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Idyllic End to GITB’18 midst the Travel Fraternity!

We all have our own travel wish list or ‘been there’ list prominently etched in our minds. Be it a backpacking trip, a weekend trip to some beach or a vacation with family. We all have that undying desire for travel and adventure; in the middle of nowhere at least once in a lifetime. But every travel needs to be carefully planned.
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The 10th Edition of the Great Indian Travel Bazaar (GITB-2018), organized jointly by the Rajasthan Government and FICCI in Jaipur that ended today, perfectly displayed the globetrotting ways. The travel fair also provided inspiration for ultimate travel destinations.
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Pre-scheduled in the two-day plan of The Great Indian Travel Bazaar there were atleast 11,000 buyers-sellers B2B meetings held at the GITB-2018.
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With the largest choice of exhibitors and a huge variety of holiday and travel options on offer, GITB inspires to discover new destinations and adventures from the experts. The beautifully decorated pavilions, a line-up of incredible talks, presentations and panel sessions from a host of leading hoteliers, covered an array of journeys to every part of India.
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The 10th edition of The Great Indian Travel Bazaar (GITB) ended with euphoria among the travel trade.

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8 Things To Experience In & Around Jaipur On Rajasthan Day

The majestic land of Maharajas, Rajasthan is the most colourful state in India. Well-known for its rich heritage and royal forts and palaces, Rajasthan’s rich food, beautiful locales, and heritage sites is every travel enthusiasts’ dream come true.

Not just for its golden heritage and royal palaces, the state is well known for exciting things to do. And the city that tops the list in is definitely, our lovely Pink City. Being the paradigm of rich heritage, colourful culture and magnificent architecture is surely a must-visit destination for all the travel enthusiasts. And, what could be a better day to witness the splendid fortresses, majestic palaces, tranquil temples and beautiful havelis spirit than the ‘Rajasthan Day’ itself! Lets experience the colourful Jaipur on this special occasion.


  • Visit Magnificent Forts – A Tryst With History

Rajasthan is the land of forts and palaces. Whether it be the Amer Fort of Jaipur, Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur or  the royal Chittorgarh Fort or the magnificent Kumbhalgarh Fort, these forts and palaces are world famous for their ornate architecture and a luxurious haveli like setting. Long walls and and tall buildings within the fort are worth a visit if you want to delve and know more about the royal history and heritage of the majestic Rajasthan.


  • Breathtaking Camel And Elephant Ride

One of the most popular tourist attractions to enjoy in Rajasthan, is an elephant and camel safari. The royal elephant safari at Amer Palace in Jaipur offers the ride upto the fort which can be a really thrilling experience for both foreign and local tourists.


The camel safaris in Pushkar and Jaisalmer is again one of the most exclusive experiences to enjoy on the Rajasthan Day. The exquisite views of the desert seem even more unmatched from a camel’s back!

pushkar camel fair

  • Shopper’s Paradise

Rajasthan is a fun and frolic state and so is its clothing. The traditional outfit usually comprises a colourful Bandhej or Lehariya dupatta for the women and a vibrant Bandhani turban for the men. Jaipur being the capital of Rajasthan, is also the fashion capital of the state. Its well known that Johri Bazaar and Bapu Bazar are world renowned for its authentic gold and silver jewellery as well as for the traditional handicrafts. Take a tour of the market and get your hands on exquisite pieces of art and jewellery here. The market is a tourist attraction in its own right.


  • Wildlife & Eco Safari- A Rustic Tour

The uniqueness of Rajasthan lies in its varied geographies. One of the most adventurous things to do in Rajasthan is to take a wildlife and eco tour. Yes, the land of desert is also the home to the beautiful Mount Abu and wild forests. Approximately, 8 hours drive from the Jaipur City, a visit to Mount Abu is must to get some relief from the peak summers and also as a summer retreat during the vacations. As for the wildlife safari, closely located to Jaipur, Sariska National Park in Alwar district, is one of the best habitats for tigers in India. Take a safari through the reserve and spot several species of wild animals, and some exotic species of birds too.


