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Quirky Tales of Sibling Bond

Having a sibling is such a joy. Consider yourself lucky if you have one. To the outside world you would always change, but to this person you’ll always remain the same. You know each other so well that no one can ever break your bond. You have your own inside jokes, you love gossiping about family friends, you love making fun of each other but when someone else does the same you feel like tearing them apart. Well, this is an absolute treasure you got; do not forget to appreciate it, always! We would like to show you the timeline of your relationship through this blog. It is dedicated to all the brothers and sisters.

  1. Welcoming the new one

So here it is! This was the moment when you realised that somebody might steal your limelight. At first you were unhappy, but then when you saw them, your heart simply melted. You did not let anyone else touch them because you were the elder one.

  1. Going to school

One of the most special memories of childhood was going to school together. This included, your sibling stopping the honking school bus for you while you were still wearing socks, you meeting your sibling at brunch or feeling funny every time you ran into them in school and then coming back home together. Good old days, weren’t they?

  1. Constantly fighting

However cliché this might sound, it is true that you and your sibling fought on lame and petty issues. Not to forget, remote fights were essentially the time you proved each other who was the stronger one. Your constant “hatt” and “nikal” make your bond sweet. Your parents probably hate it, though. 😛

fight over tv remote.png

  1. Discussing love lives

Telling your sibling that you liked somebody was always safe. They genuinely saw who’s best suited for you. Your sibling’s advice was never wrong. Moreover, you both enjoyed discussing the high school hotties together!


  1. Parting because of college

This felt like end of an era. Even if you don’t accept it to your sibling, low-key you know it is 100% true. Your lives changed, but the distance made your connection stronger. You sometimes think about the crazy time you spend together and miss going out on weekends. However, wherever you may go, you know you will always love them!

  1. Reuniting on festivals

You get excited each time festivals come around the corner. Since it is the only time for you to reunite and fight with each other, you look forward to celebrate festivals together.

  1. At the time of success

Your sibling’s success means everything to you. When they achieve their goal, it is like in a way you did too. You unintentionally show off their success like it is yours. Words surely can’t describe that feeling!

  1. Getting married

You actually realise what your sibling means to you on their wedding day. When you realise you and your partner-in-crime would no longer be living together, someone else might take your position of being no.1, it hurts. But you can never stop wishing for their happiness and success.

Even today when you see your sibling, you guys cannot resist but think about how much you miss the old days!

Tag your sibling and let them know that you appreciate their existence, and yes they are not adopted! 😀

Happy Raksha Bandhan !! 😀

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8 Things That Make The Rakhi Bond So Special

It’s the festival of love, protection, purity and a lot of bickering 😉 – Raksha Bandhan !! The bond of a brother and sister is something that cannot be put into words or boundaries, every relationship comes with different experiences, different fights, different expectations, but there are some things which are common in every relationship, and makes each one of them so special.

  1. Hiding her stuff

    A habit of every typical brother, be it her hairbrush, cell phone, favorite dress, he loves to hide it and have a good laugh while looking at her desperately looking for it.

    bro sis.

2. Insulting Facebook posts

Every time you log in and see yourself tagged in a post by him/her, there is a little fear inside ! You open it and there it is, a public insult 😀

fb blue

3. Whose favorite dish is cooking?

No brother and sister have the same choices ! And there begins the fight of whose favorite dish is going to be cooked tonight 😉

Favourite dish

4. Pocket Money

Although the concept of pocket money is almost dying, you can never forget the fights with your parents over who will get more pocket money 😀

'Does this mean I have to share my pocket money?'
‘Does this mean I have to share my pocket money?’

5. Whatsapp fights

In the new digital world, you find yourselves sitting in different rooms in the same house and fighting over the Whatsapp chat !

To go with AFP Story 'US IT-Takeover-Facebook-WhatsApp-Internet', FOCUS by David Watkins  (FILES) This file picture taken on February 20, 2014 shows the Facebook and WhatsApp applications' icons displayed on a smartphone in Rome. Facebook's stunning USD 19 billion deal for messaging service WhatsApp places the social network in an arena where competition is fierce, particularly in Asia, where fast-growing chat rivals dominate their home markets.  AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS / FILES

6. Getting each other scolded by parents

Purposely revealing each other’s secrets and naughtily getting your sibling scolded by parents and having that last laugh 😀

Hispanic father lecturing son

7. The classic – Remote fight !

None of you, absolutely none of you could have escaped the fight for the TV Remote with your sibling to watch your favorite channel, and we know that you still do it 😉

brother and sister fighting for remote clipart

8. Tell her/him that they are adopted 😀



But at the EOD, you protect each other in every crisis, can’t hear any outsider say anything against your sibling, can do anything for them and believe it or not, they will always be your best friend 🙂

Happy Rakhi !







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Get quirky on this Rakhi

Siblings fight, tease and irritate each other to death, while giving parents a little fright with their bickering. But, all of us would agree that no one knows us better than a sibling. And, even after knowing everything silly about us, they love us.

Indian’s love of festivities celebrates this sibling love in form of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. Traditionally, Rakhi signifies a relationship based on protection. Sisters tie a sacred thread on their brothers’ wrists and brothers promise to protect them of all adversities.

But hey, times have changed much and Rakhi is no more a brother-sister festival. It’s all about siblings love for each other. So, you can see brother-brother or sisiter-sister celebrating over this day in their style. Also, the equation of “brother-will-protect-sister-always” has changed. Now-a-days, you can see a girl protecting his brother and even fighting back for his lovely little brother.

But who ever said that love has to have some rules? So, love goes out in all forms and takes it best appearance in between siblings.

Jaipur Beat loves this changing scenario and came up with a few quirky ideas for Rakhi:

  • Apart from the gifts and sweets, do something together to make it memorable. Choice is yours entirely. Go on a siblings-only trip, cook together, talk your hearts out, and discuss everything that you skip owing to your busy schedules.
  • Remember the last pillow fight you had with your brother/sister? Relive your childhood again, watch cartoons that you loved in childhood, roam around like nomads, go for a bicycle-race and fight for that last piece of chocolate.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to shower your love with a considerate personalized gift that will make you and your sibling want Rakhi return earlier next year.
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Gift Ideas for brothers!

With brothers becoming more and more selective and choosy these days, deciding a Rakhi gift for them has become a difficult task for sisters. However, by putting in a little thought and consideration about your brother’s choice, one may decide a perfect Rakhi gift for brothers.


1. For Trendy Brothers: 
For brothers who love to sport a style statement, gift options are endless. One can go in for grooming kits, fancy goggles, mobile cases, deodorants, perfumes, watches and belts.

2. For Elder and Sober Brothers:
For elder brothers, an executive shirt will be good Rakhi gift idea. Select the fabric, pattern and colour of his choice and gift him a formal outfit. Organizers, portfolio bags, designer pens, ties and cuff links are other ideas you can try.

3. For Studious Brothers
For brothers who are studying in school and college, you can gift things that will be of benefit to them. How about a good reference book, some nice novels, trendy satchels or interesting CDs?

4. For Married Brothers
If your brother is married, you can go in for household gifts like nice paintings, some crockery items, traditional Raksha Bandhan Gifts like box of sweets, dry fruits or chocolates, or a couple package to treat you bhabhi as well.

5. For Kid Brothers
Pamper your kid brother with some games or games CDs. Get some toys like cars or those representing their favourite cartoon characters. Chocolates, candies and other confectionery items will be relished by them.