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Making it Click! Prominent photojournalists come together to talk about how is it being a photojournalist.

Jaipur, 22 September 2019

Camera for long has stood an icon of journalists identity. Pictures from war and revolutions have recorded history live from ground zero. Yet, between camera and action lies a long and risky pause that encompasses a photojournalist’s life. This behind the camera journey revealed ahead of the audience on the third day of Talk Journalism 2019 as senior photojournalists Purushottam Diwakar of India Today and Bhagirath Basnet of The Times of India went in a panel discussion with Gaurav Hajela, Founder and Managing Director of Pathfynder Solutions


Each of these photojournalists over decades of their experience has earned a long list of admirers and been appreciated on various occasions. However, even these are not unknown to the disappointments that come in routine. 

While talking on the risks that a journalist dares for a perfect angle and shot, they happen to mention of few tragedies. Either of them though agreed on another persistent fear.


“A photojournalist at times spends long hours waiting for the right picture. Even if he manages to capture it with great effort the same might not get published,” they agreed unanimously. 

A photojournalist though has to learn to think beyond the lights and technical aspects of photography and demand of the publisher while they click the shoot. They have to be constantly aware of their surroundings, at times this could literally a lifesaver. 

Diwakar narrated a lesson from his wealth of experience. It was during an expedition in the remote areas of Africa that he came across a tribe that has so far remained untouched by the modern world. No journalist has ever reached the tribe and less was known about them to the outside world. Diwakar was none the less excited to capture their story first. 

He couldn’t understand their language but tried to make the most of their gestures and expressions. It’s during this that he made a horrifying revelation.

“They wanted to kill me,” he said. 

At the moment he had to let go of the urge to record the tribe’s life and start thinking to save his own. A smooth exit and hasty descend from the hill helped him to stay alive to narrate the story. 

The discussion continued to highlight several other aspects of visual media and shared many interesting experiences. It was though the passion that seems to have kept the life of the photojournalists clicking.


Capturing history live in their camera, a photojournalist brings their audience closest to the actual scene of action. The camera has for long been a symbol for media and the photojournalists are the torch bearers of the same. 

Courtesy- Newsroom at Talk Journalism

Text: Dr Kailash Gupta | Copy Edit: Niharika Raina |

Editorial Coordination: Rupali Soni & Niharika Raina 

Watch the Video bytes-

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Siok Siok Tan – Director of ‘Boomtown Beijing’ & An Avid Photographer Gets Candid at Talk Journalism 2018

Founder of KineticONE & Director of Twittamentary – one of the best & the most objective documentaries on social media ever made – Siok Siok Tan held an interesting & detailed Documentary workshop on the first day of Talk Journalism 2018.

Siok Siok

Born & raised in Singapore, Siok Siok Tan is based in Beijing and is a pool of multiple talents manifested in her diverse documentaries talking about some eminent times like the pre-1965 Singapore and delving into perspectives that had been untapped. Her direction ‘Boomtown Beijing’ – a video documentary that captured the feeling of hosting the 2008 China Olympics through the eyes of Beijing, gained wide popularity and great success. 

Challenges faced by a female journalist?

When asked about the challenges faced as a female journalist, Siok had a rather uncommon & honest response to offer.

‘In times when women, especially the ones in a field as powerful as journalism, are supposed to be strong & aggressive, I find myself not fitting in. My gentle personality and polite nature contradict the way I am supposed to be, but I kind of accept it and embrace it and try not to overcompensate for the gender bias out there.’ 

You have given numerous documentaries in the last many years, what is it that you are currently working on?

I am always working on something. Last year I did two coffee table books on social media & photography in China, right now I am working on a personal project. 

Talking about social media & photography, which social media tool do you think has emerged as the most powerful when it comes to adding value to some excellent works & deserving artists?

There are lots of platforms which empower the works of art, but the most powerful among them is Twitter, because the more open a platform is, the more it gives way to opportunities, news, stories & draws attention to the right things at the right time. 

Siok Siok Tan had a Documentary workshop on Day 1 at Talk Journalism 2018.

siok siok tan

Siok 1

She emphasized on ‘One needs to make the film for the community’. As an independent filmmaker, I have learned marketing also to sell my film. We learn all the technicalities of filmmaking but never marketing skills. She ended with a note- There is no money in documentary filmmaking.

The event that is taking place in Rajasthan’s capital, hosted by Fairmont Jaipur, is a non-profit initiative to bring the best in journalism under one roof and get them to talk to each other and let the world listen.


