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Travel Local: World Class Places in Jaipur to visit!

While Jaipur is always filled with number of places that are world-class, it is time to travel local and appreciate the value of our home now.

The closed country borders, lockdown, and the safety reasons are now making us appreciate the treasure of our city Jaipur.

Here are our top picks-

  1. Amer Fort


The famous Amer Fort is one of the most visited forts in Rajasthan and is a marvellous blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The fascinating beauty of Amer Fort at night is definitely an attraction.


  1. Jantar Mantar

Samrat Yantra - Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is considered to be one of the largest astronomical observatories out of all the 5 in the entire nation. Recognized as the world heritage site by UNESCO, Jantar Mantar is a treat for people who have a lot of interest in astronomy and architecture.


  1. Hawa Mahal

hawa mahal

Carved out of red and pink sandstone, this marvelous piece of architecture is recognized as the tallest building in the world built without a foundation. It is our own Taj Mahal that is in the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown.


  1. Jal Mahal


Jal Mahal is a five storied structure built with stones and walls thick enough that no water seeps in. You can watch, behold the sight and, capture its beauty only from a distance.


  1. Albert Hall


Opened as a concert hall in 1876, Albert Hall was then turned into a Museum to promote the local artisans’ work. Soon after that, the museum gained its popularity not only for its exquisite collection but also for its splendid architecture.


  1. Walled City

walled city

No matter what transport you choose to reach the walled city, but once you step out of it, a gush of local air filters through you and gives you the major feels of the city. Stroll through with a heart full of patience and excitement because the markets of Jaipur are truly engaging.


  1. City Palace


Based on a fusion of the Vastu Shastra of the Indian architecture, combining Mughal, Rajput and European stylesCity Palace was built by the founder of Jaipur- Sawai Jai Singh II. The most attractive part of the Palace is its four gates that represents the four seasons of the year.


  1. World Trade Park


World Trade Park gives us a moment of pride for being one of the largest malls in the country with 11 floors. This place looks no less than an English house, or a cathedral from inside.


  1. Nahargarh


A blend of Indian and European style of architecture, Nahargarh Fort was built as a retreat on the hilltop at that time. Providing a stupendous view of the city, Nahargarh Fort was built strategically to provide protection to the royal family of Jaipur.


  1. Jaigarh Fort


Providing a great view of the entire Aravalli range, Jaigarh Fort is known for holding the largest canon on wheels in the world. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from the main Jaipur city and is popularly known for not being conquered by anyone in the battles that it has witnessed.


  1. Galta Kund

Galta ji

Within the unfolding lanes of Jaipur you’ll find the most fascinating and intriguing among them all is Galta Ji- the magnificent campus of temples. It’s not just one temple but a marvelous cluster of numerous beautiful temples spread amid the boundaries of Aravali Hills.


  1. Birla Mandir


Situated on the foothills of Moti Doongri Fort, Birla Mandir also known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple is a proud architectural landmark of Jaipur. Unlike other traditional Hindu temples, Birla Mandir is built with a modern approach in pure white marble.


  1. ISKCON Temple


ISKCON Sri Giridhari Dauji Temple is situated in Dholai village, south of Jaipur City. It is one of the famous & most visited temples in Jaipur. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram which are very beautifully decorated.


  1. Raj Mandir


Lesser of a movie theatre and more of a tourist destination, this is the most beautiful theatre of Asia and we have all taken our relatives from far off cities to this place during vacations.


  1. Jawahar Kala Kendra


Like the rest of Jaipur’ wisely chalked out architecture and planning, Jawahar Kala Kendra boasts of an architecture that spellbinds a beholder at just one glance.


  1. Jawahar Circle

patrika gate

A tall pink structure surrounded by a gamut of trees and lush gardens, that structure is Jawahar Circle – the biggest circular park in Asia. The entrance of Jawahar Circle is through the Patrika gate, which has been designed beautifully.


  1. Nahargarh Biological Park
For reference: Nature Wanderers

Who would have thought that Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan will offer you a lion safari? But this edition in adventure activities is the Nahargarh Biological Park exclusively for Lion Safari. The zone of the lion safari lies in the Aravali foothills with hillocks that offer panoramic landscape.


