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Locals DISTRICT 2019 Announces Its Phase 1 Line Up

Listen up, music fanatics, if you think you have seen the best of the techno music festivals everywhere, think again! This March, Jaipur is coming up with a never-seen-before techno music festival of the year, Locals DISTRICT that will change the way you look at music.

Locals District_4.jpg

The last edition saw a spectacle that was beyond words. The marvelous laser and light shows falling on the walls of the Castle Kalwar in the splendor of moonlight were breathtaking. You could see the crowd turn crazy when the country’s best techno DJs stepped up on the DJ decks. Everyone had a time of their lives dancing with people from all around the world.

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3 days, 40+ artists, and 72-hour of non-stop music, yes, you read that right. India’s first and “none-of-its-kind” music festival, Locals DISTRICT is all set to lift the bar higher this season.

locals distrcit_7.jpg

In this piece of article, we bring to you the Phase-1 Line Up of the artists that is a mix of Indian and global heavyweights that will crave you to know more.

  • Rodriguez Jr (Live)- Olivier Mateu’s wide-ranging inspirations and interests find their ultimate outlet as his alias took form into Rodriguez Jr, positioning him as mobile’s new master of eclecticism. Performing Live for the first time at DISTRICT, Rodriguez Jr.’s spirit of adventure translates as soaring creativity, and music that cannot be pigeonholed.
  • Ankytrixx
  • Breger
  • Cosmonaut
  • Hybrid Protokol (Live)
  • Kohra
  • Reclaim
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Segue
  • Shash & Chaz
  • Shri (Live)
  • Sunny Trehan
  • 8- Bit Culprit


Witness the grandeur for yourself to know what all the hype is about only at Castle Kalwar, the place that awaits your arrival to come alive with its captivating history and eclectic beauty. Located at a mere distance of 20 km from Jaipur in a small Kalwar village, Castle Kalwar is a magnificent heritage heaven that will turn your celebration into an ecstatic one and leave you wanting for more of its glory.

locals district_9.jpg

Expect the next line-up of music artists soon. Stay tuned.

Date: 1st-3rd March, 2019

Venue: Castle Kalwar

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Techno Fans Popping Up In Jaipur !

“I don’t like music”- said no one ever.

With all the genres of music taking hold in our city with celebrity concerts and band performances every now and then, the newest one popping up is the ‘Techno Music.’ And now, we have an exclusive techno fest for the same!

locals district_7.jpg

Earlier this year a techno fest called “Locals DISTRICT” celebrated its first edition of techno madness at Castle Kalwar with all kinds of laser and light show, 72 hours non-stop dancing to the techno rhythms, camping and what not!

locals district_9.jpg

We Jaipurites are welcoming new cultures, all kinds of traditions and choices in music and dance forms with open arms; from classical music to Electronic Dance Music, Psychedelic to Punk and romantic to metal music. One such unique genre is Techno music which is being welcomed by Jaipurites with all the love and excitement.

locals district_8

With an increasing craze for the frenzy all around, Techno music finds its own set of audience that loses itself to the feel and fun of this form of technological spirituality.

locals district_5.jpg

A new season of “Locals DISTRICT” is brewing up for March 2019 and it’s all ready to set a mood for some exhilarating experiences.


Date: 1st-3rd March’ 2019

Venue: Castle Kalwar 

The theme for this year is Origami.

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Picture courtesy: Locals DISTRICT

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None-of-its-kind Music Festival, Locals DISTRICT Is Coming Back !

“Music is the strongest form of magic”- Marilyn Manson

Who all agree to this? Because Jaipur Beat has a very exciting news to share with all you music enthusiasts out there! 🙂
‘Locals DISTRICT’, one of its kind music festival, is all set to raise the bar higher this time. It is going to be much bigger and better than last edition.

locals district

Dance to the incredible tunes of techno music non-stop for 72 hours all day all night.

locals district_1

Mesmerizing laser and light show, live programming and projection mapping captivated not only the music lovers but also the non-music enthusiasts in the last edition. Jaipur Beat experienced the absolute madness last season and was thrilled by seeing India’s first techno music festival, Locals DISTRICT with untainted sound, lighting, and ambience at Castle Kalwar. It witnessed some great music artists from all over the nation and created the mood for the night where people were singing and dancing and having their own gala time.

locals district_3

Back with a bang, this season has a unique line up of artists and committed music experiences. 4 different stages will be set to bring together the varied talent in Techno and House Music and its sub-genres to the beautiful, fairytale-like-18th-century castle, Castle Kalwar. Located at the Kalwar Road, 20 km from the city, the place in itself will leave you flabbergasted. Explore the unexplored and soak yourself into the Techno music like never before.

