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5 Chocolaty Places In Jaipur To Celebrate World Chocolate Day

When Modiji is in Jaipur and everyone simply gets the privilege to enjoy the weekend with their loved ones as all the shops, schools have been shut down, what better way to relax and celebrate World Chocolate Day. So, in order to help all you chocolate lovers end their cravings, Jaipur Beat brings to you the chocolatiest hangouts and places to buy chocolates in the city!!

  1. Nibs Cafe & Chocolateria
    With its branches in C-Scheme, Raja Park & Bani Park, Nibs undoubtedly is the most favored place for all the chocolate lovers. With everyone going crazy about their variety of chocolate treats not to mention their amazing and everyone’s favorite white hot chocolate, this place feels like heaven.


  1. The Chocolate Room
    Located in the Food Court at World Trade Park, this small chocolate cafe is definitely another place where you satiate your chocolate cravings. With a complete menu filled with variety of chocolate desserts like crepes, waffles and some amazing chocolate drinks, you can definitely have some melting moments here.

The Chocolate Room.jpg

  1. Chocolate Boutique
    If you are going to a birthday party or Saturday dinner, how about carrying a bouquet of chocolates rather than a usual bouquet of flowers. And to get that, let us show you the way to the best place from where you can buy such a present. Chocolate boutique is famous in the city for its delicious chocolaty choices that it has to offer. Do not forget to get your loved ones, one of these tonight 😉


  1. Brown Sugar
    With outlets spread across the city, this cafe not only offers a few good chocolate treats but is also a place where you can have a good mini meal. Chocolates and your favorite lasagna, what more shall you ask for?


  1. Melting Moments
    This small kiosk located at crystal palm, will definitely make you realize that all good things come in small packages. From delicious chocolates to amazing desserts this place offers you all you want to celebrate World Chocolate Day.


Now that the list is ready it’s time to make your decision 😉

Happy World Chocolate Day!

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10 Refreshing Summer Camps In Jaipur

A refreshing environment and interesting activities are all that your kid needs this summer. Blazing heat and constantly fluctuating temperature of the city should not be a reason to bring down the energy level of your child because this is the time for Summer Camps. Packed with fun, excitement, adventure and a lot to learn, summer camps are being organized all around the city to keep your child involved in power-packed activities and keep the over load of holiday homework off its shoulder (Well, for a few hours). Since holidays are far more than just completing the homework, it is time for you help your kid to enjoy and make the best of this time.

We bring you the most exciting workshops and summer camps of the city. Take a look…

  1. The Junior Summer Program

A summer training camp organized only at the Jawahar Kala Kendra. The camp started from May 15 will last up to June 20. The amazing activities being offered by this camp include personality development, photography, diction and art of debating and creative writing. Something your kid shouldn’t miss!


  1. Star Gazer Summer Camp for Kids

If you are looking for a summer camp on B-7a Motilal Atal Road offering art and craft, camping, jungle party, cooking classes, etiquette classes, movies and storytelling and rhymes then Star Gazer is the right place for your child. The camp will be starting from May 17 and will last up to May 22.


  1. Summer Camp and Hobby Classes

Organized by Saaz Music and Dance academy, this summer camp will surely help your child enjoy art and craft, Dance, Vocal and music. Lasting from May 16 to June 25, Saaz has organized this camp in different localities of the city including Plot 1, Jhulelal Marg, Near Vikas School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar along with Chitrakoot, Shyam Nagar and Malviya Nagar. Just the right place for music and dance lovers.


  1. Super Kids Summer Camp

To all the parents living in or near Main Calgiri Road, Malviya Nagar, Super Kids Summer Camp is just right for your kids because it offers exciting activities including painting, calligraphy, dance, martial arts, nail art, skating, yoga and aerobics and basketball.  The camp has already started its batches form May 12 and May 16.


  1. Junior Einstein Camp (Patrika Group)

Patrika in Education (PIE), 2016 brings you the much awaited summer camp including aerobics, mad science, abacus and robotics. Starting from May 16 in SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, the camp will last up to May 28. If your kid loves science and books, Junior Einstein can help him to think and work like Einstein.