  1. Birla Planetarium


birla audi

Birla Planetarium in Jaipur is one of the main attractions in the itinerary of travellers and was inaugurated by the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Birla Planetarium takes you to the lesser known world of galaxy and stars.


  1. Amrapali Museum


Amrapali is a globally renowned, coveted luxury jewellery brand. The heritage jewellery house launched its very own museum in Jaipur. It displays traditional silver jewelled arts of India reflecting the ‘everyday’ life of the people of India.


We are sure some of you must have not visited to any one of the above listed places. But as everyone says better late than ever so do visit these treasures of our very own Pink City once the lockdown ends.

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5 Chocolaty Places In Jaipur To Celebrate World Chocolate Day

When Modiji is in Jaipur and everyone simply gets the privilege to enjoy the weekend with their loved ones as all the shops, schools have been shut down, what better way to relax and celebrate World Chocolate Day. So, in order to help all you chocolate lovers end their cravings, Jaipur Beat brings to you the chocolatiest hangouts and places to buy chocolates in the city!!

  1. Nibs Cafe & Chocolateria
    With its branches in C-Scheme, Raja Park & Bani Park, Nibs undoubtedly is the most favored place for all the chocolate lovers. With everyone going crazy about their variety of chocolate treats not to mention their amazing and everyone’s favorite white hot chocolate, this place feels like heaven.


  1. The Chocolate Room
    Located in the Food Court at World Trade Park, this small chocolate cafe is definitely another place where you satiate your chocolate cravings. With a complete menu filled with variety of chocolate desserts like crepes, waffles and some amazing chocolate drinks, you can definitely have some melting moments here.

The Chocolate Room.jpg

  1. Chocolate Boutique
    If you are going to a birthday party or Saturday dinner, how about carrying a bouquet of chocolates rather than a usual bouquet of flowers. And to get that, let us show you the way to the best place from where you can buy such a present. Chocolate boutique is famous in the city for its delicious chocolaty choices that it has to offer. Do not forget to get your loved ones, one of these tonight 😉


  1. Brown Sugar
    With outlets spread across the city, this cafe not only offers a few good chocolate treats but is also a place where you can have a good mini meal. Chocolates and your favorite lasagna, what more shall you ask for?


  1. Melting Moments
    This small kiosk located at crystal palm, will definitely make you realize that all good things come in small packages. From delicious chocolates to amazing desserts this place offers you all you want to celebrate World Chocolate Day.


Now that the list is ready it’s time to make your decision 😉

Happy World Chocolate Day!

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Experience Ultimate Breakfast places to Nightclubs in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

Doesn’t our mind gets baffled when think of an interesting and a budget-oriented day out in Jaipur at this time of the year?

With the weather having mood swings at one end, planning a whole day out circling in and around the city definitely seems to be an expensive and impossible event. Hence, we end up spending chunks of cash at luxurious resorts and satisfy our guilty pleasures or hang out in some usual cafe close by.

To make sure none of the high spirited Jaipurites miss out the fun in this summer, Jaipur Beat brings to you an amazing summer bonanza with its ‘all at one place’ package where we have planned a perfect day out right here in the urban heart of pink city, Malviya Nagar giving a perfect excuse to go out, with fun just some doorsteps away.

Begin this journey of an amazing day out by energizing your lazy minds with these refreshing breakfast places-

  1. Saras Parlour, the heart of all the Jaipurities still stays iconic with their crispy jalebi, crunchy paneer pakoda, swirling softy and refreshing lassi.


  1. Cafe Lazy Mojo, this mesmerizing and relaxing place has it all to make you fall for its mouth-watering salads and Mexican flavours.


  1. Coffee Culture, a big shoutout to all the caffeine lovers will surely make you drool over the aroma of their exotic varieties of coffee. This place has an electric and vibrant ambience to set your energy bars higher for the day.


