are seen more in number than the cattle itself 😉

And why won’t they? After all, who would want to miss these magical spectacles ?

The fair officially starts on 28th October i.e. Saturday and if you love photography, culture, Rajasthan, streets, food, adventures, camel rides or any beautiful thing on the planet, we suggest you to pack your bags are start your journey to Pushkar !


9 Golden Moments To Capture In Pushkar Fair 2016

Pushkar Fair, though every year offers something new to perceive and remember, there are some things that you will find every single time you experience this heaven on earth 🙂

1. Sunrise

When the dust mixes with golden light falling from sun, the ship of desert shines beautifully exuding absolute delight !

pushkar sunrise

2. Ghats

If you really want to see and know how ‘ghat ghat ka pani’ tastes and looks, there is no better place than Pushkar.

G7 copy

3. Bazaars
From jutis to Ray Ban, bangles to clothes, the streets of Pushkar offer everything you name and everything you can’t !
pushkar shopping
4. Food
It’s Rajasthan, so there is no way you can escape the thought of delicious food anywhere and everywhere, but here, as you walk down the streets, you find the baatis being freshly made, kachoris being fried and malpue exuding utter bliss !
pushkar food
5. Pushkar Lake
After a noisy day, when you look for a place to sit by and feel the serenity of Pushkar, Pushkar lake is your haven.
pushkar lake
6. Camels
With varied expressions, different moods, beautifully decked up and lost in their ownselves, camels are the ones who attract people from all over the world to come and visit this fair !
p5 copy
7. Turbans
Red, green, pink, yellow, orange, or all in one, the Rajasthani men never shy away from flaunting their fashion mantra i.e. the colorful gorgeous turbans😉
pushkar turbans
8. Culture
Music, colors, dance, folk, festivity, temples, Pushkar fair truly portrays the vibrant culture of Rajasthan🙂
9. Sunset
Last but not the least, that time of the day when the camel needs respite, the chill in the air is felt by all, the men and women start to prepare for their meals on chulahs, the sun is seen setting in spreading the scintillating palette of colors on the sky which is an absolute treat to watch and to just sink in🙂
pushkar sunset

Pushkar Fair 2014 – A miraculous reunion of Verve, Devotion and Folklore

As the early morning light of 31st October rose over the sand dunes of holy town, Pushkar, the smells of camel feed along with the sounds of belching camels filled the air and embarked the beginning of the Pushkar Fair. The camel and horse traders huddled near the embers of small fires with cups of camel milk chai (tea) in the hands to discuss their plans for the fair while the droves of tourist cars and backpackers started pouring into town.  With melding of innumerable hues of color and serene views and raw sounds, the festival took off its 7 day long mesmerizing journey with a flag host followed by a sequel of bustling activities.

camel and sunrise

Though the woman in rural Rajasthan sits in the confines of her home but the creativity in her hand is truly exceptional, which left many awe struck during the Mandana Competition. The designs, fine lines and beauty of Mandna revealed the unexplored talent of Rajasthan.


Adding to the liveliness of the fair, many tourists were seen in dressed colorful traditional attires with their own personalized twist which reflected  their free spirits and energy for not only witnessing the celebration but begin a part of it.


A frenzied burst of activities like football match, Kabaddi match and Wrestling between the tourists and locals heightened the excitement and energy level among the participants and those who cheered their own respective teams.


tourist with prizes

Everyone has their own distinct & unique personal style to get dressed, true to its meaning some camels were adorned with glittery fabrics with silver bells and beautiful jewellery like mori, tang, mod, payal and ghooghra. While some had intricate motifs etched around their necks and heads in order to win the camel decoration competitions.

decorated camels 2

From beads, brass utensils, silver jewellery, colorful bangles to leather goods, unique embroidery clothes and exclusive handicrafts the colorful bazaars of Pushkar and Shilpgram situated at the RTDC tourist village had a lot to offer to the Shopaholics visiting the fair. 


 Other fun filled completions like Mataka Phod, musical chair race, Mataka Race,Turban tying and tilak completion ended a burst of amplified laughter and cheers. The tourists participated in each activity with a great gaiety and in full spirit.