  • Get Spooky At Bhangarh

Making it to the list of the most haunted places in the world- a visit to Bhangarh is definitely a chilling experience to try on the Rajasthan day. Closely connected to Jaipur, the ruins of Bhangarh Fort are believed to be haunted and it is a common hearing that those who visit after dark does not ever return. Still not scared enough!!  Take a tour yourself to Bhangarh and hear spooky stories from the locals themselves.


  • Savor The Authentic Rajasthani Cuisine

The royal thali of Rajasthan is the hot, spicy and tempting all at the same time. To try the authentic Rajasthani flavors – Dal, Bati, Churma is definitely a must try for everyone.

The authentic non-veg speciality – ‘Lal Maas’  is definitely the best dish to savor amongst the other Rajasthani cuisines. Jaipur is well known for its royal hospitality, and its mouth-watering chats and kachoris too has been every locals favourite. Amongst the sweet dishes – the Rabri Ghewar is definitely a treat to every dessert lover. Serving the authentic Rajasthani cuisine with a touch of warm hospitality, Jaipur’s vivid food items will make your mouth water with the mere sight!

  • Groove To The Beats Of Folk Music And Dance

To witness the hypnotizing folk music and dance performance of Ghoomar as well as Kalbelia is a treat. Jaisalmer and Barmer, being the land of sand dunes is also the home to some of the most talented folk artists of our nation. Enjoy the lovely music and dance performances in Rajasthan and I bet their singing and dancing skills will completely blow your mind!


  • Spiritual Journey

Whether it is the visit to the Govind Devji of Jaipur or the Dargah Sharif in the city of Ajmer, Rajasthan is the land of spiritual incarnation. Each year, several thousand of pilgrims descend to the royal land of Rajasthan to offer their prayers and seek blessings. It is said that a prayer offered at these holy temples does not go unanswered!

govind devji

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On World Water Day, Lets Get To Know The Step Wells Of Jaipur

It’s World Water Day today and we see water related crises around the world. For the people of Rajasthan, water scarcity is nothing new but a profound one as we get torrential rains and the water disappears in a very short time.

To overcome this problem, our ancestors from medieval times as a practical solution built step wells.

Step wells, in simple term means, “Wells which have Stairs” But the science behind this isn’t that simple. Most of the architecture of step wells is simple but massive. The system of step wells was meant to ensure that the people had direct access to water throughout the year.

Rukmani Bawri.jpg
Rukmani Baori

Royalty and affluent members of society usually constructed these step wells. Not just for the men but step wells were developed in such a way with ramps so that cattle could reach the water easily and the steps built into the sides of the water-well made water accessible even when water is at a very low level.

Unbelievable but true that yours truly Jaipur city hoards many Baories or Step well apart from the one world renowned Chand Baori of Abhaneri and almost all are marvel of supreme craftsmanship and architecture.

We visited few of these Baories and have found that some have little water, some have gone dry, some have almost fallen into disrepair, and some were filled in with trash but yes they continue to exist.

Let’s have a look:

  • Parshuram Baori

Located at Amer road opposite Jal Mahal and situated in a large historical complex housing temples etc., the Parshuram Baori is live till date.

Parshuram Bawri 2.jpg

Parshuram Bawri.jpg

  • Kale Hanuman Baori

It is located opposite to Jal Mahal on rear side and is close to Kale Hanuman Mandir.

  • Mahadev Baori

Mahadev Bawri 1Mahadev Bawri 2Mahadev Bawri

  • Panna Meena Ka Kund

It is located in Amber.

Panna Meena Ka Kund 3Panna Meena Ka Kund 2Panna Meena Ka Kund1

  • Cheela Baori

Cheela Baori is located off main road of Amer leading to Delhi road.

Cheela Bawri.jpg

  • Naku Baori

It is located near Cheela Baori.

Naku Bawri 2Naku Bawri 1Naku Bawri

Today, however, these step wells as water-harvesting systems have fallen into disuse by the march of industrialization and urbanization, but there is an urgent need to regenerate and revive these ancient systems.

Lately, individuals and government of Rajasthan are giving rise to the wonderful idea of organising Heritage Water Walks in cities with prominent tourists and heritage locations and have been rethinking their values and their roles in safeguarding creation and the earth’s resources.