  1. The Good Times, delicious la carte menu offers to a big fat breakfast buffet, this cafe indeed assures a good time.


Image credit: The Good Times

After a full-fledged breakfast, don’t let the scorching heat drain out your energy. Booze your filmy dose with the latest movies in town at the nearest theatre-

  1. Cinepolis at World Trade Park is at par the best theatre in Jaipur. Recliners and big screens is all you need to have a thrilling, romantic, adventurous and a comfortable experience with!


  1. Shop! Shop! Shop! Explore the magnificent WTP and pamper your inner shopaholic at these marvellous stores like Shoppers Stop, Iconic, the famous Dubai Bazaar and what not.


We are sure your hungry tummies must have started buzzing by now. So what are you all waiting for?

The Food Court at World Trade Park has countless cuisines to satisfy your cravings.

  1. Thirsty mouths, grab the little bottles of joy by Keventer’s milkshake. These freshly made shakes loaded with chunks of sweetness come best in bubblegum, mint Oreo, and Oreo.


  1. banquete a besta’, Feast the beast in you with wine and beer and authentic Portuguese and Lebanese food by Barcelos, a fine- dine restaurant.


  1. Bring out the awesome Punjabiness in you with Kathi Junction. Try out their ever time favourite spicy and tangy rolls and finger licking kebabs.


  1. Inchin, a fusion of authentic Chinese food with the mouth-gobbling flavours of India is a true delight.

Untitled design (14)

  1. Say cheese! Go cheesy with yummy pizzas at Fat Lulu’s, all set to stir your mouths with their Italian platter.

Fat Lulu's

  1. Our Indian tummy seems to be empty without our traditional naan and paneer butter masala. The Yellow Chilli has a big fat Indian platter ready for you with a twist from the regular dhabe ka khana.


  1. Pamper your sweet tooth in The Chocolate Room with their highlights, hot brownie and chocolate fondue. Explore and relish!


What fun it is without some plotting and gambling? Get your minds all hyped up as we have some cool and interesting activities listed down for you-

  1. Indulge in a sporty and healthy competition of bowling with your friends at Masti Zone in GT Central. They have a range of virtual games and activities to engage with.

Masti Zone

Image credit: Masti Zone

  1. Nurture your minds in bask of nature through a healthy competition of bicycle riding. Pink Pedals at Jawahar Circle provides bike rental at a minimal cost to let people rejuvenate their souls.


Not feeling like putting your mischievous side into action? Well Malviya Nagar has incredible spas for an enchanting and relaxing evening-

  1. Bloom and mesmerize your soul in Style n Scissors and get a dream makeover by the experts.


  1. Get a massage by expert masseuses at Sabai Thai Spa and surround yourself with its exotic and pure aura.

Sabai Thai Spa

Image credit:

The nightlife of this place has hit top notch with the opening of these peppy rooftop lounges and restaurants.

Wink an eye and button up your suits. Go shimmery on clubbing!

  1. Looking forward to have a chill gala time with your peers? Visit TaBLU at Clarks Amer for an amazing light-hearted time at their open bar with a beautiful view of the city skyline.


  1. Eat, dance, rave, repeat and what not? The Fort, Malviya Nagar has been the talk of the town as it makes one drool over its jaw-dropping magnificent ambience. This peppy place has a lounge, restaurant and a cafe all at a look away which makes it a star mark destination to go.

The Fort

Now say ‘yes’ to a high spirited day out with your friends and unleash the zest of these trending places!


The content and pictures are by the interns at Jaipur Beat.

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5 Things That Will Change The Face Of JLN Marg If Metro Gets Constructed

Metro which has given a new life and looks to the city of Jaipur is on the go to make the life of riders more comfortable. After the successful completion of Phase 1 of the Jaipur Metro, it is ready to move on with its Phase 2. Most popular and travelled road Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg is one of the leading contenders for the Phase 2. JLN Marg is also famous among the VIPs as it serves the perfect neat, clean and well-kept route for the Presidents, Vice Presidents and other important dignitaries of the country and other nation’s dignitaries.

If we get the metro rolling on the JLN Marg, here are the 5 things that will bring change into a life of a normal Jaipurite.

