22 Rooftop Restaurants in Jaipur That You Just Won’t Get Enough Of

Among other things, one luxury that the people of Jaipur have is to be able to spend time at a beautiful rooftop restaurant, enjoy a good meal, coffee or drinks, in the company of people they love, without being bothered by pollution or too many tall buildings 🙂 The city boasts of some of the best rooftop restaurants in the country, which are spread across the city. Here are few of our favorites, among them.

1.) Jai’pour Café & Bar – The latest favorite rooftop of the people of Jaipur is, Jai’pour café and bar, a place that transfers one to the land of Greece. Its not just the interiors of the place that remind you of Greece but the beautiful bougainvillea, 🙂 which are spread across the rooftop. This place not only serves some amazing dishes to eat but is also famous for the variety of drinks that it offers to its customers. Apart from the varied menu, the place is also credited to introduce the first alcoholic Buntas in the city.

Venue: Devraj Niwas, Khasa Kothi


2.) House of People – With the popularity that this rooftop has gained as one of the best nightlife spaces in the city; it undoubtedly becomes one of the first choice while planning a night out with friends. With a great resident DJ, decent ambiance and hospitable staff this place is a wonderful choice to spend your evenings.

Venue: Sahkar Marg



3.) Skylights Café – With a beautiful view of the city from the top to its wonderful and comfortable ambiance, everything is picture perfect at this café. The café overall has an amazing vibe and soothing ambiance. The cafe has a beautiful selection of food on their menu from around the world. Their Waffles, Pizza and delectable selection of quirky burgers are a must try, if you visit this place.

Venue: Ajmer Road


4.) F Bar & Lounge– One of the most high end restaurants in Jaipur with a beautiful rooftop seating, set around an open Swimming Pool, F Bar can easily pass to be one of the most exciting places to be at. Publicized as an ideal destination for party lovers of the city, F Bar offers people a fashionable ambiance, a handpicked menu and the best of party music and live performances.

Venue: M.I. Road


5.) 3 D’s Resto Lounge– 3 D’s Resto lounge is the first independent rooftop lounge in the city. Not only this, it is one of the highest rooftops in the city as well. Located 32 meters above ground, this place gives the best 360 degree view of the city. The rooftop is also known for their live Italian counter, making it one of the favorites for the foodies of Jaipur. Apart from the delicious food, this is the place to best enjoy the nightlife in the city.

Venue: Malviya Nagar


6.) Hitbhuk Mitbhuk – Since the main reason behind hanging out in a restaurant is food, here is a rooftop that offers the most experimental and scrumptious of delicacies to its customers. It is the one restaurant in the city that offers fusion food. The delicious food items available here have an imprint of both European and Indian food culture. The best element of this restaurant is that they try out a new dish every day and in every few weeks they revise their menu to keep updated. Not only this, it is one of the most vertically spread restaurant of the city too.

Venue: Bapu Nagar


7.) Tapri – Located centrally, this is a rooftop cafe, which everyone of you must have visited atleast once. It won’t be wrong if we say the most popular place in town and why not, after all this is the place that serves the simplest of snacks in the most twisted and tasty manner. Whether it is their famous Vada Pao or Tadka Maggi, we all love to binge on their yummy menu, every now and then. Tapri’s location offer you with treat for you eyes too as it offers you the view of beautiful central park and National Flag. 🙂 

Venue: C-Scheme


8.) Le spring – This recently opened rooftop has gained popularity in the city, in a short span of time. The ambiance of the place has a European feel to it. Known for its non-veg specialties and amazing food presentation, this place definitely deserves to be among the top rooftops of the city.

Vaishali Nagar


9. ) Replay Jaipur– Located at Tonk Road, this should definitely be on the top of the list of people who love dining out in open air. The restaurant is dictated by beautiful ambiance, nice music, super delicious food and great drinks. Whether it is a romantic date, drinks with friends or just a casual dinner, the place works out to be the best for everything.

Venue: Tonk Road


10.) Cocoa House café – With an impressive ambiance and a pocket friendly menu, this is one of the most favored rooftops, by the youth of Jaipur. All the young girls and boys of the city, who are planning out their farewell parties or birthdays, can definitely choose this place to celebrate.

