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Good To Great Sports Academy – A New Hub For Fitness Freaks In Jaipur

We Jaipurites are absolutely whole-hearted foodies who never fail to try new cafes and restaurants. Since we binge on so much, we need a place to burn up the calories at the same time 😛

Also, the demand is rising with people’s increasing need to live longer and overcome self-consciousness. Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful which is why there is a need to explore for some places that help us to stay fit and healthy. ‘Good to Great’ sports academy has opened up at Gandhipath, Chitrakoot. There is a real buzz about the place. We have heard that all the fitness freaks would absolutely love the idea of going to this centre because of its high-quality equipment, facilities and some unique activities, which are not offered in other gyms of the city.

G2G 02

There are exclusively exciting activities in store for you apart from the gym. Especially the group activities that include Zumba, Pilates, Bollywood Dance, Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Muay Thai Self Defense and most importantly, Special Light Resistance Training and Neuro Motor Training. These are taught by certified trainers who have a vast theoretical knowledge and practical experience.


Well! It looks that we don’t need to visit 5 different fitness centres to take care of ourselves as they are offering different activities on different days.


Good to Great is unique since they have certified trainers, best facility and world-class imported equipment.

Stay tuned!! We are soon going to provide you with a review of this place.

Address- B-2/18, Gandhipath, Chitrakoot Scheme,

Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur – 302021, Rajasthan

Contact them- @+91 9116157028, +91 9116157027, +91 9116157026, +91 1414029367




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Top 5 Fitness Centers in Jaipur

Healthy body harbours a healthy mind. Maintaining a healthy body doesn’t necessarily means working out for hours each day or go on crash diets. Instead, it takes dedication and discipline towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, and regular physical activity.

In recent years, the growing work pressure and stress is taking a toll on the health and fitness of our Jaipurites. However, at the same rate, the growing concerns towards maintaining a lean physique has given rise to some of the best gyms and fitness chains in the city.

So, for all the fitness-freaks out there, this World Health Day we have decided to bring up the list of top 5 fitness centres in the Pink City.

  1. Big Apple Fitness Studio

10991382_806218609415092_7630555427764487595_n.jpgImage credit: Big Apple Fitness Studio

An innovative fitness chain started by the celebrity fitness trainer – Mr Ajay Singh, Big Apple Fitness Studio provides Pink City’s best fitness programs. Whether it is the popular cross-fit training, pilates or the outdoor workout competitions, the centre has a dedicated group of highly qualified fitness instructors ensuring all-round fitness to its members.

Apart, from their regular fitness programs, they also provide the unique Pre and Post Natal Workouts to the ‘to-be-mothers’. This exercise program at Big Apple Fitness Studio offers many physical and emotional benefits to the mothers as well as the baby.

Location: Malviya Nagar, Bani Park

  1. Anytime Fitness

20708060_480124749019771_3673440139268341367_n.jpgImage credit: Anytime Fitness

Located in the posh locality of C-Scheme and equipped with ultra-modern equipment, Anytime Fitness is favourite among the fitness crowd in Jaipur. Be it fitness, health or just lifestyle change, the fitness experts at Anytime Fitness strive to provide a tailor-made plan for each of their customers according to their unique needs.

The USP of Anytime Fitness lies in its affordable 24*7 membership plans. Yes, you read it right, they are always open! With some of the finest equipment, personal training programs, and certified nutrition counsellors, Anytime Fitness is an ideal place for those who seek fitness without any strings attached.

Location: C-Scheme, Raja Park, Malviya Nagar

  1. NUYU Health Club

28337405_968125823342204_2866930417626240016_o.jpgImage credit: NUYU Health Club

Amongst the biggest fitness centres in India, NUYU Health Club offers a variety of services to keep you addicted to your fitness regime. NUYU not only provides the option of gym, yoga, and spa but also has a dance studio as well as kickboxing and extreme strength training.