  1. Jawahar Circle Ab Door Nahi

Jawahar Circle

You won’t have any reason to be lazy to get up, drive to the Jawahar Circle for a refreshing morning walk.  You simply have to catch the metro from your nearest station and move on for a morning train ride.

  1. WTP Ka Ek Naya Nazariya


WTP, a drastic development to the historic city of Jaipur gets clicked from every angle. Once the metro starts, you will get a new angle to click this giant blue building, and nothing wrong if you can capture the sight of this beauty in the backdrop to your selfie.

  1. Ae Bhai Zare Dekh Ke Chalo, Par Ab Dekhne Ki Zaroorat Nahi 


Traffic is one of the growing reasons for people’s irritation. Red lights are meant to be followed but what if a right going bike or car stops in the extreme left and cuts your way to run ahead of you to go right. Blood really boils during such instance especially when you come tired after the day’s work. One problem which the metro might solve is no stopping at the red lights and jump the congested traffic during office hours. You will be saved from the most difficult Rajasthan University’s crossing.

  1. Saras Parlor – Tumko Na Bhool Payengey Hum


Saras Parlour, a place which is associated with lots of Jaipurites. Most of us have spent our childhood nights at Saras Parlour standing in long queues for garam doodh and jalebi in winters and softy ice creams during summer nights. But so sad, if the metro takes its way on JLN Marg we have to cease the exit to the Saras Parlour.

  1. Babuji Dheere Chalna  


The JLN Marg has butter like smoothness because of its VIP importance. Seeing this, people usually take off like a plane and are caught red-handed by the smart yet clever police. But as the metro starts, you need not worry about the speed limit as it has its own pace.

What if it actually happens? We will definitely miss the wide view that we get while moving through this road 😦


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7 Places To Eat When You Are At The World Trade Park, Jaipur

This place looks no less than an English house, or a cathedral from inside? We are sure that every Jaipurite has been to this building. To some, especially the photographers this is usually depicted as the beginning of development in Jaipur or you can call westernization of this small fabled city. Any guess about the place we are talking about?

Entrance ChandeliersFood Court Chandeliers

With large and old chandeliers to olden Greek styled wall paintings, we take you to the World Trade Park. World Trade Park or WTP in its short form, houses more than 500 brands. Well, this time we won’t be talking about the shopping brands.


We know when you come down to shop, you not only look for clothing brands but if it is taking you really long, there must be something to fill your stomach. We take you straight to the third floor – the food court. We know what food is to the Jaipurites. So not to trouble you much, here are a few food joints in the food court to kill your hunger pangs, giving you a chance to eat out in the scorching summer heat.

  1. Kebabs and Curries Company

Offering array of kebabs and variety of curries, this is one of the best picks, especially for the non-vegetarians.

Kebabs & Curries

  1. Fat Lulu’s

If you think pizza is the right option to get you going strong during the shopping hours, come down to Fat Lulu’s to pick one.

Fat Lulu's

  1. Barcelos

A Portuguese origin company, Barcelos is famous for its flamed, grilled Peri Peri menu. If you have ever passed by it, this place offers a cafeteria like ambiance with an unusual decor.


  1. Fruit Serum

Holding a small kiosk on the food street in WTP, Fruit Serum offers multiple flavours for juices and shakes to keep to hydrated and bear the burning heat.

Fruit Serum

  1. Keventers

Keventers, a milkshake franchise which took over a bloom in last few years. It has some really amazing and filling milkshakes to offer. Isn’t it looks like a revival of operation flood?


  1. Inchin

You must be looking around and witnessing that there is no Mainland China or Yo! China after the Indo – Chinese controversy, but we have this small joint in WTP’s food street to fill your Chinese desires.

Untitled design (14)

  1. The Yellow Chilli

If are opting for a full lunch like diet, the Yellow Chilli  has dishes from India’s Northwestern frontier.

