Taste the flavors of Delhi at ‘Dilli Ke Chatkare’ in Jaipur

What would be a better news for Jaipurites than having the taste of Dilli right in their own city. Yes, you’ve read it right. The Delhi street food festival “Dilli ke Chatkare” is here and we are very sure that you don’t want to miss it.


Starting from May 22 and lasting up to May 30, this amazing food festival promises to bring the desi zest of the street food from Delhi. The festival organised at Baluchi, the Pan Indian Destination, The Lalit, Jaipur by executive chef Ajay Mathur along with Sous chef Jaspratap Bindra will be bringing to you a plethora of Dilli’s traditional, tempting, irresistible and mouth watering dishes.



From the irresistible Dilli Khomcha, the mouth watering combo meals, the scrumptious meals for non veg lovers to the inescapable meethi gali serving the best desserts, Dilli ke Chatkare is the right place for all foodies, chaat lovers, Jalebi and kulfi maniacs and to all the ones missing Dilli’s street food wale chatkare.
Nobody would be able to resist Dilli ke Chatkare’s inevitable Khasta Papdi Chaat served with sweet sauces and yogurt, the soft, juicy dahi bhalle and the chatpati fruit chaat, with the most important dish-the Gol Gappe without which any Dilli khomcha would be incomplete. The Gol Gappe will be served right at your table in a moving cart. How convenient! What’s more is the interesting fusion of Gol Gappa with Vodka… Vodka lovers? Are you listening? The Kulhad system of serving the golgappa will definitely make you go nostalgic about the Delhi streets.
The “Dukan Se…” section will bring you the most scrumpilitious (which is actually scrumptious plus delicious) dishes of Delhi including Rajma Chawal, Kadi Chawal, Pav Bhaji, Matara Patila Kulcha, Cholley Bhature, Kachori Saag ke Saath. Feeling the urge to have them already? Well, you just need attend the festival to taste it all and if you love spicy food, this is exactly where you should be from May 22 to May 30.
Just in case the non veg lovers are feeling that they are been left untreated, Dilli ke Chatkare brings the Non Veg Gali with Mutton Quorma and Rumali, Chicken Changezi and Khamiri Roti and of course the most lovable Butter chicken with tandoori roti. Triple the delight for the chicken and mutton lovers of Jaipur.

And it has not ended as yet. After all the chatpata and spicy, you need to make room for some sweet delicacies because the festival will take you the amazing world of KulfiFaluda, Rabri Faluda and Jalebi. Something without which Delhi Street Food is incomplete.


In an interactive session with the media on May 21, in Hotel Lalit, The sous chef behind Dilli Ke Chatkare, Jaspratap Bindra even shared his experiences and inspirations behind the whole concept of the festival and how he has worked with chefs of different regions including Rajathan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi to bring the zest of these regions together in one platter.
“The main idea behind this festival is to bring the taste of Delhi’s street food to Jaipurites and to promote those flavors.” – Jaspratap Bindra
You don’t have to leave Jaipur to enjoy Dilli Ke Chatkare as they will be served right at your table only at Baluchi and this will be legendary.

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