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6 Saviors to Protect You from Heat and Tan this Summer

When the temperature crosses the 40 degrees mark, it gets more than we can take. Going out becomes a ‘daymare’ (We wish that it were a word)! All fears aside, there is no way that you can escape the heat unless you are some Richie-rich who doesn’t need to expose even a finger to the sun if you don’t want to.

It is really important this time that you keep yourself safe from the heat. Heat can affect your health adversely and make you sick. Not only this, the ever-shining sun wrecks havoc on your skin too. We are talking about tanning which not only makes you look dull but harms your skin as well. Today we are sharing some tips that will make sure that the harm from heat is minimal-



The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated at all times. Heat makes us sweat more and dehydrates our bodies. If you take inadequate amounts of liquid then you are prone to exhaustion and even fainting. The 8 glass water rule needs to be doubled up if you are under sun for a long time.




The other thing that you need to remember while out in the sun is to keep your head covered. Wear a cap, hat or scarf to keep you protected. When you are covering up, do not forget your eyes. Always wear sunglasses that ward off UV rays. It makes you look stylish too! If you wear spectacles, get anti-UV lenses.




Now the part about beauty! Begin with slathering on a good sunscreen. A good sunscreen means something that is non-greasy and has an SPF of 30 or more. Apply it all over your face and body. Pay special attention to the exposed areas. With sunscreen application, comes the rule of reapplying it every 2-3 hours.

If you still get sunburn, wash the area with cold water. Apply Aloe Vera gel as soon as possible. If the irritation persists, it is best to see a doctor.


4.Socks and Gloves


It’s tough to avoid tan in this weather but make sure that most of your body is covered when you are outside. Wear gloves, socks, scarf to cover up as much as possible to take care of your skin in summer.



Jaipur Beat Umbrella Monsoon

Umbrellas are some kind of love-symbols in India thanks to our movies. You can carry an umbrella to hide from the angry sun and to move your love story forward!


6.Avoiding Sun


Avoid sun when it is at its fiercest. If possible then don’t go out between 11 am and 4 pm in this hot Jaipur summer. It’s not always possible to avoid these hottest hours so follow the above tips.

Little tips like these will help you spend a safe summer. Rains are on their way anyway!


9 Reasons Why 44 Degrees In Jaipur Can Be Exciting

Though you hate it when the heat goes a notch up or when you think there is no point of taking a shower as you will be drenched in sweat by the time you get dressed, there are some things that make these hot months worthwhile 🙂

1. Sleep till late The reason being summer vacation, no one wakes you up early morning and by the time you wake up, half of the blazing day is gone 😀

Girl lazying in bed on a Sunday morning

2. Go To World Trade Park and settle there No electricity ? No problem ! World Trade Park hai na 😉 Just go there and chill in the air conditioned mall along with some window shopping and snacks for as long as you want to stay 😉
WTP 2 3. Slap anyone and blame it on mosquitoes Try this one at your own risk 😉 mosquito 4. No one says no to Cold Drinks cold drink 5. Perfect excuse to run through the water sprinklers in gardens Let the child inside you jump out and run through the water sprinklers till you are drenched 😀 6. Throw snowballs at Snowpark in Jaipur Summers are here, and there is no better time to visit Snow Planet which opened last year in Jaipur in Malviya Nagar. snowpark 7.  The electricity department definitely gains a lot Due to the high usage of electricity especially air conditioners, electricity department has a gala time in summers ! elec 8. Heatstroke is an all-time excuse for not showing up at work/school Don’t want to go to office tomorrow? Heat stroke is your favorite excuse 😀 heat-stroke 9. Your parents won’t ask you to go out and play So you get a chance to stick to your lazy bed/sofa and play games on your mobiles and laptops as your parents would be scared to send you outside due to loo ! kids inside



*Written by young school students – Rishabh, Pranay, Bhavya, Aryan who were interning with us at Jaipur Beat.


10 Things That Change When Summer Sets In

The Winters are too cold and Summers are too hot to handle .The running hotness in the town forces you to change the style of living. Here are some of the things we change when it comes to fiery summers.

1. From Bucket water to Refrigerated water

Your thirst can only completed with that chilled refrigerated water.


More chilled water please? Matke ka bhi chalega 😦

2. From daylight parties to strictly night parties.

It’s better to party when sunfall asleep or else we enjoy at Home. No compromises when it comes to deadly summers.


Pic Courtesy- Grunge Lounge, Jaipur

3. From sticking in a blanket to a Summer Holiday break.

Water games are obviously a great thought of getting a break from the hotness and off course summers are meant for a holiday trip.


A little relief from summers is not at all a bad option.

4. From Hot Milk to local Ganne ka Juice

You cannot hold on to stop the Mobile Sugar Cane Machine running in local areas in Jaipur to have thandathanda ganne ka juice 🙂


Lemon or Pudina in it ? Awesome flavor !

 5. From closed fans to High speed AC.

Even a little chilled breeze from the door in winters shivers you and a little chilled air from AC makes you happy.


Pic Courtesy- Image from Google

Coming from outside : Let me first stand in front of the AC.

6. When spending time in daylight, your only companions are sunglasses and hat

Hat and Sunglasses are your escorts when it comes to a bright sunny day outside.


Best combo usage !

7. From woolen clothes to cotton clothes

Time to redo your wardrobe and rearrange it with all the soothing clothes and short dresses.


Time for Summer shopping !

8. As Sandals are in, it’s time for Pedicure

You can’t afford to wear sandals with dirty feet. So, Pedicure is the only option to make your feet look beautiful.


An excuse for some more parlor time 🙂

9. From hot water bath to cool pool parties

Jaipur is always full of invitations for pool parties and why not when it’s the only way to chill out along with friends.

pool party 1

Music , Dance , Fun is on the roll.

10. From fatty to slimmer


Having relished lots of Desi ghee in “Sarso ka Saag” and  “Gajar ka Halwa” , you are always in trouble with extra weight during winters while in summers you just don’t need to put to worry about that.

Sweating helps !

So , Summers are here , ENJOY or wait for winters :p