The Yellow Chilli



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8 Places In Jaipur You Must Visit To See Diwali Lighting

Diwali is just 2 days away and we know you are busy with cleaning, shopping, getting houses renovated/painted, or organizing Diwali parties 😉 In this busy schedule of yours, pause for a second and think what makes Diwali so special. New clothes, a nip in the air, the faint smell of crackers, noise and excitement all around, and …lights !! We all light up our houses on Diwali in different ways, but every city has its own way of lighting itself up every year. Among all these cities, Jaipur shines in a way that it feels like it’s truly welcoming Lord Rama after his 14 years of exile and dancing in joy and festivity. So let’s look at few places in Jaipur that you must not miss to see this Diwali 🙂

  1. Johri Bazaar

    Johri bazaar, the market that is famous all over the world for its scintillating jewellery, especially made and found in Jaipur, is seen gleaming with lights on Diwali.


  2. World Trade Park

    Not a newbie anymore, World Trade Park stands as one of the most posh places in Jaipur to shop, eat, watch movies, hang out and what not. However, it comes as no surprise that WTP wraps itself in the spirits of Diwali in its own elite and glittering way.


  3. Trimurti Circle

    The circle dedicated to the martyrs of police force, is decorated subtly with flowers and is not to be missed as it is one of the most famous landmarks of pink city.


  4. Motisons Jewellers

    Having one of the fanciest buildings in Jaipur, Motisons Jewellers leave no stone unturned when it comes to the festival of lights. Just like their gorgeous jewellery and interesting building, their Diwali lighting also stands out and makes a lot of heads turn !


  5. Amer fort

    Although Amer fort is well lit all year round and stands as a symbol of pride and history in Jaipur, it oozes a different level of aura altogether on Diwali with its yellow sandstone shining brighter and looking like a golden castle in pink city.


    6. Raja ParkAn always crowded area of Jaipur, because of its versatility as it has the power to provide anything to a person ranging from a basic panipuri to a perfect wedding dress, Raja Park gives the feel of a beaming street lit on the festival of Diwali.


    7. Albert Hall Museum

    The State museum of Rajasthan is lit in all the colors that one can only wish to see in a rainbow and even the pigeons that love to rest here are compelled to sit down and admire this exquisite architecture.


    8. GT Bazaar

    The gem of Malviya Nagar for all the foodies and shopaholics, GT Bazaar is lit up and glowing like a thousand stars are falling from the sky to bless the earth this Diwali.

    So keep all things aside, and take out some time to soak into the actual essence of Diwali – the festival of lights 🙂


A 360 Degree Guided Tour of World Trade Park Jaipur !!

Cafes, bazaars, streets, temples, parks, you name it, and Jaipur has an abundance of all ! In this growing list of amazing things and an era of urbanization and ushering development that we are blessed to witness in pink city, we see one more evolution – Shopping Malls. As pink city continues to move swiftly on the path of being an attraction for every genre of shopaholic, it houses in it the grandest mall of all times – World Trade Park.

World Trade Park Jaipur Beat

Located at one of the most posh areas in Jaipur, JLN Marg, WTP (as Jaipurites fondly call it) is one gigantic mall that houses all our favorite brands that at one time had us rushing to the Indian capital.  The one reason that this mall has become so popular and fond among the people of Jaipur is that it offers the best brands in clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home décor and what not ! Just in case you aren’t too big on non-stop shopping, WTP doesn’t leave a room for boredom with its plethora of entertainment sources and crazy varieties of food  😀

So hold your breath and put your seat belts on, as we are now starting our ride through the World Trade Park !

First thing is first, park your car in the basement of the mall and take an escalator or elevator to reach your desired floor ! We chose to start our tour from the South block of WTP and here is what we discovered on our tour.

South Block

Women’s Fashion

The best element of WTP is that it has brands that offer both traditional and western wear along with amazing accessories. If you are shopping for western wear you will definitely find French Connection, situated at the lower ground (LG) at South Block, quite interesting with some pretty summer dresses & great formals ! Our favorite still remains ICONIC that in itself is a multi-brand retail where you will get the latest trends in women’s western wear from Vero Moda, Only and Jack n Jones. Definitely the best of Denims can be shopped at Levi’s and if you are on the lookout for nice western casual then UCB should be your first choice. Also, this section is a heaven during the SALE season 😉

Moving ahead to the Upper ground (UG), you will find Shoppers Stop, which we perhaps need not introduce.  The one stop store for the best ethnic wear, western wear, accessories, shoes, make-up, bags and many more fashion products, Shopper’s Stop has it all. But if you want t visit some individual brand stores, just turn around and meet BIBA, W, ShivaS, Satya Paul and Meena Bazaar with a superb variety of ethnic wear for occasions ranging from Diwali to best friend’s wedding: D

Apart from it this floor also has Wills Lifestyle, which is again a leading brand that offers trendy women wear. The most remarkable brand at this floor is the All Plus shop, which offers fashionable clothing in plus sizes!

