Fun Fireless Cooking Workshop at O2 – The Plant Cafe In Jaipur

On 21st June, 2017, a “Fireless Cooking Workshop” was conducted at O2 – The Plant Café. Just entering the venue gives you a breath of freshness. As you make your way inside, you find the place standing up to its name, since the whole place is garlanded with plants. But trust us when we say that, the ambiance wasn’t even the best part.

Ever had a moment when you wanted to make something special, but Google just wasn’t kind enough to understand that not everyone has the power to make exquisite recipes as a light evening snack? If yes, then this workshop was just the right thing in town.

The mentor and cook Divya Jain held the talent of turning the simplest everyday ingredients into a delightful treat for foodies. Let it be an appetizing treat of ‘Biscuit Bhel’ or ‘Bread Paapdi Chaat’, you just couldn’t say no. And in case you’re a little health conscious, their ‘Coconut Cabbage Salad’ would be perfect for you. Other mouth watering recipes like ‘Paan Mojito’, ‘Rainbow Sandwich’, ‘Berry Cheesecake Sandwich’ and ‘Chocolate Swiss Roll’ were taught, and we, being the foodie that we are, would surely be waiting for the next sessions.

The food connoisseur – Divya Jain (left)


Written by Mihika Hajela – Intern at Jaipur Beat (Student of Rukmani Birla Modern High School, Jaipur)

Photographs by Anjali Sarda –  Intern at Jaipur Beat (Pursuing philosophy honours from Delhi University)

Editing by Jaipur Beat

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