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AT Masala Chowk- Celebrate Food, The Jaipuriya Style!

Masala Chowk 1.Cover

Do you know what is the most difficult part of living in Jaipur – this place will always find an excuse to ditch your diet plans cause not a week goes by and some restaurant opens up in some corner of the Pink City. No matter what goes with our diet plans, Jaipur Beat is again set to uncover another foodie outlet set in the most beautiful moods of the city near Albert Hall, Ram Niwas Bagh.

This is more special to those who were born and brought up in Jaipur, as somewhere deep in their memoirs this place carries the nostalgia of Ram Niwas Bagh’s Kiran Café, which was later converted into Sawan Badho Bagh by JMC. Deep inside it was painful to see that go few years ago. But now the pomp is back with a new name- ‘Masala Chowk’ to celebrate the same tastes’ of Jaipur’s street food.

Masala Chowk 1

Masala Chowk- as the name suggests is a place to satiate your tastes buds with masaledar spicy food in an open air set up.

Masala Chowk 1.6

Be it your morning’s first cutting chai at Banna ji or Gulab ji, your guiltiest faluda ice cream from link road, tantalizing Prem prakash ka samosa , sweet-smelling Bhagat ke Ladoo, fiery pyaaz ki kachori , sizzling aloo tikki, or crisp masalaledar dosa, staple dal baati the solid taste of Jaipur’s street food are all here at one place. The street stalls from the famous Link road, Johri Bazaar, and other roadside vendors of the city are arranged at Masala Chowk offering the essence and legacy of Jaipur on little platters.

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The palate that passed on generation-to-generation is symbolic of the sincere love by all Jaipurites. The utterly mesmerizing setting, near the 200 years old site Albert hall flanked by lush green gardens and the veteran hands of the bawarchis have preserved the legacy that makes this place more special and outstanding.

Masala Chowk 1.13Masala Chowk 1.16

Let’s take a tour through our pictures of this new place-

Masala Chowk 1.22Masala Chowk 1.11Masala Chowk 1.6Masala Chowk 1.7Masala Chowk 1.8Masala Chowk 1.9Masala Chowk 1. cp1

So, make sure you head out and get a taste of Jaipur Street Food only at Masala Chowk at Ram Niwas Bagh, near Albert Hall at your earliest. Cheers 🙂



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Tale of The Albert Hall

albert dreamy

Come forth to hear my tale
I’m the oldest museum in the state
Founded by the royal clan
Aren’t you wondering who I am?

During the times of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh
My foundation was laid
But it was his son Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh
Who decided my fate

Christened after the Prince of Wales
It’s been 140 years till date
His name was Prince Albert Edward, who visited the state
And by now, I am pretty sure you know my name

The king actually wanted me to be a Town Hall
But his son decided that I’ll be a museum, The Albert Hall


In telling you this I take great pride
Ram Niwas Garden is where I reside
With lush green lawns on both my sides
I’ll tell you about a friend and take you on a ride

It was quite younger to me and its name was Kiran Cafe
About the served delicacies, I could really write an essay
Though this one didn’t live for very long
We still remember it like an old beautiful song


To describe me in a nutshell
I’m like an old mystery book on your shelf
With lots of secrets and stories untold
That are more than centuries old

Every day I witness a huge crowd
Be it the traffic, or the masses roaming around
Some are there to admire my huge structure
And for some it’s my Indo-Saracenic architecture

Home to many distinct artifacts
Visitors always keep me jam-packed
From paintings and metal sculptures
To colorful crystals and antiques depicting different culture

I’ve got it all under one roof
Come see it yourself to get the proof
And while The Egyptian Mummy is the most famous of all
There are things to witness even outside my walls

Daily hundreds of pigeons gather around me
To recite the stories of those I can’t see
It’s a beautiful relation that we share
And to give it a name, it won’t be fair

33 Albert Hall

This is all I can say about me
For more you’ll have to visit and see
Come alone or bring someone, totally your call
But don’t forget that I’m waiting, says The Albert Hall


Written by our intern : Avni Mehta

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Along with the Monsoon Showers, Jaipur gets a new park- Sawan Bhado !

Ram Niwas Bagh was built by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh in the 19th century. From that time, the exotic garden had been subjected to numerous new introductions, adding to its elegance and charm. The luscious green parks, majestic structures held the park together firmly. But with time, it started losing its charm when people began interfering with maintaining the cleanliness and harmony of the Bagh.

Under the smart city project, an old garden of Ram Niwas Bagh was renovated by the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) which is named as Sawan Bhado Park. It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister on 25th June, 2016. Located near Albert Hall Museum, the garden has been creatively crafted, and has several attractions.

Albert Hall

Walk with Jaipur Beat to get a first look of this newly done ‘Sawan Bhadon‘ park-


As soon as you enter, you can notice that trees have been given various forms and shapes such as of elephant, swan which adds a picturesque effect to it.


Properly drafted maps with areas alphabetically marked and information boards have been put up to guide the joggers and visitors about the way. Also, the fact gallery helps them to know more facts about plants and trees.


It doesn’t just provide a jogger’s path to walk on, but also has separate flowerbeds for roses and palms. You think this is it? No. There is a “Garden of Seasons”, as they call it, which will have seasonal plants sown there.To retain the beauty and freshness of these flowers, long and circular fountains have been made. The visitors can comfortably walk or sit around and bathe themselves in the serenity and calmness of the park.


The rich tapestry of green hue is added to the garden with the greenhouse area provided for trapping of sun rays for plant kingdom.


Not only joggers get to have fun but also bird watchers and photographers find themselves surrounded with exorbitant fleets of birds and kingdom of plants.

IMG_0820.JPG IMG_0864.JPG

Keeping alive the age old tradition of Rajasthani chhatris, or pavilions, they have built them here with architectural balance.These chhatris and sitting spaces are given incredible designs that add poetic oneness to it!


Alongwith taking care of their visitors, they have shown generosity towards birds by building them birdhouses for shelter.


Isn’t it incredible? But this needs to be taken care of so that this gem persists. Let’s take a pledge to take care of it this time and assist in keeping it maintained while we spend some time in nature’s unruffled arms!