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Let’s Talk About Talk Journalism In Jaipur

What brings you closer to truth, also takes you away from illusion. The closest you will ever go to seeing the heart of the world is through journalism. It is the most widely spread profession that discusses the world but is seldom discussed. The share of stories might change over time, the storytellers may come and leave but the curiosity and the need for them remains the same. With an increasing level of the sacred games that take place behind the curtains, under the tables and in the dark, Journalism is catching up with its own value as the country realizes the need to discuss Journalism itself. To make both ends meet, an initiative by Vox Media Foundation called Talk Journalism has taken its form in Jaipur City. It brings to you the bold and the unafraid ones, the ones who are known to be the greatest journalists of the era.


Talk Journalism is a non-profit initiative base on the idea that there is an urgent need to discuss journalism in today’s era because it is the profession that discusses all other professions but is itself seldom talked about. It aims to skin down journalism itself and look at its aspects that have never been brought up.

It all started in 2012, with a simple tweet call to all the journalists to come forward and discuss the Evolution of journalism over time. After four successful editions of Talk Journalism since 2012 (2012, 2015-17), the fifth edition is going to be held in Jaipur from 10th to 12th August 2018 and Jaipur Beat is the official digital media partner.


The greatest attraction at any social event is its guests. The speakers for Talk Journalism include some of the most eminent personalities from the world of Indian as well as International Media and Press. Speakers like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Ayaz Menon and Jency Jacob are going to be a part of this event along with the others.


Apart from the talk shows and interactive sessions with the audience, various interesting workshops and mini events are also going to be held at Talk Journalism 2018 including a workshop by Google India, Unconference and Live Newsroom for aspiring journalists, and Lensbusters celebrating the spirit of photography. The event would be concluded with musical performances each day.

38242732_1897040693687008_3138099609801326592_n38018063_1895576377166773_2797078102692331520_o38282344_1897520266972384_3641877240439898112_nTalk Journalism is a great opportunity for both professionals such as reporters, editors and writers along with the students who are interested in following the path of media professionally.

The registration for the event is taking place online and is free of cost. So mark the dates in your calendar!


Date: 10th – 12th August 2018

Venue: Fairmont, Jaipur

Timings: 10:00 am onwards.

For more details hop on to https://www.talkjournalism.in/

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10 Events Happening In Jaipur In The Month Of August

With the onset of monsoon comes a new ray of hope and relief. With the plants going green and flowers coming in their full bloom comes a moment of joy. With the colors blooming from all ends, the festive fever also comes alive. The month-long sawan ka mahina, teej and rakhi comes with the bonding of love and get together not only of families but also of friends.

To make these moments memorable and cherishable, we have got a list of events happening in the month of August in our very own Pink City.

  • Monsoon Tiki Delight

Keeping the spirit of the vibrant and colourful season of Sawan in mind, Pink City’s first and original restro bar on wheels – Steam at the Taj Rambagh Palace is celebrating- ‘Monsoon Tiki Delight’ till 12th August, in which it is offering a whole range of colourful, refreshing monsoon drinks and complimenting it with a choice of vegetarian and non vegetarian satay.

So, Jaipurites it’s time to revel in the spirit of monsoon with the exotic Bacardi Tiki Cocktails.

tikki delights.jpg

Date: 27th July – 12th August

Venue: Steam, Rambagh Palace

  • Mad About Clay Exhibition

Almost all of us have at least once put our hands in clay and tried to give it some shape. Time to relive those days and try a hand onto it. And if you haven’t ever done so, indulge into something new every time and take chances as you never know what may come across as a hidden talent.


Date: 3rd – 5th August

Venue: Mool Foundation

Lifestyle Exhibitions

  • Jhalak


To keep you trendy and fashionable this festive season, Jhalak offers you to flaunt all the fashion luxuries under one roof.

Date: 3rd-4th August

Venue: Hotel Holiday Inn

  • Shimmer Rakhi and Lifestyle Exhibition

With the festival of Rakhi just 15 days away, what to gift your sisters must be the main question to ponder about. Come and pick some exclusive handmade and classy gift items to make it a memorable affair for the rest of the life.

Date: 9th-10th August

Venue: Hotel Sarovar Portico

  • Talk Journalism

Often referred to as the 4th pillar of a democracy, media has been and will always be a hyped industry. Amidst all the fun and frolic of the season, some serious talks are a must for a smooth functioning. India’s biggest media and journalism festival – Talk Journalism is here again to discuss and debate about media.


Date: 10th-12th August

Venue: Fairmont, Jaipur

  • Teej 

Celebrated by the Rajasthani folk women, Teej is a festival that every Jaipurite looks forward to. In Jaipur every year Teej procession is carried out in association with Rajasthan Tourism. The pomp and pagentry of the traditional procession starts out from the Zanani-Deodhi of the City Palace. It passes through Tripolia Bazaar, Chhoti Chaupar, Gangauri Bazaar, Chaugan stadium, and finally converges near the Talkatora. Elephants, old palanquins, chariots, bullock carts, and folk performances are all part of it.


