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When Handwoven Collection By WomenWeave Arrives In Jaipur!

What happens when the entire city is lit up with fairs and exhibitions all around? Do you get confused which one to attend to? Let’s sort out plans for you.

women weave_2

If you’re to keep up with the latest trends of khadi, wool and cotton scarves, yardages, and sarees, then WomenWeave Pop- Up is the place to be at. The team of Jaipur Beat had a first- hand experience at the exhibit and we totally loved it. You name the colour and they had it. The material is so soft that you won’t be able to resist yourself from spending that extra penny. Don’t believe us, see it for yourself.

Handwoven scarves
Colourful collection
Colours, colours everywhere, which one to pick?
So soft to touch them
Look at the prints, aren’t they simply mesmerizing?
Yet more colours! 🙂
Handwoven exquisite collection at display

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This exhibition continues till tomorrow in two venues, one is at Anokhi Basement, and another one is at open-terrace at Jaipur Modern. Don’t miss it for sure.

Date: 24th-28th January

Time: 11:00 a.m. onwards

Venue: Anokhi Basement & Jaipur Modern

Request a meeting to begin your next steps in promoting your brand/event.

Contact @jaipurbeat




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6 Fashion Trends Spotted At JLF 2016

We truly wish that there is no year that passes without Jaipur Literature Festival giving us some very interesting fashion moments and upcoming fashion divas to witness and probably follow 😉

  1. Blue in the head
    You can miss anything in this exceptionally crowded festival, but not someone with as funky a hair color as blue !jlf 2016
  2. Shawl it up
    Prints are in the air, and slowly slowly, they are filling every wearable thing with their eternal charm ! So if you thought shawls are not for the young, these ladies donning them with style will  probably make you think again 🙂jlf 2016
  3. Desi scarves
    While we crave for scarves of all kinds and colors all year round, it is an absolute delight to watch the Indian prints beautifully done on scarves and perking up the look.IMG_8450 copy
  4. Bag stories
    Have you ever found yourself staring at a bag and getting lost in the story narrated by it ? Well, we just did !IMG_8460 copy
  5. Clever Sweater
    You must have seen these in 1970’s when the gorgeous celebrities and child actors were seen wearing sweaters with all kinds of cute prints, they are back !
  6. Eccentric Nun Coat
    It takes confidence and eccentricity to carry something like a nun coat and not to forget, the right kind of accessories !_DSC0041

7 Fashion Trends To Learn From Jaipur Lit Fest 2015

Have you visited Jaipur Literature Festival yet? The place where all the renowned thinkers and writers get together and engage in interesting conversations with each other and the audiences. Well, apart from the literature enthusiasts, great minds, celebrities, there is one more category that is getting more and more prominent with every passing year at JLF: ‘The Fashionistas’.


No, these are not the people who work in the fashion industry, these are the ones who look at JLF as a place to alight at and introduce new fashion trends through their vivid experiments with style. Apart from the trends of printed colourful pyjamas especially the Rajasthani prints and bold color blocking, there is a lot more to see at Jaipur Lit Fest this time.

So in case you ain’t a literature person (and are scared to admit it) and did not pick this month’s Vogue from the street, visit JLF to witness a glut of snazzy people pulling off the most eccentric trends this winter !

1. Bootie Call

Be it ankle or knee high, leather or suede, the sexy boots are definitely a roaring trend among women and even little girls !



2. Getting Baggy

The monochromes and blacks were out as far as bags are concerned. What took JLF by a storm were quirky prints, spring florals, multi-hued Tote bags, shoulder bags and the evergreen jholas with graphics, tropical and geometric prints. However, we would have loved to catch some hand held and boxy bags apart from the standard cross-bodies !

3. Knit a bit

Although the summer scarves in neon colors and attractive prints are always refreshing to look at, the bright ‘knitted’ ones were a total charmer at JLF. It was indeed a pleasure to see men and women both teaming them impeccably and outshining a lot many.


4. Dare Denim

We all know that denim shirts, jackets are back in vogue ! People were seen sporting them in different shades and styles. Some paired them with scarves while others went with the plain jean look 😉
It was good to see the Ripped Jeans but they could have been paired with a pair of sneakers to complete the effortless sporty look.