Men’s Fashion

Because why should women have all the fun ? From t-shirts to shirts to jeans to the classy formal & ethnic wear, WTP has it all queued up for the man’s world out there !

Starting right from the lower ground at South Block, there’s Calvin Klein that offers not only trendy denims but many casual outfits for men. Again ICONIC also stores some A-listed men’s fashion brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Ed Hardy, Gant, Nautical, Matinique, Bruun and Stengrade, Levi’s, Van Heusen and Aeropostale. Apart from ICONIC, the same floor also has Flying Machine, U.S. Polo, UCB and Wrangler, which offer some sporty choices for the men in the game.

For example if you are looking for some above the mark T-shirts then Ed hardy is the right place to be. For others who are looking for very high end formals can find what they need at Van Heusen and Levis and wrangler are meant for those who are on a hunt for new denims. U.S. Polo has to be on the list of those, who like shopping for latest casuals that are available at this brand !!

If shopping under one roof for all your necessities like clothing, shoes and accessories is your idea of shopping then move directly to Shoppers Stop and you will find everything 🙂


There is just one way to beautiful your existing or new wardrobe – Accessorize!!

Shoes, bags, necklaces, rings, clips, isn’t your mind already playing with colors and fashion ? 😉

For all those looking for light sport shoes, Puma at ICONIC must be your first choice ! Clarks, a high end shoe brand, offers a rather subtle and formal collection of shoes that you can opt for your official meetings. On the same floor as Clarks, you can also check out Adidas and Hush puppies !

With Taylor Swift & Sonam Kapoor making a rage out of reading glasses, they are nothing but a thing of play these days. Foresight Optical, located on the 3rd floor of this wing, should be the go to place for people looking for trendy eyewear.  If you wish to invest in a good time piece, then Casio can be the one as well !

For women, we have Metro, which is currently one of the most trendy footwear retails. Again for sport shoes women can take a search the Puma shop. Move to the first floor and you will find some wonderful scarves at Red riding scarves. You can also get some high end luggage carriers at Samsonite, which is also located in the South wing of WTP. Since we can never have enough of phone accessories, Robobull is here to provide us with some more phone accessories. Going ahead to the Home Décor section, Pure Home Décor is one place where you can find a lot many options for decorating your house.


We know you all probably rush to Zivame when it comes to shopping for some beautiful lingerie for yourself and pamper your body like never, but at WTP, you will make all your dreams come true at Marks & Spencer as it hold in front of you a vast selection of dreamy lingerie in all designs, shapes and sizes.


Since beauty products have also gained popularity with people of Jaipur, many beauty brands have come up with their stand alone outlets at WTP. Although Marks & Spencer is known for its lingerie but once you go to this store you will find some amazing toiletries and a wide range of beauty products especially body mists by the brand available at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Recently Looks Salon has also opened up an outlet at the Mall, so now you can easily take care of your beauty requirements at the salon.

Entertainment Entertainment !! 

The next big thing that one looks for in a mall is Entertainment and WTP definitely has some real elements of entertainment in store for you. Firstly WTP houses Cinepolis theatre in town, which has the best 3D effects and gives an amazing movie watching experience to its visitors. Moreover the south wing of this mall also houses a Kids Zone where young kids, who sometimes do get bored with their parents’ shopping spree, can get some respite. Not only this while walking in the mall you must have seen many people relaxing on huge comfy chairs, well they are massage chairs, which are there to provide comfort to people, who want it.


