Celebration of 50,000 Facebook Fans

It’s amazing how time flies, and when this flight keeps going higher, there is nothing more beautiful than that. When we joined Facebook as Jaipur Beat on December 8, 2010, in order to share with people various shades of Jaipur, what began with some light talks about movies and Jaipur’s weather, soon turned into a strong source of news generation and dissemination that was much ahead of its time at that time. We kept going and kept providing innovative things to our audience, and the rest is history 🙂

Here are the highlights of the journey done by Jaipur Beat on Facebook to achieve the milestone of 50,000 fans.

  1. Wordy WordPress

We joined wordpress in 2011 as jaipurbeat.com creating our own header and background and then began a series of blogs which initially talked about news, movies, weather and moved on to become a full-fledged website talking about every happening event in Jaipur and outside !

JB wordpress

  1. Original Pictures

Mid 2013 we decided to stop using pictures from Google, something that every Jaipur page is doing today, and started to generate our own pictures or source it from our friends. Since then, a new trend began at Jaipur Beat, apart from the adept photographers here, everyone who gets news, clicks a photo along with it. After all, practice makes a man perfect 😉

10000 copy

  1. Oprah Winfrey at JLF 2012

It was surely a moment when the American Talk Show Queen-Oprah Winfrey arrived on the third day of Jaipur Literature Festival and chatted with Barkha Dutt. But what was a bigger moment was that Jaipur Beat covered this moment when the affable Oprah talked sense and looked beautiful in the Indian mustard salwar kameez clad with golden bangles.


  1. First Photography Contest

Just like the craze of pehli bearish aka the first rain of monsoon, Jaipur Beat saw people going crazy when we launched our first photography contest as an event on Jaipur Beat ! We saw the ‘Drizzling Pink City’ drizzling with pleasing photographs of monsoon in Jaipur realizing what making your audiences engage and participate as per their strength can do to your page.

Drizzling Pink City


It was just the start, and then in collaboration with the huge theatre festival – Jairangam, Jaipur Beat conceptualized Khushboo-e-Jaipur, a photography contest at a bigger level where the winners won big prizes and participants got a chance to display their photographs in the photography exhibition at JKK.

Khushboo e Rajasthan

  1. Bhajiya Awards – 2013

When all the Filmfares and IIFAs were over, we thought why not appreciate all those who tried a hand in the movies of 2012 and kind of missed the point 😉 So we had some special awards for them and this very blog surely tickled some funny bones !


Bhajiya Awards

  1. I Love Jaipur

Well yes we have already left no stone unturned to prove that 😉 But this was a concept of telling people exactly why we love Jaipur so much ! Though we began to make our designs with our logo and content in October 2013, we still haven’t run out of reasons and we promise you we never will 🙂

i Love Jaipur

  1. Responsible Citizens

Jaipur Beat might be loved for its light talks and humorous demeanour, but never has it limited itself to just that. When it comes to throw light at the flaws of pink city or some important information and bring them to the notice of public, Jaipur Beat takes the first step to inform its audience.

  1. First Cartoon Based Design

The first cartoon based design Jaipur Beat made was a tribute to the year 2013, what could have been luckier for us? It was a creative cartoon that depicted the happenings and prominent events that happened during the year 2013 and received a huge appreciation in terms of likes, shares and comments.

Cartoon Tribute

  1. Rajasthan Factopedia

You have heard about Wikipedia, but is there any place where you can find all the facts about Rajasthan? Now there is – Rajasthan Factopedia ! Invented by Jaipur Beat, this concept dug deep into the unheard facts of Rajasthan and unveiled them to the surprise of readers who went on to love it 😀

Rajasthan Factopedia

  1. Blog that went viral

A blog when written with heart and a dash of humor, is bound to connect with the hearts of audience. This very thing happened when we came out with ’25 Things That Prove You Are A True Jaipurite’ which became viral with 500+ likes and 500+ shares in just two days !! Not just this, the blog reached 8th position among top 100 Daily blogs worldwide and was covered by one of the leading publications – DNA.

25 Things Blog

  1. Encouraging Start-ups

Among all MNCs and people in regular jobs, there are always some who dream of starting their own business with an original and unique idea and all they need is a little support to kick start. Jaipur Beat is always available for these brilliant souls and when approached by start ups like Fataakse.com – an e-commerce website for grocery supply or Frubox – an online portal for selling fruits and their salads, started by 4 engineers of MNIT to begin a healthy culture in town, Jaipur Beat personally met them and covered them on all its social media platforms.\



  1. Brand Collaborations

Soon, brands other than start ups began to contact Jaipur Beat to cover their events as well as for digital media partnerships. We did this with roder.in a cab service, Azura, Fataakse.in and many more.

Brands Collaboration

  1. Videos

We commenced with live capturing events in Jaipur and went on to start our own YouTube channel. Now, Jaipur Beat has its own channel on YouTube along with a food show ‘Jeeman’ that talks about the food in Rajasthan.

JB video


  1. Our tribute to the food of Jaipur – Jeeman

How can we separate Jaipur from food? To unite them both and present the authentic food and wide variety of delicacies available in Jaipur, especially made by those who are known as the kings of  city streets, yet not getting proper recognition, Jaipur Beat became the first one to begin a food trail of Rajasthan called ‘Jeeman’. Its first episode talked about the famous Pandit ki Pav Bhaji and the next few will be covering other delicious treats of Jaipur in a way that you will want to come and taste the flavours of Rajasthan right away !

Jeeman - 1st Episode

And last but not the least, here is a short video of our journey. Thank you all for being a part of this 50,000 fan family and blessing us with all the love ! 🙂

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