Top 10 Blogs of Jaipur Beat in 2015

With the year 2015 coming to an end, we know that this year has been the year of blogs, an year where every second you had at your disposal hundreds of blogs telling you about 10 things to do, 7 things to not do, etc etc ! Among all the reads, we hereby compiled 10 top blogs of Jaipur Beat, which were not just read, but enjoyed by our lovely readers. Here we go down the nostalgic lane and take you with us 🙂

These are in the descending order !

10. The Story Behind The Success Of Sanjay Omelette!!

The year would not have been complete without covering the legendary Sanjay Omelette who resides near Janta Store in Jaipur and has been a proud participant of Master Chef India.



There are pretty images and stunning images clicked by many, while they travel to the Pink City but some images are simply a feast to the eyes. Let’s have a look on these picturesque images, which are surely going to fascinate you and compel you to pack your bags !


8. 5 Best Pubs In Jaipur To Chill At This Weekend

Planning to remove the stress of the week and start afresh, then it’s time to tap your feet to the beats of DJ, as we list down some of the best pubs in the city where you can enjoy the nightlife by dancing to some of your favorite tracks, and enjoy drinks with your friends or loved ones.


7. 9 Funny Reasons Why Metro Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To Jaipur

Jaipur Metro has finally arrived and not just this, it is one of fastest built metros in the country and also the first one that will provide feeder service from its very inception. But well, Jaipurites have better and lighter reasons to travel in #JaipurMetro


6. 6 Best Places In Jaipur To Shop Rajasthani Prints!

When you think about the beautiful and eternally fashionable prints and fabric, one city that surely comes to your mind is Jaipur ! Every corner of the pink city holds a different visual delight that can possibly make your wardrobe more happening and interesting every single day.


5. Fun Filled Adventure Sport Activities, Now in Jaipur!

Under the brand name of ‘Tao Experiences’ Jaipurites will now have one of its kind center for adventure, entertainment and leisure at Kukas in Jaipur.


Tao Experiences
Tao Experiences

4. 9 Things You Have Definitely Heard If You Belong To Or Live In Rajasthan

You are a true Rajasthani if you have heard these lines at least once in your lifetime, probably from a distant cousin, in your college located in a different state or from an NRI relative 😉


3. 8 Reasons Why Sankranti Is An Integral Part Of A Jaipurite’s Life

Let us tell you, Sankranti is not just a festival in Jaipur, it a part of their lives ! Following are a few reasons why Jaipurites are in love with Sankranti.

guilt free

2. 26 Reasons Why Your Next Travel Destination Should Be Jaipur!

A mere mention of the city Jaipur invokes various images of folklore and festivities, colours, traditions, captivating architecture and exquisite Rajasthani cuisine. Here are a few among the plethora of reasons to why your next travel destination should be Jaipur.

stepwell 2

1. 25 Things That Prove You Are A True Jaipurite

You might be living in Jaipur for years now, and there is a new place which comes up every day in this evolving world, but there are still some things which make you a die-hard Jaipurite and no matter what changes, these things might not change 😉


2016 will bring a lot more blogs for you to read, love and laugh about 🙂




Fun Filled Adventure Sport Activities, Now in Jaipur!

When it’s about Jaipur- There are various heritage attractions that steal the visitor’s heart for their stunning architecture but now there are more things to do in Jaipur that gives your soul a sojourn from the bustling lifestyle and where lies an experience that can make your adrenaline rush.

Under the brand name of ‘Tao Experiences’ Jaipurites will now have one of its kind center for adventure, entertainment and leisure at Kukas in Jaipur.

With experience and fun at its core ‘Tao Experiences’ will be an ideal centre for family holidays, friends’ outing, vacations, corporate off-sites and whoever fancies to try something new.

‘There is nothing like being on the wheels while experiencing ATV ride’

Tao Experiences
Tao Experiences

Spread over 5.5 Lakh Sq.Ft. in a stepped topography the centre offers over 30 different adventure, sports and recreational activities for all ages. These include adventure sports like Zip line, Paintball, Quad Biking and Zorbing. The entertainment segment includes activities like Gaming, Movie Screenings, Jamming, Karaoke among others. Also the cricket lovers will have a choice between cricket bowling machine and bowling by a robot. The cricket arena is spread over 21,000 Sq. Feet. One could also choose from Nitro Cars, Archery, Mini Golf, Futsal and Bubble Soccer.

Tao Experiences
Tao Experiences

‘Cover yourself in a see through, inflatable ball and watch the world rolling! Zorbing is an adventure activity  that makes your adrenaline rush.’

Tao Experiences is a 365 day destination with flavours of each season in it. Having day and night operational capabilities the centre will remain open till 10 pm at night.

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‘Tao Experiences’ offers a fully pleasant and entertaining experience. So ,get set & go to flush the stress out of you!!