Date: 13th-14th August

Venue: Tripolia Gate

  • 3rd Edition of World Photography Day

How can world photography day not be celebrated with all the photographers and artists being together on one platform? If you are a photography enthusiast come and witness the 3rd edition of World Photography Day at Lalit Kala Akademi.

Date: 19th – 22nd August

Venue: Lalit Kala Akademi

  • Women’s Adventure Monsoon Drive

Why should boys have all the fun 😉 This time its not the boys but the girls and their jeeps to go for an adventurous ride.

Women Adventure Monsoon Drive

Date: 20th August

Venue: Kanota

  • Jaipur By Nite Marathon

If you are proud of the city in which you live, its time to run for its historic glory and heritage. So run to experience the Pink City. But before you get down to it, make sure to register yourself at http://www.jaipurbynite.com

JAipur By Nite

Date: 25th August

Time: 7 pm onwards

Venue: Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur

  • JAS’18

A platform where you can find all the renowned jewellers of the city as well as the country at one destination. If you are interested in jewellery and its know how, this event is a not miss.


Date: 31st August

Venue: JECC, Sitapura

So, get ready Jaipurites for month long of excitement and celebrations coming your way.


10 Events to Look Forward to in Jaipur Before July Gets Over!

The month of July has brought in some rain and loads of fun to the city. July gets over in just 10 days and you can make the most of it. Many interesting events are lined up for these days and you can join the ones you find suitable. Here are our picks of 10 Events to Look Forward to in Jaipur Before July Gets Over-

1.Shimmer Rakhi and Lifestyle Exhibition- This is a Hi-end Rakhi & Lifestyle Exhibition. Here you will be able to shop from 60 stalls from all over India showcasing wide varieties of rakhis, accessories, bags, shoes, gift items, apparel ,home furnishings and more.

Date- 21-22 July 2017

Venue- Hotel Sarovar Portico, Vaishali Nagar

july events in Jaipur (2)

2. National Silk Expo- There is more shopping in store. You can get your hands on beautiful silk products at this exhibition.

Date- 21-30 July 2017

Venue- B. M. Birla Auditorium

july events in Jaipur (1)

3. TEDxYouth@NMS- It is an independently organized TED event. The theme of the event is Spectrum of Ideas.

Date- 22 July 2017

Venue- Neerja Modi School

july events in Jaipur (1)

4. Womenpreneurs- This incubation program is being organized to promote entrepreneurial ecosystem for women across Rajasthan. It can be a good opportunity for you if you are looking to start your own business.

Date- 22 July 2017

Venue- IICD Jaipur, J-8, Jhalana Institutional Area

july events in Jaipur (5)

5. Letter Earthlings- The event is organized to bring smile on faces of strangers who are living a life that’s a lot like yours. Here you will write kind letters to people in different parts of the world. The handwritten notes are sent to people via snail mail and this unexpectedness makes people happy.

Date- 22 July 2017

Venue- O2 The Plant Cafe

july events in jaipur

6. Stand-up Comedy Night- Acclaimed comedian Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is all set to make you laugh heartily this weekend. Head there for your dose of  lighthearted entertainment.

Date- 22 July 2017

Venue- Maharana Pratap Auditorium Jaipur

july events in Jaipur (4)

7. Jaipur Bird Walk 1- Here is a treat for all nature lovers. In this bird walk, you can hear calls of various birds and click them as well.

Date- 23 July 2017

Venue- Kulish Smriti Van, JLN marg

smriti van jaipur beat

8. Club Night with Nikhil Chinapa-

The ex-Sunburn Director, RJ, VJ and a popular presenter on MTV India Nikhil Chinapa will be in the city to make you groove. Music lovers! You can’t miss this.

Date- 22-23 July 2017

Venue- House of People

nikhil chinapa in jaipur

9. Indian Youth Model United Nations- This event provides opportunities for inter-cultural interactions, learning and skill development to delegates from across the country as they come together to discuss, debate and build upon ideas.

Date- 27-29 July 2017

Venue- Hotel Ramada

july events in Jaipur (3)

10. Talk Journalism 2017- You can listen to some of the finest voices in Indian journalism and also meet them socially at this event. The event has been designed to benefit all the professionals, students, companies and enthusiasts of journalism and is completely free of cost.

Date- 28 July 2017

Venue- Fairmont Hotel Jaipur


The end of this month looks quite promising. Where will you go?