Locals District_4

The theme of the festival is Origami.

Date: 1st-3rd March, 2019

Venue: Castle Kalwar

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The Ultimate Techno Music Scene by Locals DISTRICT at Castle Kalwar!

Rajasthan is widely known for its artistic and traditional music worldwide but owing to the diversity there are few destination festivals in Rajasthan that allow you to dig into the absolute madness of techno music. Jaipur Beat recently experienced the one with unadulterated sound, lighting, and ambiance at District- where India’s first techno music festival celebrated its first edition of “DISTRICT”.


District Local was truly colossal with non-stop spree of good vibes and top-notch techno against the backdrop of magnificent heritage heaven- Castle Kalwar, which is set in a small Kalwar village in the outskirts of Jaipur city at a distance of nearly 20 Kms.



Imagine your ears tuned into music for this marathon event that lasted for 72 hours from 2nd-4th March 2018, where country’s best techno DJs stepped up on the DJ decks, to produce an implausibly hitting soundtrack. Well, it was an experience beyond words.


Our reluctance to spend a night at the accommodation vanished the moment we entered the premises of tent city at Locals DISTRICT, which was just a few yards away from the venue. We immediately dropped the idea of leaving at night and opted for our well-furnished tents, en suite bathroom, with charging points, carpet flooring and running water supply.

 WhatsApp Image 2018-03-14 at 5.01.10 PM.jpeg

As we walked through the narrow lanes of Kalwar village, it felt like we are some million galaxies away from the world around us – it was a pure ecstasy. On entering Castle Kalwar, the mesmerizing lasers and light shows falling on the walls of the Castle in the splendor of moonlight were breathtaking. Just walking around the festival was an adventure in itself. The bar, the food stall set up, small flea market and the little chill-out area was setting the impeccable mood.


District Locals was a one of a kind festival in Rajasthan that brought an immense talent to a grand musical platform which was truly a revolutionary experience. Everyone seemed to have the time of their lives singing and dancing with people from all around the world.

District LOCALS, was the ultimate TECHNO party in paradise where one could dance to the incredible tunes. So, if you’re a die-hard fan of the genre, we are sure you’ll be tempted to join the party next year!


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Experience Techno Holi In Jaipur Like Never Before

Where words fade, music speaks.

A never-seen or heard before techno music festival is stepping into our very own city of Jaipur and we can’t hold our excitement. There will be dance, there will be music, there will be food and not to forget there will be Holi celebrations as well. So all the gorgeous girls and handsome boys, wait no more and join the first of its kind Locals District Techno Music Festival 2018 where you will surely lose your senses to the beat and find yourself somewhere within.

10 days to go.jpg

3 days, 1 fort, 4 stages, 40 artists and 1 massive Holi festival is in queue for you. Get ready to experience Locals District Techno Music Festival, India’s first Techno Music Festival marking its first year completion of the music community “Locals” where mixed talent will be brought together to give you the feel of music to remember for lifetime.

locals district techno music festival.jpg

With extravagant lights and visuals, live programming and projection mapping, you will witness great pioneers in the music industry like Kohra, BOLT, Jitter, Adam Rahman, Ash Roy, Arjun Vagale, Matt Sassari, Eric Volta and Sequel right in front of you that will add a charm to your Holi festival.

All the techno artists will come together and perform at a beautiful fairytale like 18th century castle, Castle Kalwar. Nestled on a foot hill, Castle Kalwar is a serene and peaceful destination that is set to host Techno musical event never experienced before.

castle kalwar

Soak yourself into the techno music festival and celebrate your Techno Holi at Castle Kalwar!

Date: 2nd-4th March, 2018

Venue: Castle Kalwar

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