10 Things That Jaipur City Taught Us

Teachers are the torchbearers in our lives. They do not just educate us but also mould us to be better human beings. A good student finds a teacher in anyone and everyone that teaches something, and so are Jaipurites. We have learnt a number of things from our very own teacher Jaipur City.

  • You are under CCTV Surveillance!

Now that each one of us has got the penalty right at our home for having broken traffic rules at least once on JLN Marg; we have learnt the hard way to beware of those cameras and not break traffic rules.

jln marg.jpg

  • Being a smarter city

Ever since the Smart City project has been launched, from cleanliness to cycle stands, night tourism to wiping out of stray animals from streets, major changes have been made in our city which taught us to act like smart citizens.


  • Keeping Jaipur Swacchh

Be it our own house, the abandoned plot next door, or the city roads, there’s an air of change with cleanliness all around. It’s not just a cleanliness project anymore, it’s a motto, and we are learning to follow it along with the epic Swacchh Bharat song!

swach bharat van

  • Hanging out

With a café or lounge mushrooming every now and then in the city, we have truly learnt to hangout in our city. We know all the best places and must-have’s of Jaipur!


  • Staying fit

Along with the cafés and lounges, fitness centers have also flooded the city. We have not just learnt to digest the calories, but also to burn them up.


  • Getting used to BTown peeps

With an increasing craze for movie shooting spots and its promotions, there’s a BTown celebrity in our city every now and then in Jaipur and we are getting quite used to it.

anushka varun sui dhaga.jpg

  • Internet-less Survival

The biggest lesson we learnt in the recent past is to survive 48 hours without internet. We hope this adds some meaning to our lives at large :p


  • Save your license

We’ve finally learnt that if we really wish to drive in future, we need to stop talking on phone while driving, once and for all. The recently passed rule empowers the traffic police to cancel your license if you’re caught talking on the phone while driving.


  • Switching to Organic Products

With brimming pollution in the city and bans to turn it down, we learnt to abandon plastic and shift to eco-friendly substitutes of things like fibre bags, earthen or glass bottles etc.


  • Patience

Out of all the lessons taught to us by our city, the greatest one is Patience! Be it traffic jams, queues at our favourite food joints, waiting at the restaurants, or food delivery at home; we Jaipurites have learnt to keep our calm!


Happy Teachers Day 🙂


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