With little interest, some of these sites of step wells, which are off the beaten track and have a whiff of adventure can be another interesting location for conducting Heritage Water Walks.

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7 Fun Facts about Jaipur’s famous delicacy Ghewar

Teej 1

The colourful state of Rajasthan offers a vibrant mélange of festivals. These festivals bring along gastronomical delights, often specific to each occasion and celebration. Today is Gangaur and it would be injustice if we don’t talk about the famous delicacy of Rajasthan, which is Ghewar!


Ghewar is a round mesh like disc-shaped fried delicacy drenched in sugar syrup and topped with sliced nuts and sometimes flavored rabri. This Rajasthani festival Dessert is always a chart topper and savored in different styles.

ghewar (1)

Let us share with you some fun facts about Rajasthan’s famous dessert – Ghewar.

ghewar (1)

  1. The crispy delicacy Ghewar is often eaten by women of Rajasthan to break their fast on Gangaur and Teej.
  2. Jaipur’s Ghewar is world famous and is exported globally from here.
  3. Even today the delicacy is made on charcoal fire to maintain its taste & aroma.
  4. The honeycomb disc shaped Ghewar is to be eaten immediately to avoid sogginess.
  5. Paneer Ghewar was invented by Jaipur’s Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar in 1961, after experimenting with kilos of maida and quintals of milk.
  6. Gifting Ghewar to married daughter’s family is one of the traditions in Rajasthan known as Sinjhara, which falls one day prior to Teej and Gangaur.
  7. Not just Jaipurites, even the Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, on his visit to Jaipur, gorged onto the scrumptious Ghewar.


Sweet dishes are hardly referred to as ‘dessert’ in Rajasthan, because unlike desserts which are had after the meal, Rajasthani sweets are savoured before, during and after the meal. So drool no more. For an ‘out of the world’ feeling enjoy Ghewar during this Gangaur festival 🙂


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Spectacular ‘Navras’ starting on March 17 at JKK, Jaipur

A Great News for all the art and theatre connoisseurs of the Pink City !! NAVRAS, a live extravaganza of performing art, dance and music is finally here to warm the hearts of Jaipurites. The third edition of NAVRAS, starting from March 17- March 25, 2018, at Jawahar Kala Kendra, this year is back with even more fascinating performances of theatre, contemporary dance, fusion music and much more.


The festival will commence with the mesmerizing performances of  Dhamaal,” a celebration of the drumming traditions across India. The days that follow will witness many artistic presentations including dance productions– “Thari, The Loom” by Padma Shri Malavika Sarukkai and the magical performance of  Attakkalari’s Bhina Vinyasa, combining movement and digital art will also hit the right note with the audience.

Ismat Apa

However, the star performance of the event will be- “Ismat Apa Ke Naam” directed and enacted by actor Naseeruddin Shah with his wife, Ratna Pathak Shah and daughter Sheeba Shah will mesmerize the audience with their enthralling performances.

Khwab Sa2

The festival will also witness a prominent theatre play – “Khwab Sa” directed by Atul Kumar, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream;”. The premiere of “Elephant in the Room” directed and enacted by Yuki Elias will also be part of Navras this year!



The tickets for the events can be obtained now from the JKK reception. To know more-

Come let’s enjoy the glorious and splendid performances at Navras, 2018!

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New Charm at Nahargarh Fort- Heritage Water Walks!

What comes to your mind to enjoy an eagle’s eye view of the Jaipur city’s jaw dropping skyline? Nahargarh. But did you know Nahargarh, which is one of the most beautiful and favorite places amongst Jaipurites, holds a beautiful story of Nahargarh Water harvesting structures, the story of creativity of Rajasthan’s civilization to modernization for all its needs. Sounds interesting!


Jaipur Beat took a first hand experience about one such water walk at Nahargarh Fort.


Mr. Neeraj Doshi of Rain Water (Research, Advocacy & Innovation in Water), which is supported by the Department of Archaeology & Museums and Jaipur Development Authority, was kind enough to take us along for a special walk on Saturday morning. With lots of storytelling and anecdotes about Nahargarh Fort, the story behind its name, understanding the water culture the overall experience was quite enlightening. 