  1. Yearly Summer Training Camp

The annual summer training camp is all set to be organized at the City Palace, Jaipur. The camp will last for a month and will offer Dance, Drama, Music and photography at a whole new level.


  1. Acting Workshop

Darshak Sanstha (Academy of Music and Arts) will be organizing a one month workshop (May 30 – June 30) in Darshak College, Malviya Nagar specifically on acting theory, sound design, etc. If your kid loves acting or designing, this workshop can help him excel in this field.


  1. Junior Picasso Camp (Patrika Group)

For the love of Dance, Theatre, Drama, Drawing, Sketching, Painting and Music, Patrika in Education (PIE), 2016 brings you Junior Picasso Camp from May 16 to May 28 only in SV Public School,Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar.


  1. Summer Camp 2016

The Poppins pre-primary school has brought the most exciting summer camp for the kids starting from May 16 to June 4 in 71/262 Paramhans Marg, Mansarovar along with centers in Siddharth Nagar and Jagatpura. Whether it is martial arts, western dance, yoga and aerobics, art and craft, skating, music, cooking, calligraphy, spoken English, drama, French basics or sketching and painting, this summer camp will offer the best of everything.


  1. Junior Explorer Camp (Patrika Group)

From art and craft, mind development, games, imagination development to knowledge improvement, Patrika In Education (PIE), 2016 brings you Junior Explorer from May 16 to May 28 only in SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar for helping your child to discover himself.


Go out and help the kids join their favorite camp because the sun is shining and so are they !


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5 Delicious Street Foods To Have In The Lanes Of Raja Park

Jaipur and its street food goes hand -in-hand. With the vendors selling mouth-watering delight on the streets is sure to tickle your taste buds. So, Jaipur Beat decided to take you around the hustling – bustling lanes of Raja Park for some gastronomes delight.

  1. Nand Ke Golgappe

Some call it golgappas, some puchkas, Pani Patashi and so on, but on the streets of Raja Park, everyone shouts for Nand Ke Golgappe. With number of flavoured waters, it gives a khata- meetha taste to that crunchy patashi and adds that absurd smile after putting that one whole patashi in your mouth.

nand2 copy

  1. Marky Momos

Marky Momos came to present Chinese food in the way it should be and restore the splendour of Chinese cuisine. It has earned its reputation for its Honey Chilli Potatoes and Hot n Sour Chicken Soup.


  1. Sethi’s Barbeque Restaurant

One of the favourite hangout places, especially for the non-vegetarians, Sethi’s offers some exquisite tandoori snacks. It has some mouth melting tikkas and to ask for some extra masala and lemon wedges, adds to a perfect tanginess to the visit.

sethis barqbeque

  1. Julie Furniture Ki Bhelpuri

Even though it does not have its origin here but the bhelpuri wala right opposite Julie Furniture in Raja Park has that unique taste since years now. Everyone coming down to Jaipur visits here. Serving Bhelpuri in its original style, i.e. in a daily newspaper like no other Bhelpuri wala, is its USP.



  1. Swami Cafe

Another synonym to South India food in Jaipur is the Swami Cafe. Dosa is one of those Indian foods that are popular all over the world. But coming down to Jaipur not having Swami’s dosa is a visit incomplete.

swami4 copy

6.  Golgappe wala near Parnami Mishthan Bhandaar

Apart from Nand Golgappe wala, this golgappe wala stand right at the corner near Parnami Mishthan Bhandaar and serves the best dahi wale patashi and normal patashi.


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Calories Don’t Count

It’s World Food Day today! Jaipur is known as a food paradise. It offers a plethora of visual treats to anyone travelling to Jaipur. From theme based cafes to formal dining in lavish restaurants, and not to forget the yummy street food – Jaipur is becoming a melting pot for the foodies.

Getting up from the bed for breakfast, how can you miss on paneer pakoras and doodh jalebi from Saras Parlor, or may it be Shankar ke garma garam samosa, Lassiwala Ki Lassi and Samrat ki kachori. Though it all sums up to be heavy but it’s delicious and the localities are lucky enough to gorge on these delicacies whenever they want.



