Kitchens of India Meet Streets of Italy at ongoing Food Festival ‘Go Indiano’ in Jaipur

What happens when two of the most popular and loved cuisines come together ? It’s a gourmet’s paradise ! And this paradise is currently finding its abode at The Lalit Jaipur with its ongoing food festival – Go Indiano.

One of the top luxurious 5 star hotels – The Lalit Jaipur is hosting a food festival with a menu that has inhaled the spices from kitchens of India and picked some flavors from streets of Italy to put them all together in a way never done before. You must all have had paneer on a pizza, and love it, but this menu at Go Indiano goes beyond the cliches and fuses together the most eccentric veggies of both countries to create dishes you would yearn to give a try.

Pumpkin Canneloni with Makhani Sauce

When Jaipur Beat had a word with Executive Chef Lenin Sreedharan, his expertise in Italian cuisine could be tasted in his knowledge of ingredients and spirit to experiment by mixing the most unusual vegetables, fruits, sauces and the like to form the menu of Go Indiano.
The recipes were as interesting to hear about as they were while eating. One of them was ‘Bharwan Kumb‘ – Kumb meaning mushroom stuffed with spinach ricotta and mushroom soil, fried artichoke & parmesan fondue.

Our favorite among all these was the Uttapam Lasagne ! It has layers of Uttapam because ‘Lasagne’ means layers of pasta sheets mixed with sauces, here it were the Uttapam layers topped with curry leaf pesto, loaded with cheese and served with the tri-color sauces.

The menu is a concoction of flavors of all parts of India i.e. East, West, North, South blended with those of Italy therefore giving your tongue a tour of both countries. With interesting choices like Kadai Paneer Pizza, Spaghetti with Almond Paste, Parmesan Creme Brulee (A mix of sweet & savory), the menu of Go Indiano is a well-thought and quite a daring one when it comes to experimental cuisine.

After a whole-hearty full meal, it’s time to entertain your sweet tooth, but there is no place for a simple & usual dessert in the dictionary of Go Indiano ! So last but not the least, the most creative dish of the menu – Tea-Ra-Misu was served. The popular coffee-flavoured Italian custard dessert – Tiramisu is made at The Lalit Jaipur with strong Masala tea flavors – just like an Indian likes it. Chai flavored dessert, what else could you ask for ?

The food festival is on only for 5 more days. So this week, don’t just go Indian or Italiano, Go Indiano  😀


Go Indiano Food Festival
Date –
18th August – 27th August, 2017
Time – 7 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Venue – 24/7 Multi Cuisine All Day Dining, The Lalit Jaipur
Pocket Pinch – Starting at Rs. 425 plus taxes





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Bengali Binge Festival at The Lalit Jaipur

It’s monsoons and this time around it’s raining food in Jaipur ! Jaipur has turned into such a melting pot of culture and food , that you name a cuisine and lo and behold, you have it.


Just before Durga puja, from the land of “maacher jhol and bhaat” , comes the lip smacking regional cuisine of West Bengal at The Lalit Jaipur as the Bengali Binge Food Festival. Chef de Cuisine Jassi from The Lalit Jaipur and Chef Shahdeb Kamila from The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata have designed a tantalizing menu for the food lovers in town.


We thought it would be all a non-vegetarian affair with vegetarian food as just a side show but how the chef heroes the vegetables and weaves pure magic in his menu. Keeping the preference and sensibilities of the City of Jaipur in Mind, the Vegetarian selection of the Menu has been crafted with a lot of care and creativity. Chef Jassi informed us due to the presence of a small Bengali community living in Jaipur they managed to get all the vegetables absolutely fresh off the cart. Of course, the non-vegetarians needn’t lose heart. There cannot be a Bengali Food Festival without Fish and Chicken.


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we all sat down expectantly over a immaculately set table, laden with the spices, aromatics and chutneys of this exotic state from the east. A common love for good food connecting us all foodies and bloggers present with a palpable excitement on all the expectant faces around. Sensing the same, the service was quick and the chef narrated his travails from Digha in West Bengal to Kolkata and to finally here in Jaipur. His infectious excitement as he told us which Starter to pair with which assortment of freshly prepared Chutneys and ‘Kashundhi’. There was the delectable and famous Beetroot chop and Beguni( Aubergine in a light batter) to be eaten with the Plastic Papaya Chutney or the Khajoor and Kaju Chutney for the vegetarians. The non-vegetarians could choose between the ‘Bhetki Maach Bhaja’ or the ‘Mangsher Chop’ and pair them with Sweet Tomato Chutney or the Kashundhi.