Now, don’t we all live for this one element of life? The World trade Park is an abode to many food outlets, and you will also find a little House of Candy with colorful and yummy candy options, but the highlight here is the place which serves delicacies from all over the world in its huge castle themed Food Court!!

Those who cannot live without Ice Cream in summers can head towards Havmor, Baskin & Robins and Gelato to binge on this delicacy. The continental food fans can find delight in Italian café (which serves Italian food) or Inchin (that serves Chinese and Thai dishes) to satiate their tummies. Since we are in Jaipur, how can one miss out on, ‘The Rajasthan Pure veg’ outlet that serves the best of Rajasthani food ? 😀

Pizza fans have Dominos for them and chocolate lovers can always head to Oven the Bakery or Chocolate Room. Then again we have Barcelos that opened up almost a year back at WTP and serves some amazing non-veg food along with drinks. Your favorite shake joint, Keventers also has its outlet at WTP in the same row as Creamist, Cookie Man, Fruit Serum, Chatkara Puchka leading to Kathi junction, Yo China, Kebabs and curries company, Vegetarian Choice, Crazy noodles and KFC. Not to forget the South Indian Food lovers, who can get their choice of food at Vaango.  While strolling through the North Wing you can also check out CCD and the South wing houses Costa Coffee for all the coffee lovers.

Gadgets and Electronics

As we said, at WTP you can get everything that is on your shopping list and we are sure that includes gadgets too. Among the biggest brands, we have Imagine store at WTP where you can buy all the latest gadgets from Apple. For people who might not want to invest on Apple you can always checkout Gionee and Vivo. Now once you are done with your Smartphone shopping and are looking forward to shop for some electronics then you can head to Samsung store and get your hands on some of their finest products.

Dubai bazaar

Moving ahead from the food court a completely new shopping experience awaits those who love shopping at kiosks for more variety and less price. The most attractive part of this is the entrance with a huge bold red door; Dubai Bazaar spreads a range of products that can be shopped under one roof at this segment. You name it and you will get it at this market, be it shoes, dresses, men’s wear, lingerie, perfumes, accessories, belts, artifacts and much more. We suggest that whenever you visit WTP you must give this market a visit! 😀


North Block

Fantasy World

The moment we enter the North Block through the connecting escalator from South Block, the first thing that we notice is a dreamy world, where you can find beautiful accessories like costume jewelry and sunglasses sold by people from inside a boat shaped shop or a bus. Yes you are right we are talking about Fantasy world, which indeed lives up to its name with all those umbrellas hanging upside down from the ceiling and the whole interior that is designed in a very unusual format that leads you into the world of Arabian nights 😀 You can also find some nice book stores in this section. The fantasy world also has its small food zone that houses Cake world and all the fans of this bakery already know that they make some very delicious cakes in the city.

Women’s Wear

North wing of WTP houses some of the favorite brands of women in clothing. To begin with, adjacent to Fantasy world we have an outlet of ‘People’ that offers nice outfits for women at really affordable prices. The ground floor in this wing houses Zara, which is probably the biggest reason why women actually visit WTP. Zara undoubtedly has the latest fashion from around the world and we definitely don’t want to miss on that.

A new entrant to the same wing is Kazo, which offers a range of western women wear and you might actually find a good party wear dress here that you have been looking for all over in the city. You can also shop for the same at Latin Quarters, Promod with a very elegant collection having some latest designs in house. Now that we are talking about favorite brands you cannot miss Forever New that houses some chic and trendy women’s clothing. Guess is also located on the same floor in case you are looking for a pair of denims.

Men’s Wear

Beginning with the topmost floor in this block (we mean the top most functioning floor) we have Planet sports where men can always find their favorite sports wear, adjacent to the Fantasy World. Come one floor down and men will find Celio and LaCoste to help them with their casual wear requirements and for those looking for formal options you can always count on Raymonds, which too has an outlet at WTP, or check the latest formal collection by Louis Philippe and Park Avenue.  Then again Zara men’s collection is also pretty high end and we suggest one should always check it out.