Jaipur cuisine gives some robust and delectable flavors in some of its star dishes – dal bati churma, laal maas, ker sangria, gate ki sabzi, ghewar and a lot more for luncheon or dinner. Your trip remains incomplete if you didn’t dig into any of these sumptuous dishes. Localites are lucky enough to gorge on these delicacies whenever they want.

dal bati churma


If your stomach is still not full or has a little space, head out onto the streets to get a bite of the local snacks and delicacies. You can really bet on a stall of Pandit Pav Bhaji which has been serving from at least last 15 years, or even try Bhelpuri in Raja Park (in front of Julie Furniture). If you want everything at one place Kanha can be the perfect place.

Jaipur and its food, thus compel you to come back and savor its taste lavish cuisine.

Happy #WorldFoodDay 🙂


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Best Non 5 Star Bakeries In Jaipur

There’s nothing like the rich smells of cakes and cookies and other baked items. The smell of freshly baked products is just not comforting but can simply make you hungry. So maybe your weakness is cakes, cupcakes or cookies…no matter what, these 10 delicious non 5 star bakeries serves yummiest in town.

  1. Brown Sugar Bakers & Café

If you want to add that perfect sweetness in your life, Brown Sugar gives you a wide range of cakes, pastry and sandwiches in all its three outlets. One can always find the bakery filled with youngsters as it offers some really nice unusual combinations of food and above all, an appealing ambience, all at a very reasonable price. Though it makes some outstanding fruitcakes but it also caters some other savories like sandwiches, pastry, wraps, pastas, sizzlers, puffs and the menu is vast.

Address – Tilak Marg, C- Scheme, Jaipur

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

  1. Bake well

Bake well, is among the oldest bakeries started by Mr. M.P. Ahuja catering around Jaipur since 1974. Carrying forward the family business and serving the masses in Jaipur, specially the locality of Raja Park it has been serving some fresh and delectable home-made bakery items. It also makes some fresh and tasty pizza base, kulche, burger buns. Despite these, Bake well also prepares pineapple, chocolate cakes and delicious foot longs, hotdogs and some home-made biscuits.

 Address – Raja Park, Jaipur


Bakewell 1

  1. Bake Hut

Thinking to add a sweet tooth to the pink city, Bake Hut was established in 1995. It gives some pleasing taste to each and every bakery item from the menu.CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN & LIVE BROWNIE STATION is the latest edition.

Address – Opp. Jaipur Hospital, Tonk Road, Jaipur

Bake Hut

Bake Hut 1

  1. Miss Bakers

With classic pink and white theme and open ambience, Miss Bakers is known for some of its mesmerizing looking designer cakes with finest decorations. If you really want the energy treat go for the most famous and its specialty – Red Velvet Cake. It also prepares some delicious Oreo Cheesecakes, Banana breads and home- made chocolates. As the also specialize in designer cakes, if you really want to surprise someone just give Miss Bakers an idea and you will be surprised with not only the look but also with yummilicious taste.

Address – Ashok Nagar, C- Scheme, Jaipur

Miss Bakers

Miss Bakers 1

  1. Sunrise Bakery

Sunrise is the largest bakery chain with around 11 outlets working in Jaipur. It serves some special bakery items like marble cakes, pan pizza, chocolate cakes, etc. Sunrise outstands with some amazing gift items that it comes up with like biscuit basket, chocolate baskets and other occasional delicacies.

Address – Raja Park, Jaipur


Sunrise 1

  1. Nibs Chocolate Boutique

As toys are to kids, if your cup is of cocoa bean – Nibs is the perfect confectionary in the pink city where you can savor the really strong taste of coffee beans in everything, from cakes to pastries, to a dip of cookies in a cup of coffee.

Address – Sanjay Marg, Hathroi, Jaipur


Nibs 1

  1. Cakes ‘N’ Cookies

Catering the youth as well as the families, Suhel Akhtar came up with the concept of Cakes & Cookies. Located in small lanes of Raja Park, it definitely offers something crunchy and crispy, attracting the crowd from all around. The most tried and asked is the Chocolate Excess Cake, which can totally take you in the chocolate factory. Cakes ‘N’ Cookies along with cakes and pastries, also offers some delicious sauces and dips.

