The Paradise Of Breeze – HAWA MAHAL

hawa-mahal-1 (1)

Extend all your senses and hark my utterance
by the end,
you will come to know about my occurrence

Existing since 1799
216 years, yet I am in line

hawamahal B&W

I embrace the Pink heart
and embellish few times,

Dignified by ‘Maharaja Sawai Pratap’
delineated by ‘Lal Chand Ustad’ and Shines

My castle’s structure is akin to Lord Krishna’s crown,
my skin is actually red and pink but some think it’s brown

hawamahal brown

The cool wind blows and the royal women could observe the festivals through my ‘Jharokas’ without being seen,
that is the reason why I came into existence and gleam

I am emblematic of the Pink-city
yet enigmatic,
many come here some are genuine while some are dramatic 

My fragrance is immanent,
I dwell in the town having loads of ornament

hawamahal colors

Witnessed the city change and bustling crowd,
because of that my dignity and whoever lives in the city feels proud

appraise or observe spatial,
I am the “HAWA MAHAL”
come, sight and freeze


– Hawa Mahal Written in a totally different perspective by an Intern at Jaipur Beat.

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