The specialty of the entire affair was also in the freshness and authenticity of the ingredients used. Right from Jharna Ghee to Sarson Tel ,’Gondhoraj Lembu’ , Maankochu (Arbi) and even the Yellow Mustard used were sourced from Kolkata. The Rest of the main course came to us as stunning Thaalis laden with the fragrant Ghee Bhaat Rice, Luchis (impeccably soft maida pooris) , Narkal Diye Cholar Dal ( ChanaDaal with Sauted Coconut slivers) , Sorson Dhoresh ( Lady fingers cooked in freshly pounded Yellow Mustard paste and Aloo Jhinga Poshto ( potato and rich gourd in poppy seeds). For the Non Vegetarians, there was Illish Macher Jhal( Hilsa in Mustard Seeds – The fish is a staple of West bengal and expensive at 1400 Rs / Kg ) and Murgir Jhol which is home-style chicken with potatoes. The chef aptly called the menu Gram Banglar Khabar (The food from the Village of Bengal). The food was surprisingly light yet mouth-watering. The day ended perfectly on a sweet note with the decedent ‘Roshogulla’ and ‘Misthi Doi’ which was polished off in no time at all.


If your mouth is watering already, this is just right time to go grab your mouthful of heaven, now.


Date: – September 9 – 18, 2016
Timings: – Lunch: 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm | Dinner: 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm
Venue: – Baluchi, The Pan Indian Destination, The Lalit Jaipur
Rates: Vegetarian- Rs. 750++ | Non Vegetarian- Rs. 850++ (Taxes as applicable)

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Get Yourself Pampered This Women’s Day :)

The 8th of March every year is celebrated as the International Women’s Day all around the world.• And here is some Good news for women in Jaipur! This is the day when women are pampered wherever they go and are made to feel extra special. Thus Jaipur has many reasons for all the pretty ladies to make the most of this day and enjoy 🙂

JB spa

May it be Style N Scissors, Sizzlin Scizzors or Kaya Kalp, all these outlets in the city have come up with the best possible ways in which women can be rewarded with the help of beauty treatments. Avail the discounts on beauty services, spa treatments and get ready to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your flawless skin. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day at these salons.

Style N Scissors offering discounts on beauty services for women till March 11. Also, have free grooming sessions, makeup workshops and free consultation by dermatologists and skin experts. There will be a flat 25% discount on beauty and spa services as well. On Women’s Day, every woman will get a free nail art and extension service.

Sizzlin Scizzors offering flat 50% discount on any hair or beauty treatment like body wrap, body massage, facial, bleach, manicure, pedicure, etc, along with free consultation for hair problems.

Kaya Kalp, here it is a month long celebration. 25% discount on all beauty and hair treatments along with some special packages.

pedicure.JPGAfter all the pampering at the spa and salons, time to enjoy the evening with friends with scrumptious meals. With a spread of delectable delights- Jaipur Marriott, ITC Rajputana, The Lalit, Hotel Hilton have all put some discounts for pretty ladies to enjoy the evening. But its not only these hotels, some cafes like Lazy Mojo, Chaisa, Celebrazio, etc. too have come up with offers and goodies for all the chirping birds.

At Jaipur Marriott– There will be a 20% discount for women at all of our outlets and also a bag of goodies which will have chocolates and roses.A discount coupon will be given to them for their next visit at restaurant Saffron.

ITC Rajputana-women guests can gorge on a special spread with a 20% discount at all the outlets.

The Lalit

The Lalit– Here the female guests, there will be a 20% discount on food and beverages along with a 15minute session of foot massage at Rejuve The Spa.

Drinks forretsa.JPG
Image- The Forretsa Kitchen & Bar

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar- 20% discount offer on all tables occupied by female guests.

CafeLazyMojo- 20% discount with complimentary mocktails for women. The outlet will be specially decorated so as all women can get themselves free 🙂

JB - Lazy Mojo 5
Image- Cafe LazyMojo

Chaisa- 10% discount for female guests with a complimentary special masala tea

Celebrazio- 30% discount on mocktails and a 10% discount on bakery products, coffee and cakes.

On The House– Complimentary desserts to all women guests.

So, now you have enough of the good reasons to enjoy and make the most of this year’s Women’s day 🙂

Wishing all the girls, women and pretty ladies – Happy Women’s Day!

