Jaipur Patterns – A New Adult Coloring Book In Jaipur

Remember the childhood days when you were given a coloring book to color and scribble on. Recalling the past experiences, the concept of coloring is now trending and is in the limelight among the adults too.

JP 5


Coloring is soothing and used to unwind the stress for some; it is a great way to spark your creativity for others. One such adult coloring book in Jaipur, which is probably the only book in India also, is ‘Jaipur Patterns’ by Renu Bhagwat.


JP 4

Renu Bhagwat is an architect and planner who has worked with great organizations to built Jaipur’s unique and rich heritage. She also runs a online clothing store – Firroza, which deals with the hand block printed garments for women. The concept of Adult coloring which is not so common in India but is now trending has its influence from the western countries. According to the author, no two things are similar, not even the leaves of the same plant look similar. Her thought behind this book was to see the beautiful and intricate images from nature and around. She decided to pick a heritage building one by one.  Belonging to the Pink City she chose to start with India’s most important royal complexes – The City Palace. She tells that the first thing one tends to see is the door and that is what inspires her to come up with her book – Jaipur Patterns, which is inspired by the doors of the royal courts of City Palace.

JP 1

JP 2

So let’s start coloring the pages of Jaipur Pattern to revive the symbolic patterns from the royal courts of the City Palace and enjoy this new and trending hobby of coloring.

JP 3

The book is available with Anantaya at Narayan Niwas Palace and CMYK shops at Albert Hall, Jantar Mantar & Amer. For people outside Jaipur please write in mail at renu.bhagwat@gmail.com. For More details, visit the website – http://www.colouringmattersfoundation.org/ and follow on  Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/colouringmattersfoundation/?fref=ts

 Get your copies now 🙂


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