Color Strokes- A curated arts, crafts, music & food pop-up exhibition at Diggi Palace

img_4842-jpgA pleasant almost-winter Jaipur afternoon when the sun catches the deepest of hues of all the kaladeiscopic colors, which is the Color strokes exhibition. As you walk up the rough stone pathway leading up to the understated and traditional architecture of Diggi palace ,the venue of the exhibition, you little expect to be met by a burst of colors, life, and animation as you enter the serene premises.

Multi-coloured marquees and ‘Thelas’ laden with paper lanterns, desserts, jewelry, bags, apparel and what not make the ambiance incredibly carnival like and happy. The theme this year could easily be called Women power or Millennials of Jaipur. A wonderful example of how the air of the city of Jaipur is so steeped in culture and art that most of the exhibitors we met were young women entrepreneurs (with an exception of few creative young men) based out of Jaipur who took up design as a passion and started their venture only a few months to a maximum of 1-2 year back.


The delightful products displayed scream out their passion yet one could see that a lot of time and effort has gone into craftsmanship and detailing. Be it a custom made Jootis, quartz and agate stone coasters, recycle- paper lamps and stationary, painted glass bottles, brocade cows on Banarasi hand woven silk sarees , Gota-Patti chappals, gold-plated silver jewelry detailed with precious stones and enamel painted , wooden clutches, cushion covers and bags with pop art of Jaipur , the emphasis is a new spin on ‘hand-made or hand-crafted.





With a famous tarot card reader, a caricature artist and a cool pop-up café, it is an afternoon spent well.





We have picked out a few can’t- miss, must-visit kiosks for you to check out this weekend.
1. Mode Art – With the Chinese lights flooding the markets, these beautiful hand-made colorful paper lamps are your best alternative to make your Diwali green and ‘made in India’.

2. Rangat – A young Architect , wowed us with her hand painted many-hued faces on glass bottles.
3. Ektaara – Incredible Rajasthan inspired block print, Bagru, Bandhej on indo-western silhouettes.
4. Finesse – A very contemporary and international take on the fabrics and textures of Rajasthan.
5. Tilfi- A mother –daughter duo with their Hand woven sarees from Banaras with their brocade cows and elephants.

img_4995-jpghand made, eggless desserts in Jars and cups; brownies and swirly cup cakes.

7. The Trinket Room – Traditional Gold plated silver jewelry with precious stones.
8. Eclectic Design – Wooden, acrylic engraved and block printed clutches.
9. Kanish – Precious and Semi-precious stone accessories like coasters and clocks.
10. Papyrus Arts – Hand made paper products with ‘mantra’ graphic art.
11. Chikudi – Rajasthani prints and Gota-Patti Chappals.




This is just in time for your Diwali shopping , with just one more day to go, Jaipur you just can’t miss out on this affaire de Coeur with the crafts.


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