10 Things That Change When Summer Sets In

The Winters are too cold and Summers are too hot to handle .The running hotness in the town forces you to change the style of living. Here are some of the things we change when it comes to fiery summers.

1. From Bucket water to Refrigerated water

Your thirst can only completed with that chilled refrigerated water.


More chilled water please? Matke ka bhi chalega 😦

2. From daylight parties to strictly night parties.

It’s better to party when sunfall asleep or else we enjoy at Home. No compromises when it comes to deadly summers.


Pic Courtesy- Grunge Lounge, Jaipur

3. From sticking in a blanket to a Summer Holiday break.

Water games are obviously a great thought of getting a break from the hotness and off course summers are meant for a holiday trip.


A little relief from summers is not at all a bad option.

4. From Hot Milk to local Ganne ka Juice

You cannot hold on to stop the Mobile Sugar Cane Machine running in local areas in Jaipur to have thandathanda ganne ka juice 🙂


Lemon or Pudina in it ? Awesome flavor !

 5. From closed fans to High speed AC.

Even a little chilled breeze from the door in winters shivers you and a little chilled air from AC makes you happy.


Pic Courtesy- Image from Google

Coming from outside : Let me first stand in front of the AC.

6. When spending time in daylight, your only companions are sunglasses and hat

Hat and Sunglasses are your escorts when it comes to a bright sunny day outside.


Best combo usage !

7. From woolen clothes to cotton clothes

Time to redo your wardrobe and rearrange it with all the soothing clothes and short dresses.


Time for Summer shopping !

8. As Sandals are in, it’s time for Pedicure

You can’t afford to wear sandals with dirty feet. So, Pedicure is the only option to make your feet look beautiful.


An excuse for some more parlor time 🙂

9. From hot water bath to cool pool parties

Jaipur is always full of invitations for pool parties and why not when it’s the only way to chill out along with friends.

pool party 1

Music , Dance , Fun is on the roll.

10. From fatty to slimmer


Having relished lots of Desi ghee in “Sarso ka Saag” and  “Gajar ka Halwa” , you are always in trouble with extra weight during winters while in summers you just don’t need to put to worry about that.

Sweating helps !

So , Summers are here , ENJOY or wait for winters :p

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