7 Fashion Picks From Jaipur Streets To Rock This Monsoon

Who says that shopping is not a workout, for Jaipur Beat, shopping is very much the new cardio and we give our 100% when it comes to fashions and trends. With this in our mind and a camera in our hand we went along the streets of Bapu Bazaar in the walled city to get an idea of the latest clothes, footwear and accessories which are the trending in the markets. Bapu Bazaar is definitely the one stop destination for all Rajasthani things starting from home decor to traditional clothes.

Well this time we have focused on the most fashionable pieces that every Jaipurite must have in her wardrobe. We know it’s difficult to shop in the heat so here are some pictures of latest fads that should definitely find a place in your closets. And if it gets too hot for you we suggest you take a break and stop at Indian Ice Cream Kulfi &Faluda for their amazing faluda and then after the break like a true shopaholic get back to shopping and make the world your runaway.

  1. Bags & Clutches

Life is too short to use boring simple bags so add these vibrant bags in your collection which can definitely add spunk in your outfits. It’s always a hassle carrying lipsticks for touch up in parties and if you carry your phone in your hand you are committing a major mistake ruins a perfectly good outfit.

Please don’t do that to all your designer clothes and invest in these beautiful handy clutches to store all the little things you need.

Tassles ,mirror work and an elephant motif are incorporated for the perfect Jaipuri look.

Easy to handle and the perfect size

  1. Footwear

Fun fact- the first thing that people subconsciously notice is your shoes and when it comes to fashion the first impression is definitely the last impression.

But don’t fret too much about this new knowledge and just buy these versatile footwear 😉

Lose the boring flip flops and try these fuchsia pink desi chappals 😀

Simple, classic and elegant; a must have collector’s item for the desi shopaholics !

The logic behind the ghunghroos is to make sure everyone knows when you enter a place 😉

The tie ups are a hassle but they are way too chic to not buy. No pain, no gain you see 😉

  1. Skirts and pallazos

The heat, humidity and the rain are not a good combination and we suggest your avoid those fitted jeans and pants and let loose with these quirky desi skirts and pallazo. They instantly add a bohemian vibe and to master the look wear them with plain black or white t-shirts. Bandhej being the symbol of Rajasthani textile work dominates the markets.

Elephant prints will be immortal in Jaipuri clothes !


Bright colours make this boho bandhej skirt more desi 🙂

  1. Kurtas and vests

Even shopaholics and fashion enthusiasts need a day off and these pieces are for those days when you don’t wish to style much.

You can never go wrong with a short kurta and jeans and everyone loves the colour blue. Summer, monsoon or spring whatever the season is this beautiful colour will look stylish always. Layering is always a smart choice and it instantly adds glamour.

Breeze through the unpredictable weather in this Indigo kurta !

Add a quirky layer to your outfit with this colourful vest 🙂

  1. Dupattas and scarves

We all love the all white look with a bright colourful dupatta and ever since Alia Bhatt donned this look in one of her movies it’s definitely a must in any wedding. Scarves are generally worn in winter but fashion has no boundaries and different seasons are just an excuse to buy more clothes.

Skip the single colour and opt for a tri-colour dupatta with your all white look 😀

Style and incorporate this printed scarf in your outfit and you don’t need any other accessory 🙂

  1. Dresses

Lunch at a cafe? Confused about the right outfit? Slip in a cotton maxi dress with a touch of Jaipur and you will have the perfect amalgamation of Indo-Western clothing !

Rajasthani prints with earthen colours on a dress will definitely give you an edge over others !

  1. Jewellery

Someone rightly said that “every piece of jewellery tells a story” and these funky pieces definitely do. Pair a bold necklace with a crisp white shirt and pants and make your simple office outfit stand out !!

This oxidized necklace will go well with all outfits.

Basic jhumkis are classics and don’t require any introduction. “Bole Chudiya” fans? A traditional Indian outfit can never be complete without bangles especially for Bollywood lovers.


Add a Rajasthani touch to basic bangles with these lac mirror work or the colorful set of bangles !

Can’t handle the jingling of bangles ? Wear this simple velvet cuff !

Discounts? Offers? And free gifts? Who doesn’t love them and so here is an added fashion bonus for you.

Carry this umbrella and keep yourself safe from the sun 😉 The rains are almost here so buy it ASAP and flaunt it before you have to use the actual one 😀

Happy Monsoon 🙂


Written by – Anjali Sarda (Intern at Jaipur Beat)

Edited by Jaipur Beat




















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