A unique awareness generation program launched today by Jaipur Traffic Police in association with Sahai Hospital & Research Centre!

Jaipur Traffic Police and Jaipur Transport Operators Association  in association with Sahai Hospital & Research Centre  has launched a unique awareness generation prorogramme today in the city.

As we all are aware, in the recent past, incidents of road traffic accidents are on the rise. Some of these unfortunate incidents have captured the media’s and public notice. However concrete efforts towards reducing such incidents are largely limited to erecting new signboards and rising/repairing divider medians.  It was felt that a significant proportion of these accidents may be caused because of defective eyesight and also lack of awareness of traffic rules and regulations !Towards this end a series of camps is being organised in the city, initially targetting truck drivers, and later hopefully to encompass low rise bus, mini bus and taxi drivers among others.

The first of this series of camps was organised today in the Jaipur Transport Operators Association office under the able guidance of the JTOA’s officials Mr Sunil Kumar Soni ( Vice President) and Mr Sanjay Jain (Secretary)

IMG_3185 IMG_3192 IMG_3213 IMG_3224 IMG_3230 IMG_3248 IMG_3252 IMG_3178 IMG_3183In this camp comprehensive eye checkup was done by the able team of doctors and paramedical staff of Sahai Hospital, in which special emphasis was laid on detection of refractive errors, colour blindness and squint. Dr Anshu Sahai, Director of Sahai Hospital, clarified that it is essential for both eyes to work simultaneously (binocular vision), which is necessary for a person to judge distances (depth perception) while driving. In absence of a good binocular vision the possibility of an accident remains very high. Dr Sahai also clarified that if a person requiring glasses, does not wear them and drives at night, the headlights of oncoming traffic may cause the driver to get dazzled and meet with an accident. Therefore timely detection and proper rectification of these minor ailments may actually go a long way in preventing unnecessary loss of limb and life.

D.C.P. Traffic Police Ms Lata Manoj Kumar and A.C.P. Prakash Singh, who were present during the programme, informed that in this programme efforts were being made on behalf of Jaipur Traffic Police to generate awareness in drivers and sensitise them to issues regarding rules and regulations, how to read traffic signals, speeding, drunken driving, using a cellphone while driving.

Large numbers of truck drivers attended the camp and availed of the free eye checkup and attended a series of lectures by Jaipur Traffic Police officials

Mr Sanjay Jain welcomed the programme and expressed the hope that with the help of such programmes the drivers and union members would benefit. Vice President Mr Soni expressed his gratitude to the medical team of Sahai Hospital and Jaipur Traffic Police and informed that the next camp of this series is scheduled for 12th December 2012 at Vishkwakarma Industrial Area at the office of Jai Saviny Transpot Co., Road No 14, Delhi-Ajmer Highway (Near Loha Mandi)

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