Nahargarh Fort was the first fort, built by Sawai Raja Jai Singh in 1734 during the reign of (1698-1740) was meant to make Amer Fort completely secure from any kind of foreign aggression. Its extensive water systems are one of the most significant features of the fort.


The fort was originally named Sudarshangarh, but it became to be known
as Nahargarh, the popular belief is that Nahar here stands for Nahar Singh Bhomia, whose spirit haunted the place and obstructed construction of the fort. Nahar’s spirit was calmed by constructing a temple in his memory within the fort, hence finally changing the name of the fort to Nahargarh. 


Living in the desert state, water comes as a major source of inspiration for many centuries. We have adopted deep rooted spiritual and religious values and beliefs that support the importance of water in our lives. All this dogma plays an important role in water management. Yet, despite the water wisdom coming from our city’s ancestors, wise water management is still a bridge that will take some time to cross. Will we ever be able to cover that?

But lately, individuals and Tourism Department of Rajasthan have been rethinking their values and their roles in safeguarding creation and the earth’s resources, giving rise to the wonderful idea of organising Heritage Water Walks in cities with prominent tourists and heritage locations such as Nahargarh Fort and Amer Palace.


About Nahargarh Fort Water Walk
Water catchment for Nahargarh extends to about 6 kms surrounding the fort. A network of six closed catchments connect through small canals and aqueducts and drains are laid in and outside the fort. Small canals bring rainwater from the higher reaches of the hills. The bed of these canals is designed in such a way that it is on a gradient and also at the same time has an undulating course. Nahargarh has two large step wells (Bawri) and a smaller step well known as ‘Kund’. The large step wells receive water from the catchment in the surrounding 
hills. The ‘Kund’ receives rainwater harvested from the fort complex alone.

The city of Jaipur is a storyteller’s paradise and each of these stories is best discovered on foot. So get your walking shoe on and take a walk through Water Heritage to uncover history to architecture, and see the history come alive..


3 Stand-Up Comedians From Rajasthan Who Have Made It Big In India

‘Laughter is the best medicine’. We have all grown up hearing this line and fed with the importance of a good laugh a day, but few are those who are actually gifted to make us laugh and laugh hard.

In a world that’s only becoming a gloomier & a frightening place with every passing day, stand-up comedians come as a ray of hope in the darkness & are angels in human forms. They research, work hard, sit & write about what, how & where they have to speak in order to generate the most innocent pure emotion – a hearty laugh. On a day when the first celebration of Laughter Day was carried out i.e. 10th January, 1998, Jaipur Beat wants you to meet the 3 stand up comedians who hail from Rajasthan and have made it big in the world of comedy.

  1. Vipul Goyal

    The only Indian comedian to have a web-series dedicated solely to him, Vipul Goyal was born in Falna in Rajasthan, India. Counted among the top stand-up Indian comedians , Vipul  is adept at and has been tickling the funny bones with his satire, observational comedy & improvisational comedy for 6 years now with realistic & hilarious pieces like ‘Woh the papa’ and has had more than 50 million views on his online videos across various platforms.

  2. Shyam Rangeela

    The man who got infamously famous by getting innocently involved in a recent controversy at The Great Indian Laughter Challenge , Shyam Rangeela hails from Sri Ganganagar city in Rajasthan. He recently caught the eyes of media and politics owing to his fantastic mimicry of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi & the President of the Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi which got him eliminated from the reality show.

  3. Zakir Khan

    Last but not the least, Zakir Khan needs no introduction. Born and brought up in Indore, Zakir Khan has his roots in Rajasthan as his forefathers belong to the state of Rajasthan. He has also spent a lot of time in Jaipur for an internship in 2009 while take up some odd jobs to earn money before shifting to Delhi. He rose to popularity by winning Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand Up Comedian competition in 2012 and has also been a part of a news comedy show, On Air with AIB. With his satirical & narrative comedy pieces like ‘Haq Se Single’ & ‘When I meet a Delhi Girl’  , he has won hearts of many. Not just that, the man knows music & writes wonderful poetry as well.

    Rajasthan is proud to have them 🙂