5. Airy Berets & Tangy Turbans

Nothing beats a street style look of the perforated berets ! Green, red, black, blue, these chic headgears were all over the place definitely calling for a new trend before spring knocks at our doors 😉
Men were seen wearing bright colored turbans which surely added a statement to their otherwise simple look.

6. Spring in Sneakers

The time is gone for the standard branded single colored shoes, now the youth is wrapped in all sorts of prints when it comes to sneakers. Both boys and girls were seen walking around in sneakers with contrasting colors like purple & orange, in prints like florals, tribal, etc.

7. Funky Jackets

Who says winters are dull?? These guys make sure it is brighter and happier than summers or any other season with the quirky jackets with eccentric prints and patterns which reminded us of Salman Khan in Maine Pyar Kiya with added colors !

Where people are almost in a competition to flaunt their gorgeous and sometimes over the top fashion sense, the feather in the cap is the expected arrival of Sonam Kapoor at JLF tomorrow. While everyone is wondering what has Sonam Kapoor got to add to this intellectual festival, the crowd tomorrow will say it all.
So are you ready to visit Jaipur Fashion Festival tomorrow?


11 Reasons Why We Love Winters

Although there are people who dread winters all year, there are some of you who desperately wait for it to arrive, and when it does, you just open your arms and say ‘I love Winters’ ! But what is it that makes you love this season so much ?? Let’s find out !

  1. Layers of clothes to cover that fat 😉

    sweaterPicture Source: Google
  2. Unlimited hot beverages all day, especially..Thadi ki chai 😀

  3. Lots of delicious food and sweets 😀IMG_1358-001 copy
  4. A new excuse to take frequent breaks at office : Dhoop Sekni hai 🙂dhoop sekni hai

    Picture Source: Google

  5. So many fashion accessories to experiment with : Boots, Scarves, Overcoats !layers of winter clothes 2

    Picture Source: Google

  6. More tourists than locals seen in the city streets as it’s the peak season !IMG_6890
  7. You discover a new found love for your bed and quilt and just don’t want to part with them !funny-Calvin-and-Hobbes-bed

    Picture Source: Google

  8. No need for regular showers :pRanveer

    Picture Source: Google

  9. Lunch and long drives on Sundays ❤long_drive_romance

    Picture Source: Google

  10. A perfect excuse for not exercising :pno exercise

    Picture Source: Google

  11. Christmas and New Year parties all around 😀IMG_5109
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Lehariya: Fashion’s Monsoon affair

One of the many tie and dye patterns, the technique of Lehariya needs no introduction. Symbolizing water waves, lehariya comes from the word leher, which stands for a wave in English. Hence, its special place for monsoons!


Chiefly a Rajasthani dress design pattern, the beautiful stripes of different colours that form lehariya are a treat for the eyes in this weather. Did you know that auspicious colours of yellow and red, alternated in waves, is one of the original designs of lehariya?


Coming to the monsoon of 2014, when Alia Bhatt runs around effervescently in lehariya dupattas and kurtis in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya, and even the lady of the royal house of Jaipur, Princess Diya Kumari is spotted most in her couture of lehariya saris, the pattern has become an aesthetic trend.

diya kumari princess jaipur

The best part about lehariya is that it isn’t biased towards women. It looks as tasteful on the turbans, kurtas and the cravat! Here are some quick fashion tips on how to wear your lehariya in the monsoon of 2014:

  • A lehariya kurti with a plain skirt, or the alternate, a plain shirt with a long flowing lehariya skirt.

Lehariya Monsoon Jaipur

  • A cotton or silk turban of lehariya over any formal suit or bandhgala is a norm of the Indian weddings

Lehariya Turban

  • Kurta pyjama, with classically dyed lehariya kurta
  • Saris, suits and scarves reflect the beautiful of this weatherIMG_8297


  • Mixing traditions and blending boundaries, the Afghani Kaftan with lehariya dyed over it is going to be quiet a head-turner

Lehariya Kaftan

The list goes on, and we’re so proud that this season’s most-adored style is a gift of Rajasthan to the fashionable men and ladies of the country!