5 Water-Bodies In Jaipur That Are a Must Visit In Monsoons

Jaipur is finally showered with the bliss of monsoon 😀 Do you also feel like jumping in puddles and dancing freely in the rain ? During this time, don’t you miss being around water bodies to see them filling up after an entire year and breathing their fresh smell right after it has rained ? If you are a water being, you don’t have to go too far as here we are listing some beautiful water places in and around Jaipur for you to visit and feel the rain 🙂

  1. Ramgarh Dam

    Approximately 30 km away from Jaipur city, with the way cocooned by verdant trees on both sides, there lies Ramgarh dam. A place which once had a sprawling artificial lake and would attract tourists like bees to honey, is now dry but has managed to resume its freshness by the landscape, greenery and the famous Ramgarh lodge where you can rush to during the coming long weekends in August 🙂
  2. Lake ‘Sagar’ 

    A hidden beauty and the primary source of water for the adjoining forts of Amer and Jaigarh as well as the city of Amer – Lake ‘Sagar’ is a 17th century gem that flows in the arena of Jaipur. You can reach the lake by car or by walking towards it. Just beware and don’t get too lost in its beauty ! 😉

  3. Jalmahal Palace

    A palace partially submerged in the Mansagar Lake of Jaipur, Jalmahal is a poet’s muse, an artist’s eye candy, a tourist’s paradise and a local’s respite. The Mansagar lake is full of freshly drained water that flows from the hilly catchment of the lake only during the rainy months of July to September and is a natural habitat for more than 150 species of local and migratory birds and a hang out spot for humans of both kinds as well 😉

  4. Chandlai Lake 

    When you want to leave the cliches behind, and go to a place that might surprise you with its infinite splendor, drive to the Chandlai lake. While you finally will have to walk till you spot some birds playing in the lake and flying from here to there, it will all be worth it when you see the sight of the rare flamingos and pelicans flocking together at this lovely and small lake just 30 km away from Jaipur 🙂

    Chandlai Jaipur Beat

  5. Maota Lake

    Below the superb Amer fort, lies the Maota lake which swathes the pink city in its allure in the monsoons giving the residents and tourists a chance to stand near it and sip tea, while the photographers can find their right moment to capture this absolute visual delight 🙂

    Happy Monsoons 😀

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