Address- Raja Park, Jaipur



  1. Khushaal Bakery

Serving since 40-45 years, Kushhal Bakery really outshines for its freshly prepared bakery biscuits.  It can really give you a baked treat for some other bakery items which people often associate with it. From the wide range available it is extremely difficult to leave something which is not delicious. Seriously, if you ask they have been around forever and have mastered the art of running a great bakery.

Address – Opp. Dussehra Maidan, Govind Marg, Jaipur

Khushal Bakery

Khushal Bakery 1

  1. Dzurt

With some unique and different varities of cakes, patisserie, muffins, macaroons, Dzurt looks amazing and tastes super- licious!  Started by a young and aspiring chef, TejasviChandela, Jaipur got a patisserie shop with a totally new concept. Some of the specialty includes red velvet cheesecake, lemon drizzle cake, chocolate mud pastry, tarts, pies and the list is endless. Although it seems to be a little expensive patisserie but the cakes and above all the ambience surely attracts your attention.

Address – Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur


Dzurt 1

Last but not the least!

  1. Lovin’ Oven

A craze of eating healthy in Jaipur continues to grow. Lovin’ Oven has come up with this distinct concept of catering to healthy lifestyles. Lovin’ Oven is a home-style bakery launched recently in the town. Owned by Shubhi Gupta, a photographer by profession thought of this unique idea where even those with a few extra pounds around their waist can indulge in delectable cookies.  Not only this, for people with diabetes, the risks of indulging in too many sweets are higher, but Lovin Oven has options for all those as it is outfitting to healthy lifestyles  where the products are made up of whole wheat using olive oil and other natural and organic ingredients. For rest, regular Cakes, Cookies, Apple Pie’s, Banana Pie’s and lot so many options are available.

So, next time for a sweeter treat or for a personal party in office /home, you simply need to call 099288 76556 and order will be delivered right on your door step.

Address – Mansarovar

Lovin Oven Lovin Oven 1


7 Best Ice Cream Points In Jaipur

As the temperature seems be soaring high and getting humid – nothing can cure it as well as a delicious, sweet and thandi- thandi ice-cream!! To make your choice clearer and easier the next time you have a craving, we have got you some of the best ice cream points that have been shining in Jaipur since time immemorial.

Built in the year 1952, currently it is the oldest ice-cream parlor which stands still in the hustle-bustle of MI Road. It still holds its flavors in its ambience as well as ice-creams. It offers some unique and delicious sundaes as its specialty, like Bhel Puri Sundae, Earthquake Ice-cream, Chocolate pizza etc., that too at reasonable rates!

Jal Mahal 2. MILKY WAY
You might get bored with the limited softy flavors, but when you come to Raja Park, you’ll find a new flavor every day at Milky Way!! It offers 7 specialties for all 7 days in a week and the flavors of the ice cream shakes are simply unmatched.

Milky Way
While you are shopping the narrow lanes of Raja Park, there is no break like a cold ice cream break at Softy Corner. Their chocolate chips ice cream is definitely the highlight and will cool you down just at its first sight 😉

Softy CornerImage credit:

How can we forget our traditional ice-cream – Kulfi? Relish the Pandit ki kulfi which has little denser and creamier taste that you might not find anywhere except on Hawa Mahal Road!

Pandit kulfi
An all time favorite among all the generations, those who belong to Jaipur and those who don’t! Indian Ice Cream wala offers colorful kulfi faluda in all sizes and the taste never ever differs!! Beware, because you might just fall in love with this one 😉
Falauda Wala
You’ve been to MI Road and not seen the famous Guddu Softy Corner? Not possible! It’s been here since ages. People have grown old with it and till date relish the taste of it. As many times you cross Guddu Softy Corner, you would want to have another one. Guddu Softy CornerImage credit:

Though lying in Tripolia Bazzar, people do not hesitate to go here. It offers you a variety of rich, creamy kulfi like Ramchandra Rabdi Faluda, chopati kulfi, kesar pista kulfi, etc. Ramchandra Kulfi wala Image credit:


7 All Time Favorite Food Joints In Jaipur

Be it scorching summer, blooming spring or any time of the year, you’ll always see Jaipur eatery shops flooded with people. We take you around some of the best food outlets/joints where you can find the best of the snacks not bothering how hygienic and healthy it is.