Turban tying competition
Turban tying competition
Mataka Phod
Mataka Phod

The movement of the crowd during the spiritual walk was like a tide of color with currents of saffron and yellow creating a colorful and heavenly ambiance.

spiritual walk

Exploring the beauty of coloufully drenched Pushkar at a bird’s eye view was serene and thrilling. Soaring through the air in a hot air balloon gives you a sense of exhilaration and peacefulness which just not possible with your feet on the ground!

hot air ballon view 1

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The vivid facial expression captured  depict the true emotions of the people, making a natural communication that doesn’t require words.



The spectacular cultural evenings are worth witnessing as when the cold November nights at the Pushkar sand dunes are lit up by the lurid campfires, the Sufi music and folk performances cast a magical spell. Swing to the sounds of high pitched musical instruments which echo in the vast expanse of the tranquil Thar Desert as the folk singers sing the songs that majestically narrate the tales of folk heroes, legendary lovers and their tragedies. 

folk music on the sand dunes

When you witness religious rites being performed during the Maha Aarti at the Pushkar Sarovar with such high reverence and respect, you can feel a humbling of the soul. The sight of the temple priest moving the lamp in a synchronizing manner to the rhythmic chants of hymns and the clang of cymbals during the Maha Aarti is truly a breathtaking experience.

Maha Aarti at Pushkar Sarovar
Maha Aarti at Pushkar Sarovar

 maha arti 2

The auspicious day of kartik Purnima marked the ending of the  fair, innumerable devotees offered prayers and took a holy dip in the sacred water of Pushkar Sarovar and also a closing and prize distribution ceremony was organized at the Pushkar mela ground. Though this 7 day journey came to an end but everyone carried along unforgettable memories of a rising sun that bathes people before they have taken a dip, filling of colours in the yawning lazy streets and enchanting views of Maha Aarti that will always warm up their souls.

last pic sun set

 Photo credits : Rajasthan fairs and festivals and Department of Tourism Rajasthan

Celebrations · Jaipur

The day one of Pushkar fair- a feast for the eyes.

Just when we step into the spiritual month of Kartik, The Theerth- Raj Pushkar witnesses a rare and phenomenal amalgamation of spiritual fervor, heritage and cultural effervescence at the world famous Pushkar fair. Each corner, street and ghat of the Pushkar along with mesmerizing sand dunes get drenched away in the vibrancy of colours with the men and women dressed in diaphanous traditional outfits, decorated cattle and excited and cheerful faces of the tourists.

tourists on camel

This year with overcast skies and pleasant weather due to the Nilofer effect, the Pushkar fair kicked off its 7 day extravagant celebration on 31st October with a flag hosting followed by Mandana competition embarking the beginning of festivity and celebrations.


The beautiful patterns created with the use of fine lines in a perfect symmetry acquainted the visitors about the artistic skills and talent present in the hands of the rural women.

Women participating in the Mandna competition.
Women participating in the Mandna competition.

Many foreign tourists at the fair preferred adorning themselves in traditional attires like kurtas, safas and colourful ghagras which grasped the sight of many locals and as well as the fellow tourists.

An energetic performance by the young school girls, beautifully dressed in traditional attires was applauded by all. Their innocent yet skillful moves left everyone spellbound.

little school girls moving towards the stage for their performance
little school girls moving towards the stage for their performance

Camels elaborately decorated with the vibrant jewellery pieces attracted a lot of eyeballs and provided a peep into the colourful cultural and tradition of the state. The owners decorated the camels with vibrant accessories like mori, gorband, kantmal, loom, parchi, pilan, tang, mod, payal, ghooghra and poonch bandhani etc.

camel decoration
To get the real feel of the festival the tourists and locals participated in the football match with a great enthusiasm. The match was a very close one and both the teams showcased intense energy and a true sporting spirit but by the end the game went into the favour of the passionate team of tourists, who won the match.

football match at the Pushkar Fair
Football match at the Pushkar Fair


The bustling fair is also a shopaholic heaven. One can stack the bags with lovely beads, brass utensils, colorful bangles to leather goods, unique embroidery clothes and exclusive handicrafts, it offers everything that you have always wanted.

pushkar shopping

After a day filled with a plethora of energetic activities the day one of pushkar fair ended with the chanting of vedic mantras and prayers on the banks of Pushkar lake during the Maha Arati, which added a spiritual and mystical fervor to evening. The sight of the priest performing rituals and the illumination of lights gently drifting on the water surface made the evening more beautiful and alluring, looking forward to unfolding more days of fun and frolic.

moment of the day


Photo Credits- Rajasthan fairs and festivals, Department of tourism Rajasthan.