If you are out here to shop for accessories then the North Wing of WTP is where you should head to as it houses the biggest brands in accessories in Jaipur. Now what can be the most sought after accessories? We guess they are bags and shoes. As you move out of Fantasy world right outside you will find an outlet of Baggit. And if one brand of bags is not enough then you can move down a floor and spend as much as you want on lovely bags by Da Milano but don’t forget that you are still to checkout Charles and Keith, Carlton, Aldo and Rosso Brunello that brings a chic array of bags and shoes to die for. North Wing also houses Sunglass Hut that offers some cool eye-wear.

For some more options in footwear you may also checkout the Catwalk and for the best of accessories in town you can head towards Accessorize that offers the best of costume jewelry, head gear and even some cool options in bags and eye-wear. Claire’s is another brand that offers a huge amount of accessories for all the accessory lovers. The North wing also houses Mother Care, which provides products for babies and new mothers. For a few more options for young kids you can also check out the Early Learning Centre.

Amazing timepieces can be brought at The Prime, which is a multi-brand retail for watches. If you are looking for exquisite and precious jewelry then you should checkout Nakshatra that is the only precious jewelry store in the mall. Swarovski also has an outlet at WTP, which provides one with many beautiful artifacts studded with Swarovski crystals. Moving ahead with accessories for Home Décor, for which Chumbak, one of the most sought after brands for its quirky printed designs, should be the most apt place.


While Shoppers’s Stop will provide you all your favorite brands of lingerie in its lingerie section, Amanté has for you some classy nightwear & lingerie collection to pick from !


This section houses three leading beauty brands viz. Inglot, Faces and the Body Shop. Inglot and Faces both offer a huge variety of makeup products whereas The Body Shop provides you with amazing beauty care products that are based on elements of nature with tantalizing fragrances that are also good for your skin and hair 🙂

We suggest you prepare a list of things you require and go to the shops that will offer you the products of your choices and after the long tiring shopping spree, go straight to the Food Court and eat your favorite food 😉

For us, we end our guide to World Trade Park here and wish you all a shoppilicious weekend 😀



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6 Events In Jaipur to Bookmark This April!

Jaipur is a city where some or the other special event is always taking place. If you are a Jaipurite, your calendar must be full at all times. If you want to visit Jaipur then these events are the perfect invitations. April is no exception and you will be able to enjoy traditional as well as contemporary events this month. Here is what you should look forward to in days to come-

  1. Nayaab

nayaab exhibition jaipur
This is a fashion and lifestyle exhibition that will be held at World Trade Park from 8th to 12th April. Here, you will find not only Indian but designers from Sri Lanka, Dubai and Pakistan as well. A treat for shopping lovers, the exhibition will be open from 10 am to 5 pm.

2. Kalascima Live

kalascima band in jaipur
Head to Bar Palladio on April 9 to enjoy some Italian music! Kalascima band is performing for the first time in Jaipur. The best part is that entry to this rocking event is free. Be there at 11:30 in the night.

3. Jaipur Dog Show

jaipur dog show 2016
A variety of breeds of dogs will make your day on 10th April at SMS Investment Ground. There will be many ‘doggy’ competitions like Fetch Your Luck and Dogster Chef (Master Chef anyone?). You can participate only if you are Indian but you can enjoy the cuteness overload regardless of your nationality. The timings are from 2 pm to 6 pm.

4. Rock Rulez Chapter 5

rock rulez chapter 5 jaipur
The popular hangout place Forresta Kitchen and Bar is hosting Rock Rulez Chapter 5 on 16th of this month. You can sway to performances by DemiGod, Daira, Night Wings 3, SaaR and Joker Aims For Rabbit. Get there anytime between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

5. Startup Weekend Jaipur

startup weekend jaipur

Have a unique idea for your startup? You can share it and get feedback in Startup Weekend on APR 22, 2016. This prestigious event is held all over the world and this time Jaipur is also getting an opportunity to host it. The event will be held from 05:00 pm – 09:00 pm at Startup Oasis in Sitapura Industrial Area.

6. Jaipur Models Audition

dellywood model contest jaipur

If you want to make career in glamour industry, Dellywood is giving you the opportunity. You can audition for this modelling contest on April 30. For more details, checkout their Facebook page.