Ring Road Project: JDA fails to take possession of land

The Jaipur Development Authority’s dream project Ring Road appears to be just a dream now. JDA failed to take possession of land for the project from agitating farmers. On Wednesday, a JDA team went to Mahapura village to demarcate the land but returned empty handed.

According to the sources at the Authority, a team of engineers went to the village on Wednesday to differentiate the land in Mahapura village for ring road project but the engineers were held hostage for one and half hours by the farmers of the village. Not only this, the farmers warned them not to come back until the state government takes a decision on the land issue. Another team was stopped to carry a survey in Gonair, villagers disallowed the team to even enter into the village.

JDA officials and farmers are now looking forward to the meeting with Minister Shanti Dhariwal on Thursday. Mahesh Joshi has scheduled a meeting with the UDH minister. It is to be noted that Mahesh Joshi, Member of Parliament supports is in favor of the farmers. In a statement Joshi said, “The decision is pending since long and now it’s time to reach at a conclusion. The deadlock has to be broken and we should take a middle path which could benefit both parties.”

Ring Road is the solution to avoid accidents from heavy vehicles movement in the city; it is an only alternative of B2Bypass. Jaipur Development Authority is struggling hard to acquire land for its ambitious project.


One Comment

  1. liaqat hayat

    It means that affectees are not sure of just compensation or this development is taking place without the consultative process which is necessary for mega projects

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