Jaipur Artist Era Tak Launches First Book

Era Tak, a renowned artist from pink city, recently launched her first book titled, ‘Raat Paheli’, during an international book fair at Delhi, on 10 January, 2017. The book was unveiled by the chief guest of the event, Leeladhar Mandloi, and other VIP guests Prem Bharadwaj, Jyotish Joshi, Geetashri and Pallav.


The book launch saw reputed attendees like Renu Agarwal, Anant Vijay, Bharat Tiwari, Rama Bharti, Indu Singh, Mahesh Bharadwaj, Pritpal Kaur, Kavita Purshottam Agarwal among others. On the occasion, Prem Bhardwaj, editor of Paakhi, said that “Era’s stories are very fresh and based on the youth of today. They are simple yet sensitive. Her work showcases a strong understanding of human relationships.”


Geetashri mention that Era is a rebel with a direction. Post the book launch, Pallav opined that her stories are like a breath of fresh air. The book Raat Paheli is a compilation of seven stories, which include, Raat Paheli, Love Davadol, Patak, Chaand Paas Hai, Faisla and Dikhava Live.


Era Tak, apart from being a painter and writer, is also a poet. In the past two of her poetry collections, Mere Priya and Anchua Khwab, had also been published. A short 28 minute film based on another story by her, titled Flirting Mania was selected by JIFF and was recently showcased on 9th January 2017 at Golecha, Jaipur.


Era Tak is currently settled in Mumbai. Adding another feather to her cap, she is set to launch a novel too.

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