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4 Exciting Food Festivals Happening In Jaipur

With the last showering rains, Jaipur starts to offer a great journey into the royal kitchens to provide some flavorful, lip smacking dishes. With this begins the food festival to enjoy the fun and festivity with some traditional dishes from all over the world.

The food festival gives a perfect opportunity for the entire food connoisseur to savor the distinct and rich flavors from different lands of the world. Jaipur is never out of options when it comes to dining out. This weekend we tell you where to enjoy lip-smacking food festivals happening across the city.

Fest 1
Chinese Dim Sums

Sicilian Food Festival- Jal Mahal Palace

If you really want to establish yourself in the island of Sicily, try the Sicilian cuisine at Jai Mahal Palace (Taj Group) – Giardino. The Sicilian cuisine is a blend of Italian and Arabian culture which can be seen on the platter with the use of apricots, rice, raisins, saffron, pasta, beans, fishes, etc. Enjoy the star studded ambience with some Italian penne Alla Norma, Calamari Ripieni, Frutti di Mare, and not to forget the world famous Cassata.


Date: 11- 30th September, 2015

Venue: Jai Mahal Palace , Giardino

Contact: 0141 6601111

Feast the East- Golden Tulip

It’s time to enhance your taste buds as we go on a trip around Asia to discover some new flavors and exciting dishes from the Thai and Chinese cuisine. It offers a wide variety of salads, starters, main course and desserts. Some of the varieties which are a must try are Thai Chicken, Veg. Curry, Schezwan Chicken, etc. So drop down at Golden Tulip to savor the Chinese cuisine.

Golden Tulip

Let your taste buds go on a trip around Asia to try out some new flavours and dishes at a food festival going on in Jaipur’s Golden Tulip. The festival offers a wide variety of salads/ starters, main course and desserts to choose from. As per the food and beverage Manager Mr. Manoj, the guests can relish Thai and Chinese cuisine in a buffet system. For those who are not keen on Thai and Chinese food they can simply have Dal and Paneer as part of the buffet.

Location- Opp. GPO, MI Road

Contact- +91 141 4268777

Venue : Golden Tulip, Opp. GPO, MI Road

Date: 4-13th September,2015

Contact: +91 141 4268777

Golden Tulip

Tap Into Tapas Temptation- The Lalit

It’s time to relish life in the Spanish way! Enjoy the taste of Spain, where each bite will weave you into the web of delectable food with vegetarian as well as non vegetarian delicacies like Croquetas de Jamon ( Crunchy Ham Croquettes), Patatas Bravas ( Spicy Spinach Potato Slice), Empanadas de Qeaso con Albahaca (Basil infused Cheese Empanadas) and much more.

Date: 12-30th September,2015

Venue: The Circle Bar, The Lalit

Timings: 11 am – 11pm

The Lalit

Unified Flavors Of Punjab- The Lalit

Relish the buttery rich traditional Punjabi cuisine with appetizing aroma of some of the signature dishes of Chef Jassi like Jassi di Lassi, Amritsari Macchi, Jalebi te Raita, etc. Infusing magic with some secret ingredients and a lot more to offer at Baluchi, The Lalit, Jaipur.

Date: 18-27th September,2015

Venue: Baluchi, The Lalit, Jaipur

Timings: Lunch – 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Dinner – 7:30pm- 11:30 pm

The Lalit

So let your Weekend be special! Enjoy in spectacular surroundings, listen to music and devour into the delicious food and drink on offer.

Happy Sunday!!

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Soak in the musical world of ‘Mehefil-e-Sufiana’ @The Lalit Jaipur

Kaafila 1It’s time to show some selfless passion for our country and recall the most glorious chapters of Indian history through some patriotic melodies.

This Independence Day, The Lalit Jaipur is organizing a sufi evening ‘ Mehefil-e-Sufiana’ by Kaafila Band. Kaafila is a multi genre band that celebrates life by spreading the sound and rhythm of colourful Rajasthan by its unique style by striking each chord in the hearts of music lovers.


If music is your cup of tea, then you can’t miss this fierce play of instruments with calm melodies. Soothe yourself in a rhythmic treat with beverages, buffet dinner and lots more.


Date: 14th August 2015

Time: 7:30 pm onwards

Venue: The Crystal Ballroom, The Lalit Jaipur

Sufi event


For other details please contact –

Gagan Kapoor @+91 8003897058.

Book Tickets: http://bit.ly/SufiAtTheLalitJaipur