1)      Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Garam-garam pyaaz ki kachori from Rawat Mishthan Bhandar is a perfect and correct way to start your day. Even talking about is mouthwatering! It seems like a perfect delicacy for breakfast.



Image Credit

2)      New Shankar Namkeen Bhandar

Raja Park ki galiyon mein Shankar wale ka naam toh sunha hi hoga! No one can beat the taste of Shankar ke samose.


3)      Samrat

Kota Kachori is different in itself but have you tried Samrat ki famous dal ki kachori? You’ll find heaven on earth and forget the taste of all the kachori’s you have had when you take a bite of famous dal ki kachori.


4)      Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

You’ve come to Jaipur not heard about LMB-not possible. Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar offers you the best Dahi bade full with dry fruits. Iske jaisa koi nahi!


5)      Bombay Mishthan Bhandar

‘Imerti’ is one of the favorite and traditional sweets of India and BMB gives you the ideal location to taste the best finger-licking imerti.


6)      Kanji Sweets

Kanji Sweets offers the best quality, fresh and good and some of the finest sweets.


7)      Kanha

One who goes to Kanha can never be disappointed. A place where health and hygiene is never forgotten, it gives you some of the best bakery biscuits, especially choco-chip biscuits. Not to forget some of the delicious Gujrati dishes like khandvi and dhokla which make their special place in their menu.




Enjoy The Wintry Days At Tea Tradition!

Isn’t a cup of hot Masala Tea along with Aaloo Pakode a perfect combination to satiate your hunger pangs on a breezy day? Tea Tradition at Raja Park is definitely one of those places that will appease your diet with a range of eats and teas which can be savored anytime during the day.


If you wish to chill out with your friends without spending too much, then Tea Tradition offers great choices for you all. The iced tea, milk shakes and cold coffee here will certainly please the crowd who are totally indifferent to changing season, while the tea lovers should absolutely break the tradition of sipping their regular home-made teas and head towards Tea Tradition. You won’t be disappointed at all with the variety of snacks offered here. The eats would totally go well with your beverage.


Though the seating capacity here is limited and you might have to wait before you comfortably seat yourselves, but the food and warmth with which it is served would impress you without fail. And you will surely forget about your irksome wait.



Another interesting thing which we got to know about Tea Tradition is that it completed its 100 days on November 7, 2014. Jasmit Singh, the proud owner of this cafe enthusiastically told our team members about how his cafe attracted a lot of crowd on that day. Their joyous celebrations of completing 100 days were visible on their Facebook Page.


So all you people don’t wait too long and rush to Tea tradition today. And don’t forget to get some pictures clicked. Happy winters! 🙂




Get The True Mumbhai Feel In Jaipur !

Mumbai street food is famous not only in Maharashtra but throughout the country. Who doesn’t love a plate of hot and spicy Vada Pav along with some Cutting Chai ?? So put on your shoes and dash out of the door to reach Jaipur’s newly opened street eatery at Raja Park, ‘Mumbhai Express’.


If you go there to satiate your chatpata pangs, you should definitely not miss out on Schezuan Bhajjia and Kanda Bhajjia which will remind you of the Bombay street culture. The fresh and soft Bhajjia  will be relish to your taste buds and Mumbhai Express’s idea to bring flavors of Bombay to the Jaipur Junta is not new but what makes them different from the rest is their ideology to keep the authentic taste of their dishes intact. Very few eateries are able to present the real flavors of such dishes.




Another interesting thing that would immediately appeal your eyes is the design of their logo. A huge and plump man with round eyes holding Vada Pav in one hand and Chai in the other. That man in their logo would clearly remind you of a desi, grumpy BHAI of Mumbai who loves eating. Sounds typical? Oh! you go there and see it.


This street eatery near Panchwati Circle opens at 4:30 in the evening and runs till 10. Though this eatery is relatively new but has created a lot of buzz among Jaipurites using the power of social media. They plan to attract more and more people by marketing themselves via their Facebook page and Twitter Account. Now that is one thing every modern day restaurant or eatery is doing to become crowd-pleasing. Social Media has truly revolutionized the world.


If you are looking to dig into some light and delectable Bombay street meal then head to Mumbhai Express and you would surely enjoy their food without burning a hole in your pocket.