11 Reasons Why We Love Winters

Although there are people who dread winters all year, there are some of you who desperately wait for it to arrive, and when it does, you just open your arms and say ‘I love Winters’ ! But what is it that makes you love this season so much ?? Let’s find out !

  1. Layers of clothes to cover that fat 😉

    sweaterPicture Source: Google
  2. Unlimited hot beverages all day, especially..Thadi ki chai 😀

  3. Lots of delicious food and sweets 😀IMG_1358-001 copy
  4. A new excuse to take frequent breaks at office : Dhoop Sekni hai 🙂dhoop sekni hai

    Picture Source: Google

  5. So many fashion accessories to experiment with : Boots, Scarves, Overcoats !layers of winter clothes 2

    Picture Source: Google

  6. More tourists than locals seen in the city streets as it’s the peak season !IMG_6890
  7. You discover a new found love for your bed and quilt and just don’t want to part with them !funny-Calvin-and-Hobbes-bed

    Picture Source: Google

  8. No need for regular showers :pRanveer

    Picture Source: Google

  9. Lunch and long drives on Sundays ❤long_drive_romance

    Picture Source: Google

  10. A perfect excuse for not exercising :pno exercise

    Picture Source: Google

  11. Christmas and New Year parties all around 😀IMG_5109

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