Venue: Tonk Road


11.) Green Apple – A vegetarian rooftop restaurant, located in Malviya Nagar, Green Apple, serves a delightful mix of North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Continental cuisines. With comfortable seating and a wonderful vibe this is a place that you will want to visit again and again.

Venue: Malviya Nagar


12.) O2 – The Plant Café – As the name suggests this rooftop is decorated with many beautiful plants that add to a fresh atmosphere of the place. Apart from a lovely ambiance this rooftop is popular for its pocket friendly delights, which is exactly what one looks for, while choosing a hangout place.

Venue: Lal Kothi


13.) Mamu’s Infusion Restaurant-Probably this is the first rooftop restaurant of Jaipur that the foodie’s of Jaipur, think about, while planning a hangout. With an amazing mix of Italian, Chinese, North Indian and to die for Falafel Dish 🙂 , this place should be your first choice if you are a die hard foodie.

 Venue: C-Scheme


14.) Color bar– This place, with its amazingly beautiful, glowing neon furniture, does complete justice to its name. Its furniture is probably the most striking feature about this place. The best place to have drinks with your friends in the city.

Venue: Raddison Blu, Tonk road


15.) Blackout– Located in the heart of the city, at C-Scheme, this rooftop is one of amongst the most famous restaurants in the city. On any given weekend you can see this place jam packed with youngsters and regular days are also no different. If you are planning to have a gala weekend with friends and enjoy a good drink, Blackout is the place to be.

Venue: C-Scheme


16.) Calzone- Dine & Rooftop Lounge – A beautiful and subtle rooftop, which is an ideal place to have family dinners. There are many rooftops in the city where you can go around and have a crazy time with your friends, however if you are looking forward to a comparatively quieter and subtle evening, Calzone is the place to be.

Venue: Vidyadhar Nagar


17.) The Terrace Grill – If your idea of partying is to enjoy amazing barbecue delicacies under a starlit sky, then The Terrace Grill at Hotel Park Prime. The place is also quite apt for romantic couples, who wish to enjoy a good candle light dinner.

Venue: Hotel Park Prime, C-scheme


18.) Ta Blu – One of the oldest rooftops in the city, ta blu at Clarks Amer, is known for its upbeat ambiance and a wide variety of domestic and international liquor available for its customers. The ambiance of the place dominated by white and blue also echoes the rich heritage of the city. well, no doubt old is always gold.

Venue: Hotel Clarks Amer, JLN Marg


19.) Thirsty Owl- With a great mix of international cuisines like Mexican, Chinese and Lebanese, a hooka lounge, live music and live sports screening, Thirsty Own becomes the new favorite place for the youngsters in Jaipur. Located on a different end of the city, Vaishali Nagar, this rooftop gives a beautiful view of the recently developed Vaishali Nagar. The quirky artwork of owls, 🙂 with which this place is decorated, give the whole ambiance an eccentric feel.

Venue: Vaishali Nagar


20.) Jaipur Jungle- This is a place located in the city, which takes you away from the humdrum of the city, into the wildness of the jungle. The décor of the place may be inspired by the jungle but the place is very well furnished which adds to the elegance of the rooftop. The food choice offered at the place are dictated by North Indian dishes but it also offers some amazing Chinese and Italian delicacies.

Venue: Raja Park


21. ) District 9 Lounge– The best thing about this place is that it serves breakfast/quick bites, all day long. A place that serves veg, non veg, drinks and Hookah under one roof, should definitely be one of everyone’s favorite. Additionally if you get a dance floor to grove with your friends, everything becomes perfect. 🙂

Venue: Malviya nagar


22.) Courtyard cafe & Lounge – Courtyard is one of the best rooftop lounges in the city for dining out with your family. The rooftop has a contemporary ambiance and serves delicious food along with your favorite drinks, wine and beer. Furnished with the most charming interiors, Courtyard’s rooftop is divided beautifully into large segment where you can enjoy privacy with your loved ones.

Venue: Bapu Nagar


Hope this has made planning your weekends easy. 🙂




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