To keep your diet under control, it also has full-fledged cafe including certified dieticians that make custom diet plans in accordance with your lifestyle and body type. Also, with some of the best equipment available, NUYU Health Club provides well-trained instructors who use proven methodologies in providing you with the best results.

Location: Queens Road, Vaishali Nagar

  1. Gold’s Gym

14925545_822800181156097_2255854914159964267_n.jpgImage credit: Gold’s Gym

Undoubtedly, the best gym in Jaipur! Synonymous with the best in the fitness world, Gold’s Gym Jaipur’s unravelling success can be easily marked towards its finest equipment and well-knowledgeable fitness trainers that help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, tone muscles, increase flexibility, build strength or improving cardiovascular health, you are sure to get a proper guidance from their efficient trainers.

Location: Malviya Nagar, Vaishali Nagar

  1. Talwalkars 

421790_343422165696355_1029930634_n.jpgImage credit: Talwalkars

Located at multiple locations in the city, Talwalkars is one of the most reputed fitness chains in the country. Talwalkars Jaipur is located at the 6 prime locations offering a gym, nutrition, and health counselling services along with a wide range of fitness and weight loss programs.

Their state-of-the-art facilities, hospitable staff, and passionate trainers keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey and leave you inspired after every visit.

Location: Raja Park, C-Scheme, Bani Park, Malviya Nagar, Nirman Nagar, Vaishali Nagar

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5 Dance Forms That All Dance Lovers Can Learn In Jaipur

To dance means: to let yourself free, to let yourself go wild and to set your soul free from all bondage. On this World Dance Day we wish everyone in the city the ability to dance like no one’s watching. 🙂 And to make this wish come true here are some beautiful dance forms that are being taught in the Pink City. Many of us are already a part of one or the other of these forms for others; you can choose your favorite and start dancing your way to freedom.


Kathak, one of the oldest forms of dances was originated in Northern India and is one of the seven classical dances in our country. It is also a popular form of classical dance in Jaipur. You can easily spot many young kids and women, joining various classes to learn Kathak. Jaipur is one among the major Gharanas of Kathak along-with Banaras and Lucknow. If you are a classical dance enthusiast you can easily take up a summer dance class at Jawahar Kala Kendra or join the famous Jaipur Kathak Kendra to earn a degree in this dance form.kathakPic Credit: Google


Among the latest forms of dance that have gained popularity in Jaipur, Zumba has earned a unique place. People of Jaipur specially youngsters join Zumba for two reasons, one it is an amazingly entertaining dance form and two because it is also one of the best ways to lose weight. Zumba has become so popular that many cafes around the city are also hosting Zumba parties in their premises. For the Zumba enthusiasts in the city, you can learn the same at several gyms that have incorporated Zumba classes in their fitness routine or you can join Tonique- the fitness studio, which is fully dedicated to Zumba.  zumba fiPic Credit: Google

Bollywood Dance

This is a dance form that somehow every Indian knows. However, to get finesse in your Bollywood dance moves or to bring perfection in your thumkas it is important that you take a little bit of training. After all these classes will be you saving grace during sangeet functions in your family. Bollywood lovers know that to learn this art in Jaipur the best choice is Buskers Dance classes that have been teaching and performing dance for more than two decades now.bollyfinalPic Credit: Google

Belly Dancing

Undoubtedly Belly dancing is the most sensuous form of dancing. Given the rise of belly dancing classes that have come up in many parts of the city we can surely say that people of Jaipur love this dance form. Almost all the dance schools in Jaipur have included the dance form as a part of their curriculum. If you too are looking for one you can find it at Dance & Soul classes, C-scheme, Credit: Google


Another dance form that is not only sensuous but romantic too. This dance form is said to ignite romance among new couples. Probably this is the reason why the newly engaged couples in the city prefer to learn this dance form. Luckily many leading Salsa dancers like Sandeep Soparrkar have conducted many workshops in the city. many leading dance schools like Buskers also provides training for Salsa for people, ho want to learn this dance form.salsaPic Credit: Google

So forget your troubles and Naach meri jaan 😀

Happy World Dance Day. 🙂